19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Three
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Three

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Papa G, Rudisin and Sly are at a truck stop rest area checking up on some incoming cargo.

Papa G appears stressed, “They caught them… I can’t believe it – they caught them all.”

Rudisin jumps down from a cargo container, “How? We didn’t make any mistakes.”

Papa G is furious, “I have no idea… apparently they have some voodoo witch over there that has mystical apparitions like a crystal ball! I mean for fuck sakes – everything they do is so illusive… who the fuck are these people?”

Sly speaks condescendingly, “Uh, sir, I’m pretty sure that they don’t have a witch with a crystal ball… they don’t even exist.”

Papa G looks at Sly dumbfounded, “Are you a moron or something? I mean you must really be a moron – obviously they don’t actually have a witch! I feel like just looking at you insults my intelligence… fuck… you are stupid. You’ve got a face that people really just want to punch… repeatedly.”

Sly is offended, “Obviously not… you think that I thought that they actually have a witch? I mean you only see stuff like that in film and bad television… I was trying to make a point… there must be some other way they could have figured it out. There were over 400 people there.”

Rudisin is displeasingly surprised, “This is not good. This is really not good. There were only 10 people that we flipped and they were able to find them amongst 400 people… unbelievable. We really made no mistakes – I’m 100 percent sure of that.”

Papa G calms himself, “Looks like we’ve got to go on a little witch hunt.”

Sly massages the side of his temples in annoyance, “No. We’re absolutely not calling it that – we’re not calling it a ‘witch hunt.’ That phrase is so corny, tacky and overused.”

Papa G looks at Sly, “You should be the last person to give advice on what’s corny and tacky – fix your face first because I really just want to punch it.”

Rudisin takes a swig from a flask, “It’s that untouchable they have over there… what’s her name? Isabella – I think. They said that she knew some how.”

Papa G responds without hesitation, “Well lets go get her then!”

Rudisin replies, “That we cannot do. My hands are tied on this one. We will not stoop low enough to break the untouchable code – they wouldn’t do it either. They outplayed us… once again… some how. What did they do to those that flipped?”

Papa G accepts Rudisin’s sentiment, “They just let them go.”

Rudisin responds, “That’s it?”

Papa G replies, “Well they let them go, but they tattooed the word ‘SNITCH’ on the middle of their foreheads – they’ll never be able to work again.”


The three brothers and the three lovely ladies are all having a dinner together at an outdoor BBQ spot named Smokey’s.

D looks over at Jay and Avi, “I told you that Isabella has always got our backs!”

Jay smiles, “You should have seen her maneuver around the venue… she was so incognito and militant about it – I’ve never seen her like that before.”

Jane rolls her eyes, “Okay… great, but she doesn’t have to keep bragging about it!”

Avi responds with an assertively calm voice, “Ms. Jane, mind your manners. We are forever indebted to Isabella for what she did – the repercussions could have been detrimental to our family.”

Jane pretends to bow, “Oh right… I need to mild my manners because Avi a.k.a. King Zeus over there told me to – my bad.”

Mary intervenes calmly, “Jane… relax. Avi is right – Isabella helped us avoid a catastrophe… I don’t know how she did it, but she did it correct – she didn’t miss. She is still angry about it, she sent me a text this morning that said: I swear I was about to pummel all of those bitches.”

D laughs, takes two big bites from his brisket sandwich then obnoxiously chews with his mouth open, “She don’t miss, she never missed.”

Maria disgustedly looks over at D, “Mind your manners D.”

D continues to chew, “I’m just saying… I told you – Isabella is fierce.”

Maria pretends to get teary eyed, “What about me? I’m fierce.”

Jay sighs, “Well isn’t this just a lovely dinner that we’re all having together – one big happy family!”

Avi commandeers the conversation, “Look. This isn’t a competition – I just wanted to give a little toast to commemorate the wonderful job that one of our family members did. That’s all.”

Jane shrugs, “Next time I do something great I’m going to brag about it all day too then.”

Avi directs his focal point to Jane’s retinas, “That’s enough Jane.”

Jane rolls her eyes at Avi and then takes a big, sassy sip of her wine.

Mary speaks with a dreamy sweetness, “I think that we should all go on a vacation together – just us six… like we used to do.”

Maria smiles, “Yeah I agree… somewhere romantic, somewhere that we can all fall in love again. D can sing to us ladies… Avi and Jay can write prolific poetry to us again – so dreamy.”

D looks over at Maria, “I never sang. I don’t sing.”

Someone suddenly bumps into Jane, causing her to spill her drink and a Polaroid photo falls on the table in front of her. Selena speaks unapologetically, “Oh… I’m so sorry Miss Princess Jane – I must have lost my footing. I’ve been so clumsy lately!”

Everyone at the table immediately drops their utensils and they go awkwardly silent. Jane picks up the Polaroid off the table and it’s a photo of Selena and D kissing.

Avi notices that Jane is about to abrupt and he does his best to keep diplomacy, “Miss Selena… uh, welcome! Please take a seat and join us – I actually just made a visit to your father not too long ago.”

Selena slowly walks over, takes a seat next to Avi and then looks at Jane, “I’m so sorry sweetheart. Iswear that I didn’t do that on purpose.

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty- Four*

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