19AD8 | Chapter Two
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Chapter Two

The current temporal time frames are inconsistent with knowledge understood through history’s lessons. Jay was scribbling the line in his mind as he was walking out of the therapist’s office. He sees Jane, off in the distance, waiting in her car in the parking lot. 

He walks up to the car and she rolls her window down. 

Jay initiates the conversation, “So… that wasn’t too bad, huh?” 

Jane smiles, “It could have been worse… I suppose – you know that I like to give you a difficult time, sometimes.” 

Jay laughs, “Well… this is certainly an expensive way to give me a difficult time – say, do you have one of my notebooks in here? I’d like to get some writing done today.” 

Jane looks around her car, “Why don’t you just keep all your notebooks in one place?”

Jay responds, “Because Jane. My mind doesn’t work that way –“ Before he has a chance to finish his sentence his phone starts ringing. 

Jane puts on a little attitude, “Whose that?”

Jay reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone, it’s Littea calling. 

Jane sees this, throws Jay his notebook, “Bye.” And drives off angrily. 

Jay sighs then answers his phone,  “Littea – hey, how’s it going?”

Littea responds, “I’m fine – how are you?”

Jay can sense a bit of hindrance in her voice, but says, “I think I’m doing okay – just thinking on some metaphysics and-“

Littea cuts him off, “Yeah – well why don’t you try writing about some real life stuff for once.”

Jay speaks to himself; why does every woman get so sassy with me? 

Then responds back, “Alright… well I’m not sure what you mean by that, but what’s going on?”

Littea gets serious, “What are you doing today? We need to meet up – there’s something I need to tell you – it’s important.” 

Jay sighs again, “Why don’t you just tell me over the phone? I’m actually kind of busy today….” 

Littea responds, “Jay. Let’s be honest – I know you’re not busy… meet me at our normal spot in two hours.”

Jay is confused, “Our normal spot?”

Littea gets cheerful, “Yeah – where we first fell in love.”
Jay replies, “Fell in love? Littea – what are you talking about?”

Littea ups the octave in her tone, “And make sure you have a poem written for me too – I really need it.” Then hangs up. 

Jay assumes that Littea means the park and realizes he has about two hours to kill, so he turns his phone off, walks into the nearby coffee shop, orders a coffee and sits down at one of their tables…

He begins to write:

Days can be dazed, a maze or amazing,

It just depends… 

Mentality has its ups and downs,

Filled with anxiety, laughter and hopefully intrigue, 

Understand that life is far more complicated when you discover it’s hierarchal simplicity,

As intuition is the only resource one has to navigate through the interesting, sometimes rough, intricacies of proceeding forward,

Intuitiveness is within each individual, however it takes a great amount of learning, trial & error, to find out how effective it can be; a process that’s—

Jay stops writing as he hears a girl’s voice behind him say, “You’ve got a real gift, do you know that? You just don’t know the full extent of it.” Jay turns around and sees a gorgeous woman standing there; she’s in an all-white, tight-fitting dress, with long hair and dark eyes.

Jay responds to her, “You seem a little overdressed for a coffee shop, don’t you think?”

The woman laughs and replies, “I’m on my way to somewhere important…but, I noticed you sitting there, writing, and I must say I’ve never seen someone become so focused on what they’re doing. Do you mind if I take a seat next to you?”

Jay smirks, “Well, you must not have met many writers before… sure, take a seat. Have we met before? I feel like I’ve met you somewhere before…” 

She flirtatiously whispers in Jay’s ear, “We’re just now meeting.” 

She then takes a seat, takes one of Jay’s notebooks on the table and begins flipping through and reading some of the pages, “I hope you don’t mind” she adds. 

Jay can’t help but notice that her mannerisms and body language are a strong seductive force of nature, “No, I don’t mind. You can keep one if you’d like…”

She doesn’t say anything for a few minutes as she’s reading one of the pages, then looks up at Jay and say, “Your handwriting is awful, but I must say, you have the ability to change people’s perceptions. In reading some of these, my mind has been taken elsewhere…” 

Jay shrugs, “They’re okay I guess…I’m still learning to write more effectively. I’m always trying to make improvements.”

She promiscuously rolls her eyes and responds, “Don’t be shy about it – you write sentences that pierce through people’s current realities…”

Jay is impressed with her vernacular and responds, “Well, that’s because I can hear heartbeats… you know how they’re primitively just electrical signals? For some reason, those electrical signals, I can hear them and they sound musical. I don’t even have to be next to the person to hear the rhythm either.” 

She continues flipping through the pages and says, “Interesting… something must have happened in your life, early on, for you to be able to have that ability…”

Jay responds, “What do you mean?”

She looks at her watch and says, “I’ve got to go…” She then takes Jay’s entire notebook and puts it in her purse, then continues saying, “Meet me for dinner tomorrow night.” She writes her phone number on the table and slides it across the table to Jay.

Jay leaves the number on the table and replies, “I didn’t say you could keep the entire notebook and I’m sorry, you are an insanely beautiful woman, but I’m already seeing someone… I can’t.” 

She leans over the table and scantily shows off her cleavage and then whispers, “It’s only dinner.” And quickly kisses Jay on the lips before she starts walking away.

Jay is dismissive, however, also intrigued, “What did you say your name was?” 

She looks back at him and says, “You’ll have to meet me for dinner to find out.” She winks and then walks out of the coffee shop door. 

Jay thinks to himself, “What a temptress she is.”

He then realizes that he now needs to buy a new notebook so he exits the coffee shop and starts walking to a local convenience store, when he hears a familiar voice: 

Tim: “Jay, long time no see.” as he lights up a cigar. 

Jay angrily responds, “Are you stalking me Tim?” 

Tim takes a puff from his cigar and replies, “That’s some attitude you’ve got” and he snaps his fingers; the entire area goes completely black and it’s now just Tim and Jay in a metaphysical place. 

Jay looks around and is completely astounded and confused about what just happened, “Where are we?” He says to Tim. 

Tim menacingly laughs, “See… you’re not as strong as you think, or as theythink.” 

Jay confidently replies, “What are you talking about? StrongThey?”

Tim continues fiercely laughing. 

Jay intuitively reaches for the medallion hanging from his neck and within that instant they return back to real life in front of the convenience store.  

Tim looks stunned, almost scared and with a quivering voice says, “How… howdid you do that?”

To Be Continued In Chapter 3

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