19AD8 | A Poem: Eyes.
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A Poem: Eyes.

A Poem:

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

She has eyes that adapt to the mood of the collective,

Of her collected feelings that lie beneath,

A sultry showcase,

She let me look inside and what I found was that she has nothing to hide,

Despite the harsh conditions of life that she has endured,

The atmosphere circulated intermittingly around her presence,

Creating a precedent and standard for natural beauty,

I found the way her body language spoke to be quite attractive,

Her lips were as soft as a kiss that she hasn’t had in awhile,

Her soul spoke as softly as an early morning rain,

She understood my abstract words as art,

Rather than hypothetical poetry,

I appreciated that,

Then the sky made a noise,

And the lightening pulsated,

And a pathway illuminated,

And her electrodes intensified,

Mesmerized with her new memories,

She found a new sense of peace and calmness,

I then approached her with the following words:

You smiling, that smile that you have, plays an important role to a much larger equation, that helps lead to further cosmic understanding.

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