19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Two
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Two

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

The family is holding their annual event that brings together many of the family members for a good time and to help raise awareness and funds for various non-profit organizations. The event is held in the backyard of their estate and is a delightful scene filled with installed wooden floors, high-rise tents and five-star catering – it looks like something that you’d see at a royal palace, if only they got turnt up. There are roughly four hundred family members in attendance.

Avi is giving a speech at the podium,
“I feel a lot of energy and love coming from this venue so that can only mean that I am amongst my true family – for that, I am… we are, forever grateful.

When thinking about giving a speech, you think about the audience that you’ll be speaking to, you know, what tangibles that you want them to walk away with and things of that sort, however, I quickly realized – that I am not speaking to an audience… I am speaking to my family; comprised of brotherhood, sisterhood, and devotion to one another through unity that could never simply be compromised.

I think that the word loyalty is a gimmick found in the dictionary for a family is not loyal to one another… a family is endeared by one another. To be unselfish means that at times you put someone else’s breath before yours, at times you put their wants and needs before yours… at times your level of compassion and empathy is elevated for the common good – the common goal of a family.

I look around and see a lot of glowing smiles, that can only lead me to believe that everyone is healthy and that business must be doing good. I encourage you all to mingle and re-connect with your peers present here today because you never really know how someone is doing until you ask them… until you ask them to continue telling you their story and to pick up right where they left off; find joy in each other’s company. As we all know, or maybe do not know, life is too short.

I know that some of you may have been hoping that I would discuss some new business ventures that the family is chiseling through, but I am sure that all of you know me well… well enough to know that I don’t like to talk business at family celebrations – it just doesn’t feel right in my soul.

We kindly ask that each of you drop an affordable donation into one of the charitable boxes found around the venue – there is no vitality found in life if you aren’t giving back, always remember that. With that being said, I have yet to have a drink today – so consider this speech short and sweet. I hope to run into many of you throughout the day and evening – don’t babysit your drinks there are plenty to go around!”

The attending family members cheer and clink their glasses.

Jay is talking to Rayen, one of the family members in attendance, “Long time no see man – how have you been?”

Rayen replies, “Great… really great, never better. And yes! It has been a long time – so I heard that you had the chefs stop production, what’s the reason for that?”

Jay takes a sip of beer, “Ah, nothing too serious man… we’re just changing up some recipes and need some time to test it out – it shouldn’t affect business too much. You know that our portfolio is robust.”

Rayen sirs his drink, “Oh that’s great to hear… I Just wasn’t sure. Hopefully one of the chefs are here so I can ask them for a sample of some of that new stuff – is that okay?”

Jay laughs, “Hey man, never get high on your own supply.”

Isabella walks up to Jay and Rayen – Jay gives Isabella a hug and then says, “Oh.. Rayen. I’d like you to meet a new family member. Her name is Isabella and she’s an accountant for one of our new business ventures.”

Rayen extends his hand out to Isabella, “Well hello Isabella. Aren’t you lovely, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

Isabella shakes Rayen’s hand, suddenly shivers then blurts out, “I’m feeling kind of parched does anyone need a drink?”

Jay quickly stares at Isabella. Rayen shakes his glass then responds, “I still got a full one over here – thank you though. So how did you link up with the family?”

Jay secretly pours his beer out on the ground, “Actually… Isabella – I’ll have to take you up on your offer. It looks like I could use another drink. Rayen, you’ll have to excuse us – we’ll be right back.”

Isabella and Jay start walking, but before Jay can say anything to her, she darts off in another direction and enthusiastically yells out, “Oh my gosh! Jennee – you look so pretty! Now that’s what I call fashion!”

Jennee responds to Isabella, “Oh thanks girl – this little dress? I’ve always got to keep my best fashion for special events.”

Jay grabs Isabella hand and starts ushering her away while saying, “Hi Jennee – nice to see you! You’ll have to excuse us as we were on our way to refill our drinks.”

Jennee politely responds, “No worries. I’ll be right here!”

Jay and Isabella then walk into a private tent set up just for the immediate family.

Jay is serious, “Isabella – are you sure?”

Isabella nods her head, “Jay. I’m not just sure – I’m certain.”

Jay scratches his beard, “Fuck. I mean. How accurate do you think your premonition was?”

Isabella clinches her fists, “It’s difficult to explain – I’m not sure how to explain it other than it’s kind of like Déjà vu – except it’s more visually memorable – the recollection is pure.”

Jay stares into Isabella’s eyes, “Fuck.”

Isabella starts throwing her fists in the air, “I swear I was about to sock that little bitch right in her stupid face. I swear that I was – right then and there!”

Jay strengthens his voice, “Eiza-bel-la! Get ahold of yourself! This is a high stakes operation going on right now and we need you to be sharp and focused!”

Isabella angrily murmurs under her breath,  “I swear I’ll sock that little slut.” She then takes a deep breath, chugs a bottle of cold water, throws it to the ground and composes herself, “I always knew that you boys needed me. I’m going back in. I got this. I’m going in.”

Isabella puts her sunglasses on and then calmly walks out of the tent.

The four trenchmen; Jack, James, Johnny and Jimi are playing beer pong at the event.

Jimi throws a Ping-Pong ball and misses the cup. James is frustrated, “Come on man. Why do I always get stuck on Jimi’s team? It’s like he purposely misses so that we have to drink more.”

The four trenchmen laugh when suddenly Jay approaches them, “What’s good brothers. I need to speak to you all… like right now.”

The four trenchmen look at each other and huddle around Jay.

Jay speaks with an assertive whisper, “We’ve got a really serious situation going on right now. There are people here that got flipped.”

Johnny is the first to respond, “What? Who? How do you know?”

Jay continues to speak, “Isabella is compiling a list. She knows some how.”

Jack is confused, “Huh? Isabella knows? How the hell does she know who got flipped?”

Jay takes one of the beers off the table and chugs half of it, “Look. You’ve got to trust me because I trust her. If I told you how she knows you would think that we are literally crazy.”

James replies, “It wouldn’t surprise me – I always thought that Isabella had a special gift – you’re not labeled an untouchable for no reason.”

Jimi concurs, “Agreed. What do you want us to do?”

Jay speaks calmly, “The anger inside of me says that we should take care of this right now. However, the rational person that I am sees an opportunity in the sense that whoever flipped them has no idea that we know who they are. I say that we let this play out until we can discover the origin of who flipped them and what type of information that they were trying to collect. I honestly never thought that in my lifetime I’d see some of our family flip on us. We’ve got to count on Isabella to count them up correctly – as I have no idea how many there are.”

Johnny replies, “Do you think that Jane, Mary, Maria, D and Avi would agree with this decision without a thorough family discussion?”

Jay takes a deep breath, “I will speak with them soon, but we all tend to think alike when it comes to making decisions amidst urgent immediacy.”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty-Three*

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