19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Eight
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Eight

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Avi and Papa G are having a sit-down meeting inside The Garage of the family’s estate – they are seated directly across from each other.

Avi takes a sip of coffee then says, “If you could show some respectful etiquette…. would you mind removing your sunglasses?”

Papa G  is un-phased, “Look man – the only reason I am here is because of the respect I have for your late father… you know how much I despise you. Also, I’m about 30-40 years older than you – the proper etiquette would be to respect your elders. With that being said, I plan on keeping these beautiful sunglasses on for the duration of our meeting.”

Avi takes another sip from his coffee mug and then speaks calmingly assertive, “My sincerest apologies, but that was not a polite suggestion. You do realize that you tried to have one of my brothers killed. I’m sure that you can only imagine how angry that makes me.”

Papa G acknowledges Avi’s anger and says, “Well – seeing as how we are currently inside of your humble abode… I guess that I can make an accommodation.” He then takes his sunglasses off and puts them in his front shirt pocket.

Avi looks Papa G dead in his eyes, “The blood vessels behind your eyes are looking a bit thin – that is typically a sign of someone who has high blood pressure.”

Papa G chuckles, “What are you some type of optometrist?”

Avi remains stoic, “Actually, I did you quite a favor and if I were you I would visit your physician for a check up – just to be extra safe. With that being said, you should be thanking me rather than speaking condescendingly to me. Ya know?”

Papa G forces a smile, “Gotcha. I’ll make sure I get right on that.”

Avi turns his coffee mug around so Papa G can read what’s imprinted on it: Live Life As A Family. He then takes another sip and continues to speak, “I’m having a tremendous amount of difficulty trying to understand how this happened. It matters not if you despise someone, respect is respect and the line you crossed is almost unforgiveable. We’re talking about my brother here, not some random goon. What is wrong with you?”

Papa G firmly speaks, “Avi… I did not give that order, nor would I ever give that order. Sly acted entirely on his own and he suffered a fatal consequence because of it. Let’s just say that he currently sleeps where life no longer exists – do you catch my drift?”

Avi stares at Papa G for a solid thirty seconds and then speaks, “I appreciate the fact that you are not lying to me. I do believe you and it’s great to hear that the bridge between our families is still built upon a foundation of respect. We aren’t politicians, we aren’t businessmen, we are in the mafia – the code and necessity for respect weighs a lot heavier here than in any other industry.”

Papa G concurs, “I hate your guts, really I do – I hope you know that, but I would never break the code without proper permission or warrant.”

Avi grimly smiles, “I’m glad that we are on the same page – however, my anger is still having trouble finding the exhaust… if my brother wasn’t so clever he easily could have been killed.”

Papa G nods his head, “Right… but he wasn’t killed.”

Avi looks down at the table and then at Papa G, “I’ve known you for many years now, but I never knew what the G in your name was short for – do you care to enlighten me?”

Papa G responds, “Garnald – Papa Garnald.”

Avi reaches his hand over the table and Papa G shakes it, then Avi says, “Nice to finally formally meet you… Garnald.”

Papa G grins, “Believe me – the pleasure is all mine. So – are we good on this issue? I’m not going to apologize… if that is what you are hoping for, but I can assure you a slip-up like this will never happen from our family again.”

Avi briefly closes his eyes and then speaks, “Your sincerity is admirable. I think we can move past this issue, but as you know, there is many other issues between your family and my family that require urgent attention and remedy.”

Papa G hesitantly agrees, “I don’t think those issues can be solved at this table… at least not right in this moment.”

Avi ponders for a few seconds, “May I ask you a question? What motivates you?”

Papa G cracks his knuckles, “That is a great question, but to be quite honest with you… at this point in my life… I have no idea what motivates me. I guess you could say that I like to stay busy as a way to preserve and prolong life – plus, I simply do not trust anyone else to helm the head of our family. Why? What motivates you?”

Avi responds, “The idea of maintaining a family and to carry on my father’s legacy. Both are tremendous burdens, but at times it feels feather light – know what I mean?”

Papa G concurs, “I know exactly what you mean. Weight on the shoulders makes you stand stronger. You know, I really hate to give you a compliment, but I cannot believe that you’re only like thirty years old – it appears that your wisdom should measured in light years. I know that I’ve said that before, but I just wanted to reaffirm it while I’m sitting here.”

Avi smiles, “Well, thank you for the compliment and since we’re handing out diplomacy – I must say that your tenacity is what I respect about you. It’s not easy to stabilize tenaciousness.”

Papa G changes the subject, “That little entertainment company that your family started… I heard some of the music – I must say that it’s some powerful stuff. We’d be interested in making an investment…”

Avi smirks, “My… who would have thought that you’d listen to music that our family helped produce. I would consider pulling you all in, but I would need you to first consider the distribution dilemma that exists between your family and mine. We have halted production of everything until we can resolve this issue.”

Papa G nods his head, “This…. I can understand. Let me get back to you on that – I get the sense that our two families are inching closer to compromise.”

Avi responds, “Sounds good… look back throughout history – compromise has always been the final destination.”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty-Nine*

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