19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Seven
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Seven

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Littia hears her doorbell ring, she opens her front door and sees a disgruntled Jane standing there, “Bitch – what are you doing here?”

Jane angrily replies, “Bitch – who are you calling a bitch?”

They yell at each other at the same time,

Jane: Bitch – do you think that I want to be here?

Littia: Bitch – who do you think you are showing up at my doorstep?

They look down at the ground then again yell at each other simultaneously,

Jane: Bitch – I have a question!

Littia: Bitch – you’ve got five seconds!

They look down at the ground then look at each other and slightly laugh.

Jane sighs, “I guess we’re not that much different after all…”

Littia rolls her eyes, “Jane… come on. How long have we known each other? Don’t act like this is our first acquaintance.”

There is a brief silence then Jane speaks softly, “Always a quarrel, anyways… I’m just wondering if D is here.”

Littia shakes her head, “No, why?”

Jane speaks sincerely, “I thought that he might be here. No one has been able to get ahold of him… we’re getting a little worried. For the first time in my life I was hoping that I would find him here.”

Littia responds with some attitude, “Nope. He’s definitely not here. He’s probably running around with that skank Selena – he’s too busy for us now.”

Jane takes a tissue out of her pocket and wipes her eyes, “I really don’t think so. D always answers my calls – no matter what – no matter who he is with, I’m telling you Littia something isn’t right.”

Littia takes the tissue from Jane’s hands and uses it to wipe her own eyes, “You’re so goddamn emotional. When was the last time anyone heard from him?”

Jane speaks somberly, “Twenty-four hours or so…”

Littia replies, “This is all Maria’s fault… if she never would have kicked D out he never would’ve met that stupid little princess whore –“

Jane interrupts Littia, “Now is not that time for that Littia – I’m honestly worried.”

Littia attempts to lighten the mood, “I don’t think you have to worry about D – he’s probably just disconnecting for a while… you know how he does that from time to time.

Jane folds her arms, “I guess you’re right. Anyways sorry for disrupting your afternoon, if you hear from him, please let me know.”

Littia sighs, “Bitch… come inside for a cup of tea you look like shit.”

Jane smirks and then walks inside Littia’s condo. She looks around and notices lots of large moving boxes spaced around Littia’s condo: Some are labeled Avi, some are labeled Jay and some are labeled D.

Jane points to the boxes and says, “What are all of these?”

Littia smiles, “These are from various rented storage spaces – this is only like half of them.”

Jane is confused, “Only half of what?”

Littia continues to smile, “These boxes are filled with their writings… thousands of notebooks. Some of them are ramblings, some are postulates, some are poetry, some are stories… lyrics – these boxes are filled with words handwritten by the boys.”

Jane is still confused, “Wait – what? Why wouldn’t they keep these at the house?”

Littia responds, “Would you stash cash at your house or a bank? There’s got to be billions of dollars worth of words here.”

Jane is slightly irritated, “Interesting… why did you move them from the storage centers?”

Littia explains, “Avi had texted me about a week ago and said to simplify.”

Jane replies, “Simplify?”

Littia continues to explain, “Yeah… basically means he wanted me to remove all of their writings from the storage spaces, bring them to my house and to organize them. He said he wants to place them in the house’s library.”

Jane looks around and says, “My gosh. This is a lot of work Littia…”

Littia smiles, “Some may view it as work, I view it as pleasure… my feelings are that Avi doesn’t want me to do this just for the house’s library.”

Jane walks over to one of the boxes labeled Avi and says, “Do you mind if I look around?”

Littia responds, “Not at all – be my guest.”

Jane picks up one of the notebooks from the box and reads the first line on the first page: Artists don’t make art – they simply sell an entrance to their minds.

Jane then walks over to one of the boxes labeled Jay and picks up a notebook: Pressure can be calming, love is turbulent and hate is far too viral – let these spiral notebooks poetically depict facts from fiction… feelings from emotion…. details from the obviously oblivious.

Jane picks up a notebook from a box labeled D: Dreams are like evaporating memories – eventually it will rain.

Jane is slightly overwhelmed and takes a seat on the couch, Littia hands her a cup of tea and says, “I bet you had no idea that they wrote this much…”

Jane closes her eyes and takes a sip of tea, “I knew they wrote a lot – let me help you organize this stuff.”

Avi, Jay and Isabella are at the house eating lunch in the kitchen – they each take turns trying to call D.

Avi looks at Jay and says, “What do you think?”

Jay closes his eyes and says, “I don’t think it is time to panic, but this is very uncharacteristic of D – he’s never been one to ignore phone calls from family.”

Isabella paces around the room while saying, “What’s the point of having trenchmen if they aren’t in the goddamn trenches!”

Before anyone can speak, D walks into the kitchen and says, “I’m alive – I’m alive.”

Avi stands up and hugs Daunte, “Bro – where have you been?”

Jay concurs, “Not cool bro. Not answering calls from family is not macho – you’ve taken it too far.”

Isabella spontaneously spazzes, “D – Where the fuck have you been? Who the fuck do you think you are not replying me? We’ve been worried sick about your dumbass!”

D responds quietly, but speaks with a strong cadence, “Ehza-bella.

Isabella immediately closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, “I’m sorry. We were just very concerned about your whereabouts.”

Everyone takes a seat at the kitchen table and then D starts to explain, “Well… I was kidnapped by gunpoint and brought to a residence that Romano Morena owns.”

Avi is irate, “What? How? Who?”

D continues, “Apparently Romano was offering anyone a million dollars to bring me to him. I went for my morning jog, got a Witch Bish sandwich then called a Taxi back like I normally do. When I got into the Taxi – Sly jumped in holding two silenced pistols.”

Jay takes out his phone and texts Lilly: Orchestrate a sit-down meeting with Papa G – immediately.

Avi continues to be irate, “That’s the problem with you – you make your routine too predictable. I’ve told you this many times, you never listen. What happened after that?”

D further explains, “Well… I had a dinner with Romano – Selena was also there. Romano and I had an entire conversation without saying anything at all… we’re actually cool now – the alliance between our families is officially solidified.”

Jay looks at D, “You mean to tell me that Romano had a million dollar bounty on your head and didn’t kill you in front of Selena?”

D grins, “We played chess.”

Isabella speaks up, “I guess you won then?”

Avi calms himself, “The macho-man game isn’t about who wins or loses – it’s about both people walking away from the table respecting one another.”

D continues to grin, “Yeah Isabella, in our business it’s not considered gangster for two people to express how they feel, ya know? You never let anyone outside of the family know how you’re feeling – so communication is done non-verbally – a theatrical language is spoken instead. I let him know how I felt, he let me know how he feels… now our families are bonded and he actually wants me to continue to see Selena.”

Avi laughs in relief, “You’re crazy my brother, you’re fucking crazy. Can’t believe you pulled that off on your own.”

Jay is un-amused, “Did you kill Sly?”

D shakes his head, “No. I offered him a position with our family instead.”

Isabella is shocked, “You did what? So… he kidnaps you and attempts to bring you to your graveyard – yet you offer him a job?”

D nods his head, “Yeah, I mean he’s kind of stupid, but he’s not dumb.”

Papa G, Sly and Rudisin are having a meeting inside of Papa G’s house.

Papa G stares at Sly, “What have you done?”

Sly responds, “I did what I thought would work…”

Papa G is beyond infuriated, “Yeah well your fucking plan backfired – now Romano and D are best friends! You fuckin’ idiot! Not only that, now I’m going to have to explain to Avi why we tried to set up a hit on D! Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more incompetent you do something even more stupid.”

Rudisin shakes his head in disbelief, “This is bad… this is really bad. This is going to get really messy – you fucking moron! You can’t just take an untouchable like you’re some sort of fuckin’ bounty hunter! What is the matter with you?”

Sly is apologetic, “Look. I know this is bad, I’m sorry, but I thought Romano was going to slit D’s throat – instead they played a brilliant game of chess – it was amazing to watch.”

Papa G and Rudisin look at Sly with disbelief and then both yell out, “Why didn’t they kill you?”

Sly takes a comb out and slicks his hair back, “I’m not sure, but D offered me a job. I was thinking about giving ya’ll my two-week notice… I wouldn’t mind working for a family that doesn’t degrade me every chance they get. I feel like I could learn a lot from them.”

Papa G yells at the top of his lungs, “There is no fuckin two-week notice in the mafia business you idiot!

Rudisin stands up, aims his pistol at Sly and then shoots him in the head.

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty-Eight*

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