19AD8 | Chapter Three
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Chapter Three

It’s a sunny day outside. Ted and 2-witty are playing a one-on-one pickup game of basketball at a local park. 

Ted checks 2-witty the ball and says, “I see you’ve been working on your jump shot.” 2-witty chuckles and replies, “I’m learning from the best right?” beings to dribble then says, “And I still stay on your woman’s mind like an allergic reaction with my epinephrine pen…” then hits a fade away 3-point shot. 

“Wooooh, that was nice!” Ted says in response. 2-witty laughs and checks the ball to Ted. Ted fakes the shot, does a spin around 2-witty, then sprints to the basket and dunks. 

2-witty appears lightheartedly frustrated, “Dammit! You always get me with that fake.” Ted grins and says, “Looks like I’ve still got that reach! Anyways, 2, let me talk to you for a little bit.” 

2 says “Sure,” puts the ball on the ground and continues, “What’s on your mind brother?” 

Ted gets a little more serious, “How have you been doing, how’s the music been going?” 

2 seems a little dismissive, “Ah… I mean I’ve been working on new stuff every day, you know I keep that dedication, but I don’t know – I’m having a tough time punching through the industry… it’s like they’re blocking me for some reason.” 

Ted with a bit of concern replies, “Really?”

2 tries to forcefully lighten his mood, “Aye… come on now Ted, you know how people love baller blocking!” 

A stern look overtakes Ted’s demeanor, “Hm, let me see what I can do about that. Also, have you talked to Jay in awhile?” 

2-witty replies, “Not recently, no. You know Jay; he’s always busy working on those books of his. But, that’s my brother though.” 

Ted quickly glances at the sky with an odd perspective, and then responds to 2, “Well, you should. He’s been working on some sounds that are unique.”

2-witty replies, “Sounds? How can sounds be unique? I just got sent some new instrumentals I’m about to record over.” 

Ted responds, “That’s good, but this is different. It’s unique because they’re sonically very dense sounding, yet extremely simple and potent. I’ve never heard sound organized that way.” As Ted is finishing his sentence, there is a loud crackle and the sky quickly turns dark, gloomy and cloudy. 

Ted seems a bit worrisome and says, “Hey, why don’t you head to the studio now – I’ll meet you there later.” 

2-witty seems confused over the abrupt conclusion to their pickup game, “Why? Is everything alright?” 

Ted responds, “Yeah… yeah, everything is fine – I just need to handle some business real quick.” 

2-witty picks up the ball, “Alright Ted, handle your business, I’ll see you later. I ain’t trying to stop no one from making that money.” and starts to jog out of the park. 

Ted continues to stand there until he sees 2-witty leave the park, then with a raised voiced he prominently yells out, “Tim – why don’t you stop hiding and come confront me like a decent man would?” 

Tim suddenly appears in front of Ted, laughs and says, “Ted… Ted… Ted. You know me too well.” 

Ted sighs, “And why exactly do I have the pleasure of meeting your acquaintance today Tim? 

Tim: “You’re lying to me Ted. You’ve been lying to me. And you know that I don’t like being lied to.”

Ted: “Lying about what?”

Tim: “Jay… he lives… the King of Kings lives.”

Ted: “Wow. That’s a bold statement Tim.” 

Tim: “I’ve witnessed it. I’m witnessing it… you’re witnessing it. Dammit Ted, quit playing stupid with me it insults my intelligence. Could you imagine what kind of problems that would bring to me if the public found out?” 

Ted: “I think you’re mistaken, but how would that be a problem? Wouldn’t that be a positive influence?”

Tim: “No. It’d be a problem. A major problem.” 

Ted: “Why?”
Tim: “Because Ted. You know I’m petty and envious. I want to remain the only King of this planet.” 

Ted: “Well, I appreciate you being truthful for once about yourself, however, I think you’re making this a bigger issue than it really is. Even if the statement you made is true, he’s too naively innocent – he wouldn’t understand his powers, let alone how to use them. Why don’t you just approach him in a civilized manner and have a conversation?”

Tim: “I’ve tried. His soul is too pure for me to be able to commandeer it. He needs to stop writing.” 

Ted: “Tim – you’re talking crazy, I think you should just really let this go and stop bothering me.” 

Tim: “No Ted. You’re the only one that can subdue him. I want Jay brought to me; dead or alive. Or I’m going to cause a lot of problems for you.”

Ted: “First of all… Tim, don’t threaten me. I don’t appreciate that. Secondly, again, if what you’re saying is true – there is nothing I can do. He’d be protected by the order of the universe. And you know that.”

Tim: “Figure it out Ted.” 

Jay and Isabella are eating lunch together at an uptown café. 

Jay looks at Isabella for a few moments, takes a bite from his sandwich then begins to say, “Are you familiar with what a conduit is? Or a person that could be considered a conduit?”

Isabella takes a drawn out sip from her cappuccino, “Not entirely… sort of, but I’ve never heard anyone use that phrase before.” 

Jay smiles and takes a sip from his coffee, “Well – I’ve been testing you Isabella, subtly and I’m certain that you are one. That’s a rare talent, or gift rather.” 

Isabella gets a bit angry, “Testing me? What is this some sort of school? I don’t like to be secretly tested it feels like deception.” 

Jay responds with a calming tone, “No, no – it’s not like that.” 

Isabella replies, somewhat disgruntled, “Then what is it like Jay?”

Jay replies, “Well, you know how you do artwork for me…” 

Isabella responds, “Yes. Thank you for the opportunity and I do love your work.” 

Jay continues, “Recently, I had sent you an audible I made and the first sketches you sent me back were that of a ballerina dancing, without any prior artistic direction from me.”

Isabella smiles, “Yes, I remember that one. That’s just how your words made me feel.” 

Jay responds, “I appreciate that, but, what’s crazy is that writing was actually directed towards this girl I know, or well, used to know that was a ballerina. There’s no way you could have known. The audible didn’t even hint at something like that.” 

Isabella nervously laughs, “That could just be a coincidence Jay, that’s just really how your words made me feel.” 

Jay replies, “It could be a coincidence. But, in every audible, song or piece of writing I’ve sent you – your first sketches were always what I had in mind. I think, or my theory at least is that repetitive coincidences after a while are no longer coincidences, it’s clairvoyance.”

Before Isabella has a chance to respond, Jay hears his phone ringing and it’s an unfamiliar phone number, he looks up at Isabella and says, “Hold on – I’ve got to take this call real quick” and he steps outside of the cafe to answer the call, “Hello? Whose this?” 

A woman’s voice responds, “Hi Jay, we met at the coffee shop yesterday, are we still on for dinner tonight?”

Jay responds with confusion, “How did you get my phone number? And I don’t think so; I told you I’m already seeing someone. Although, I am extremely flattered.” 

The woman responds, “Oh. Your contact number was in the notebook you gave me. It is just dinner Jay. Meet me at that one bar on Main Street around 9 pm… at the very least we’ll just have one drink.” 

Jay is a little suspicious of her persistence and says, “Like I said, I appreciate it, but really I can’t.“

The woman continues her plea, “Please Jay. We’ll have just one drink. I want to show you something.”  

Jay sighs and reluctantly says, “Okay fine, just one drink. I’ll meet you there.” 

Littea and Jane are having a business meeting at Littea’s office. 

Jane opens up a folder, looks at Littea and says, “When do you need all of this done by?” 

Littea replies quickly, “As soon as you can – there’s no rush though. You did a great job with our last marketing campaign. So, we look forward to seeing similar results with your firm.” 

Jane enthusiastically replies, “Thank you – I really appreciate that. Your company is one of our biggest clients and has enabled us to grow exponentially. It’s amazing clout for our portfolio.” 

Littea hesitates for a few moments, then proceeds to say, “So Jane… Jay had told me that you used to suffer from severe anxiety attacks and I was wondering –“

Jane abruptly interrupts Littea, “Why are you talking to Jay?” 

Littea shrugs off Jane’s condescendence, “Come on Jane. You know that Jay and I are just friends…”

Jane rolls her eyes, “Right…” 

Littea continues, “Anyways, I’ve been suffering from panic attacks lately and I’m asking you how you dealt with it.” 

Jane’s mood changes and she is impressed that Littea is asking for her advice, “It’s difficult. There’s no real way to deal with it and medication is certainly not the answer.” 

Littea replies, “So how did you conquer that?”

Jane continues, “I started doing Yoga and practiced breathing techniques. It’s easy to spiral into a panic attack when stressed, even when not stressed. However, having some sort of systematic routine helps with that – although it never really entirely goes away. It just becomes manageable.” 

Littea absorbs the information before responding, “I’ll have to try that. Thank you for the advice. Does Jay ever get panic attacks?”

Jane replies, “No. Never. I’m not entirely sure how he deals with all that stress. He’s a lot stronger than most people think and I’ve always admired him for that.” 

Littea contemplates, “He says he gets severely tired at random times though.” 

Jane responds, “Yeah… I’m not sure why that is. But, it doesn’t seem to affect him too much. You and Jay must talk a lot?” 

Jay arrives on time at the bar on Main street to meet with the woman he met at the coffee shop the day prior. 

Jay sees her sitting at the bar and approaches her, “Hey… looks like I’m right on time. It’s kind of empty in here for being a bar, wouldn’t you say?” 

The woman laughs, “It is a week day after all, that’s why I chose this place – I knew it wouldn’t be that crowded…”

Jay intervenes, “I don’t think I ever gave you my name, how did you know?”

The woman smiles, stands up from the barstool and holds her hand out, “Let’s start over. What’s your name? My name is Mary.” 

Jay shakes her hand politely, with her hand on top of his, “My name is Jay… it’s nice to finally get your name!” 

She motions for him to take a seat next to her then says, “What do you like to drink?”

Jay responds, “I’ll just take a beer.” 

Mary calls over the bartender and says, “I’ll take a vodka and soda water, and he’ll have the beer you have on draft.” 

After getting their drinks and having some small chit-chat, Mary looks at Jay and says, “Jay – you have powers you don’t know about and that is why I asked you to meet with me.” 

Jay a bit tiresome of hearing that responds, “You’re not the first person to say that. And also you don’t even know me. I’m just an average person with an above average talent for writing.” 

Mary looks down, “No Jay. You don’t understand. Let me show you – you can practice on me.” 

Jay looks utterly confused and is about to leave the bar, “Practice on you? What are you talking about?”

Mary smiles, “Relax Jay. Just hear me out for a few moments.” 

Jay takes a few sips from his beer, “Okay – so what do you want me to do?”

She turns her body to Jay so he can see her full figure; she’s dressed eloquently beautiful and says to him, “Describe me, right now.” 

Jay seems a bit annoyed, but decides to entertain her request, “Well, obviously you’re a very beautiful woman. Probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. You have long hair, dark potent eyes, wonderful child-bearing hips, a toned physique, hypnotically plump lips and please excuse me, but for lack of better words a really nice ass and nice tits.” 

Mary rolls her eyes and starts laughing, a genuine laugh, then says, “Come on Jay. That’s not what I’m talking about – describe me.” and she slides a pen and piece of paper over to him, “Write it.” 

Jay writes on the paper for a few minutes while Mary eagerly waits. Then he slides the paper to her, “There you go Mary. You’re welcome.” 

She doesn’t look at the paper and slides it back to him, “No Jay – read it to me. I want you to read it to me.” 

Jay gets slightly introverted, “Right here, at this bar?  I don’t know…” 

Mary blushes, “Yes Jay, there’s no one here anyway. Don’t be shy, just read it to me.” 

Jay lets out a deep sigh and says, “Okay fine… here it goes:”

Mary closes her eyes and Jay begins to read out loud,

“I knew the second you walked into that coffee shop that you were out of this world beautiful. The sound of your heartbeat, the rhythm, the electrical signals were something I’ve never heard before, or better yet, felt before…” Jay notices a single tear dripping down the side of Mary’s cheek and he continues, “The most beautiful aspects of any woman are what they contain on the inside, that’s what I look for because it’s something someone can’t see, but I could see it. There’s an addictive purity in that. I couldn’t help but think what you’ve been through, where you came from or if I’d ever serendipitously run into you again…”

As Jay is speaking the entire bar slowly starts to change. The floor turns to sand, the ceiling turns into an open sky and snow starts to fall. At this point, Jay and Mary are now standing in an open desert, but before Jay get’s a chance to finish, Mary opens her eyes and whispers, “Jay – I have been watching you for awhile now.” 

To Be Continued In Chapter Four. 

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