19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Nine
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Nine

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

The three brothers, the three lovely ladies and Littia are having a luncheon meeting inside the dining hall of the family’s estate – they got lunch catered in from Cutlet & Ziti’s.

Mary uses her fork and spoon to twirl up some spaghetti on her plate, “D… I cannot express how happy it makes me to see you sitting there alive and healthy. I could probably count with fingers the number of people that could survive an armed ambush without any weapons for yourself.”

D animatedly waves his hand, “These are not the droids that you are looking for.”

Maria rolls her eyes, “Great – now he thinks that he is George Lucas or something.”

Littia speaks up, “Reality distortion… I’ve been organizing all of the boys writings and D has like ten notebooks on his theories of distorting reality.”

Maria sassily sighs, “Oh please… it’s more like say whatever you want to Maria until she gets upset then everything is distorted – that’s his favorite theory.”

Jane slams her hand on the table, “Maria – what had happened… is not something to joke about.”

Maria responds, “Everyone knows that reality distortion isn’t based on real, concrete science. Psychedelics are the only force that can distort reality through altering perception in the form of hallucinations.”

Mary looks at Maria and says, “Hush.”

D stands up and passionately speaks, “There are many people that ask – what is reality distortion? Well, in order to explain we have to understand what a perceivable moment is. Reality can be explained as an instantaneous moment within a specific temporal time frame.

That frame rate can either dilate or dilute your sense of time; at any given moment, a second can feel like a minute, or a minute can feel like a second. Every self-aware person has an internal clock meaning that you have a good sense of how much time is passing. For example, you could not look at your clock, but have a good feeling when 15 minutes has passed; through living, you develop that type of internal clock. In other words, your consciousness and measureable time are completely synched, or tethered together.

I could be standing here right now feeling time diluted, whereas someone, somewhere else in the world, at the same instantaneous time may feel time dilated, yet seconds still tick at the same speed. This discrepancy between two people within the same moment can only lead me to believe that something had distorted their sense of spatial awareness – something had disrupted their internal clock.

When someone’s internal clock is inhibited… well, you start to feel lost in reality – you almost feel like you are no longer in control… you exist in a variable.

So, if someone says that they created a reality distortion field that means that they somehow took control of your perception of time, thus temporarily reconfiguring your conscious awareness – the distorter now becomes the conductor of the moment; your reality, now becomes their reality. If their sense of time feels diluted, then your sense of time will also feel diluted. Hypnosis is a terrible comparison, but can hopefully help you all picture what I’m trying to explain.

Anyways, I hope that I didn’t confuse you all too much, but the force is strong with this one.”

Jay claps his hands loudly, “My brother… god damn. Let me read some of those notebooks.”

Littia smiles, “Don’t worry everyone, I’m working around the clock to organize all of the boys’ notebooks – they’ll be available to read in the house’s library soon enough.

Maria speaks slightly salty, “Thanks for explaining that Obi Wan, but what does that have to do with you escaping the grip of death?”

Mary looks at Maria,  “Girl – were you listening to what he said? He became the conductor of the moment.”

Avi finally speaks, “I’d like to add to your theory… somehow in the way you were speaking in those moments, probably also controlled people’s heart rates – disrupting their familiar patterns. You are brilliant Daunte, I’ve always told you that.”

D grins, “Welcome to Daunte’s Inferno ya’ll!”

Maria takes a bite of a garlic knot, “Okay, can we please stop talking about reality distortion, sheesh. Avi how did the meeting with Papa G go?”

D interrupts and looks at Maria, “Okay so why you was biting your lip the entire time you was hearing me speak so smartly then?”

Avi tries not to laugh and then speaks, “It was interesting. It went a lot differently than I had expected.”

Jane takes a healthy bite of her baked ziti, “How so?”

Avi responds, “I know Papa G well enough to know that he doesn’t like to enter meetings without knowing that he has some sort of competitive edge. From the very start of the meeting I got the sense that he felt like he didn’t have a one-up on me… I’m too smart and too clean.”

Mary takes a sip of water, “So what happened?”

Avi continues, “We basically played politics. Each of us said something without really saying anything at all.”

Maria speaks, “Did he orchestrate the assignation attempt on D?”

Avi replies, “The order didn’t come from him, I’m one hundred percent sure that he wasn’t lying about that. However, in his heart he truly wished it had happened. With that being said, I do feel like they are getting slightly nervous about us shutting down production though – in order for them to survive, they need us to do what we do. I get the sense that they will approach us with a solid compromise within the next few days.”


Papa G and Rudisin are on a golf course working on their chip shots.

Rudisin swings and hits a ball, “How did the meeting with that chump go?”

Papa G responds, “That son of a bitch tried to use his Jedi mind tricks on me, but it didn’t work.”

Rudisin takes a swig of a beer, “What do you mean?”

Papa G continues, “We played a different version of the macho-man game – it was more verbal. It went a lot more respectfully than I had anticipated. I’ll be honest with you though, he’s not your average politic-yapping Mafia guido – his mind is his strongest weapon.”

Rudisin takes another swig of beer, “So what are you saying, that you’re weak-minded or something?”

Papa G angrily looks at Rudisin, “Did I say that? All I said was that he’s not someone you just run up on and berate your way through. He’s a formidable opponent – you know how much I enjoy a good challenge.”

Rudisin replies, “A formidable opponent indeed. Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but our clients and customers are starting to get really agitated with the fact that we don’t have that raw product to push anymore. We’ve got to do something soon or we will risk losing a healthy portion of our business – it’ll be tremendously difficult to rebound from that.”

Papa G hits a golf ball, “I’m well aware of this. What do you think? Should we make them an offer? The possibility of our two families co-existing is imminent.”

Rudisin ponders for a moment, “50/50.”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Thirty*

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