19AD8 | A Poem: Words That Feel.
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A Poem: Words That Feel.

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

The tinsel tangled thorns twisted around the inner self,

The obtrusion of feelings was permissible,

Dismissible obstruction was divisible,

Invisible to the observant, the naked eye, third eye elsewhere,



The grass was pale from the lack of rain,

A dirt road formed under the footsteps,

The negligence and the burden,

Quickly eroded the path into sand,

One for each teardrop left unnoticed,

The dunes grew heavy,

A woman with an optimistic smile laid within my optical sight,

Pessimism grew from the tainted clouds in the sky,

I took a seat next to her,

She undressed, voluptuous figure,

Had me aroused and amused,

She rested her worrisome mind on my shoulder,

I whispered to her in an abstract language that I knew only she could understand,

I could feel her internal love blossom,

Like a rose,

She was the beautiful,

And I was the protective thorns,

We displaced each other’s pain,

And proceeded to make love,

As the thunderstorm rained,

The shelter was obvious,

Cosmic spirituality combining thereafter,


Eternal eternity,

And I don’t even know her name,

But I hope I see her again one day,

I’m certain that she remembered my name,

And I told her that she can call upon me any day,

If you never made love before,

That’s okay,

Wandering minds often go astray,

But always return to that memorable foundation,

A fountain of youth, some might say.

Magic tricks, some might say,

But to the girl that I’m speaking about,

I’m sure that she would say,

That her life was a bit better after that day.

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