19AD8 | A Poem: Really Abstract.
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A Poem: Really Abstract.

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

Walking along the finest of threads, the floor made a heavy burden seem light with each step.

Curtains encapsulated the eyelids,

The sounds were as treacherous as pure wisdom to an un-idled mind,

The onslaught of visual stimulations the realm of communication was like a kaleidoscope,

Colliding mind-waves paved the way to antennae-like perceptions,

The integration of the gray matter created a ladder to the control of consciousness,

The integration, spirit-like, drifted to my finger-tips, pressed upon paper, read like brail, seen like hieroglyphics, eyes closed, opened internal doors, slowly intermingled with the oxygen of breath,

There was a pattern,

Like an equation,

Rust the problem,

Trust the solvent,

The solution seemed clear,

The novel marveled at the marble-like tablets,

Etched at the surface, can’t delete what was written in stone,

Alone, a loan on vacancy,

The walls were starched,

Accurate like the arch from a bow & arrow,

I wrote… medicinally speaking,

Thinking like a philosopher,

The loss of words were later found,

That’s the epitome of philosophy,

Ideas that float, not to be held,

Melted down like precious gold,

What does life hold?

For a forever soul…

Molded into life-changing events,

Sent from somewhere,

A lair, a cavern, a tavern,

Three places preserved,


Tables turned like propeller blades,

As I walked around,

The acoustics from the natural sound,

Were more pleasant,

Than I had previously remembered,

Abstract picks up the slack,

When the road forward seems impossible,


Impressive impressions preview through the tunnel.

Blind eyes… see again.

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