19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Four
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty-Four

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Rose, Lilly and the four trenchmen are holding a meeting inside of the house to discuss potential next moves for the family.

Isabella enters the room wearing a witch hat while singing, “I got some game from Candace Parker you could never guard me.”

Jack erupts with genuine laughter, “Hot line alert… hot – line – alert!”

The rest of the trenchmen start clapping their hands and snapping their fingers in a rhythm, almost like a beat when Rose suddenly jumps out of her chair and starts hardcore twerking.

Lilly looks over at Rose and starts to laugh, “Damn Rose… I never knew you got down and dirty like that.”

Everyone in the room somehow forms a circle where they each take turns jumping in the middle to show off a dance move. After a few minutes pass they each look at each other like they just realized how silly they must look. They all immediately stop and walk back to their seats real casual like nothing happened.

Rose clears her throat and then speaks, “Well… that was certainly exhilarating – back to business…”

Jimi looks at Rose, “Rose…I’m not going to let you off the hook that easily – did I really just see you twerkin? I mean really twerkin…”

Rose grins, “Please don’t ever mention it again… like, ever again.”

Lilly can’t help but laugh, “Johnny… if I were you… I would never do that shimmy move again.”

Johnny smirks, “Coming from the lady that just did the stanky leg…”

James tries his best not to laugh, “I think it is safe to say that none of us should ever try any more dance moves…ever again. I can only imagine how stupid we all just looked.”

Isabella boldly smiles, “We’re all bonding super good right now.”

Rose puts on her glasses, “Alright folks, time to get serious. So, what I am proposing is that we give everyone thirty days to settle with the family, if they don’t cooperate then we will follow through with these lawsuits… which will ultimately cause them to drown in legal fees from trying to defend against our very strong case.”

Lilly looks at each of the trenchmen, “I emailed you all a list of everyone – I think it’s best if you boys go and visit each of them personally with the settlement papers. I highlighted a few names on the list that I would like to attend the meeting with you, as sometimes it is good to have another person present so they don’t try to make an argument that we tried to muscle them into settling. Consider me an abstract ‘insurance policy.’ – if you will.”

Jimi responds,  “Are you sure Lilly? Sometimes these meetings can get a little messy… a little dangerous – the names on that list stem from many different backgrounds.”

Lilly immediately opens her purse and shows everyone a pistol that she keeps in there, “Don’t worry. Lil mama always carries her side piece with her.”

Johnny laughs, “My goodness Lilly, it’s not going to get that messy. We’ll be extra cordial – after all, it’s in their best interest to settle.”

Lilly slides a few papers out of a manila folder, “I just can’t hold back my excitement any longer – I want to let you all know that each of the brothers are now officially doctors – here are D’s honorary doctorate degrees from some of the best universities around the world. I can’t wait to give them to him.”

Rose appears slightly confused, “Wait… established universities give honorary degrees to mafia members?”

Lilly laughs, “Well… the boys never enrolled or went to classes, but they passed every test – so – what other choice do they have?”

Jack concurs, “I agree. If I pass all of the tests it’s like – bitch – gimme my diplomas.”

Isabella takes out her cell phone and puts all of the immediate family members in a group text: Attention: You all can no longer call D – Mr. Macho Man… now you have to call him Dr. Macho Man. Effective Immediately.

Mary, Maria and Jane are drinking mimosas inside of a cabana on a beach.

Jane takes a sip from her glass, “I mean… the audacity that she had – I just can’t believe it. To use some Isabella words… I was about to start swinging on that bitch – I swear that I was about 5 seconds away from swinging on her.”

Maria pours more mimosa into her glass, “She only did it because she knew that she could get away with it… because her father is Romano – she’s ‘protected.’”

Mary ties her hair up into a bun, “She’s a little untouchable bitch. Nothing we can do about it. That’s a code that no one has ever broke and we certainly won’t be the first to do it.”

Jane sighs, “Did you all see her trying to get all chummy with Avi? All of a sudden she was speaking Italian to him? Since when does that skank speak Italian?”

Maria nods her head, “I know? Like what the fuck? Also, I never knew that Avi understood Italian – since when? Like… what is going on?”

Mary chugs her entire glass, “I never knew that he knew Italian and I’ve known him for like… forever.”

Jane rolls her eyes, “I’ll never forget the way that bitch looked at me when she said ‘I’m so sorry sweetheart.’

Maria responds, “Well… did you all see Mr. Macho Man over there? He was sitting there real quiet – didn’t say a word.”

Mary looks at a text message on her phone, “Apparently it’s not Mister Macho Man anymore… it’s doctor macho man now.”

Maria starts tearing up, “D is so smart – I miss him so much. I miss the attention that his beautiful mind used to give me.”

Jane awkwardly looks at Maria, “What do you mean you miss him? You both just got dinner together like the other night.”

Maria continues to be dramatic, “It’s just not the same… he doesn’t treat me the same.”

Jane throws her glass into the sand, “We’ve got to tell D that he has to stop seeing Selena… he has to choose: it’s either her, or us.”

D is sitting at an upscale wine bar enjoying a few glasses of some expensive red wine – he is wearing a cool leather jacket and a backwards hat.

Selena approaches him out of nowhere and says, “Is this seat next to you available?”

D looks at the seat and the replies with some attitude, “Sure looks to be – don’t it?”

Selena takes a seat then a sip of wine from D’s glass, “What’s wrong with you?”

D continues to be stoic, “What’s wrong with me? Shit… what’s wrong with you?”

Selena takes another sip from D’s glass,  “Look… if you’re upset with me for what I did the other day… interrupting or whatever, I understand.”

D chugs the rest of his wine, “I’m not upset about that at all – in fact I thought it was kind of boss. It’s just that I don’t understand how you runaway at Cutlet & Ziti’s but now all of a sudden you’re trying to THOT your way back into my heart? Doesn’t work like that.”

Selena rolls her eyes, “You’re so sensitive!”

D quickly takes the comb from his shirt pocket and slicks his hair back.

Before Selena can respond her phone starts ringing and it’s Romano – she answers, “Hi Dad – what’s up?”

Romano replies, “Selena. You will return back here to Spain immediately – I don’t want to hear a word about it. Also, tell Dr. Daunte that I will pluck his eyeballs out and replace them with his testicles next time I see him.” Romano then hangs up the phone.

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty-Five*

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