19AD8 | Chapter 5: Anyways
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Chapter 5: Anyways

The ground is marble, but gravel-like. I reach down to grab one, but it turns into a puzzle-piece. Upon further examination, the piece disappears and the ground starts shifting into a staircase, at the top of the stairs I see a bookshelf. I look around and the remainder of the surroundings is primitive, dull and gravity-heavy, so I decide to start walking up the stairs. Each step turns into a different mural, until I get to the top. There’s only one noticeable book on the shelf, it appears to be made of stone. I reach for it… 

“Jay – wake up!” 

Jay wakes up and sees Jane standing there, in her lingerie and he says, “Why what’s going on?” 

Jane replies, “There’s some kid at the door asking to speak with you – he said it’s really important.” 

Jay is slightly startled from being abruptly woken up, “And you answered the door dressed like that? In your lingerie?” 

Jane warmly smiles and says, “No silly, I figured this is the only way I could wake you up.” 

Jay laughs, “Well, you should do that more often… you look sexy. Anyways, alright, I guess I’ll go see what’s going on.” 

Jay gets out of bed, puts on some sweats and greets the kid outside of their front door; the kid appears to be in his early 20’s, “Hey, how’s it going, what brings you here?”

The kid responds, “Hi, my name is Joe and I was wondering if I could have your autograph… 

Jay is confused about the request and says, “My autograph… for what? I’m not famous…” 

Joe replies, “You need to see this…” and he takes a folded piece of paper out from his pocket and hands it to Jay. 

Jay unfolds the piece of paper and it’s a flyer with his photo on it and some text that says: The born King is alive.

Jay re-reads it a few times before he folds the piece of paper and hands it back to Joe, “Where did you get this? And how did you know where I live?”

Joe appears a bit embarrassed over the intrusion, but replies, “I followed you home one day, I hope you don’t mind – I won’t tell anyone where you live… but, these papers are all over the streets.” 

Now Jay is very confused, “All over the streets? Who is printing them?”

Joe responds, “I’m not sure… but, they’re everywhere. They’re willing to listen to you…” 

Jay looks down and replies, “Listen to me? What do you mean? Why would they do that, they don’t even know me – actually, no one really knows me…” 

Joe responds with confidence, “I don’t know. Maybe they feel like you can help them and help bring peace.” 

Jay sighs, “Look – I don’t know what’s going on here, but I don’t have any sort of special powers – I’m just a writer trying to make a career of it. And besides, how could I possibly help the streets? They have their own rules, systems and allegiances. It’s been like that for years and years.” 

Joe responds with truthful sentiment, “Jay… I think its because they feel your pain. Trust me, they’re willing to listen to you.” 

Jay signs a piece of paper from one of his notepads and hands it to Joe, “For what it’s worth… anyways, I’ve got to go – it was nice meeting you Joe.” Jay goes back inside and closes the door behind him. 

Jane is sitting on the couch, “What was that about?”

Jay sits down on the couch next to her and appears exhausted, “I have no idea Jane… there’s some crazy shit going on.” 

Jane tries to be calming, “Like what?”

Jay doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, which he typically does when he wants to make sure he is properly articulating what’s on his mind. 

Eventually, he looks over at Jane and says, “Let me show you something…” and he walks over to a suitcase and pulls out a keyboard, his computer and sound speakers. As he’s setting it up, Jane says to him, “When did you get all of that stuff?” 

Jay replies, “I’ve had it for a few months now.” And he starts to play the keyboard like it’s a piano. 

Jane is pleasantly surprised, “Wow… that is incredible. Where did you learn to play like that?” 

Jay nervously laughs, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I just bought the keyboard, software and have just kind of been teaching myself. It’s like everyday I’m getting exponentially better. I can’t explain it. It’s only been like 3 months.” 

Jane is shocked, “Jay – you’re playing better than some people that I’ve heard that have been playing their entire lives…it’s different as well, the sound… just sounds different.” 

Jay humbly agrees then says, “And let me show you something else.” He walks behind Jane and says, “What color is that vase?” 

Jane is not sure if Jay is joking around with her, but replies, “it’s red.” 

Jay responds, “Jane close your eyes.” then takes his pointer fingers, places one over each side of Jane’s temples and says to her, “Now open your eyes and tell me what color that vase is.” 

Jane opens her eyes and gasps, “It’s black! What the –“ 

Jay casually responds, “I know… crazy right?” and removes his fingers. Jane gasps again, “Now it’s red again – Jay what the fuck is going on?” 

Jay replies, “I don’t know” and before he has a chance to explain further he hears the alarm clock go off on his phone, then says to Jane, “Shit – I’ve got to go. I’m sorry. I told 2-witty I’d meet him at the studio. We’ll continue this conversation later.” 

Jay arrives at the studio where 2-witty is waiting for him. 

2-witty says, “Glad you could make it Jay.” 

Jay responds, “Of course 2 – you’re my brother.” 

2-witty replies, “So… do you have a verse for me?”

Jay confidently says, “Definitely.” and walks into the booth and drops a verse on his first try.

2-witty looks astonished, “That’s fire Jay. I don’t know how you do that.” 

Jay casually replies, “Neither do I. So are we going to make a lot of money, or what?”

2-witty laughs, “Millions.” Then he points up to the sky and says, “Billions.” 

Jay laughs and says, “Good because I really need the money. I’ve been thinking about wanting to open a school one day.” 

2-witty gets serious, “A school, really? You’re crazy Jay. What kind of school?” 

Jay replies, “Yeah. A school for gifted people… gifted artists. Where the only admission requirements are that a person needs to create a piece of art, every day for 365 days, then they are accepted into the program. After that, each piece of art they submit, they’ll get some sort of monetary compensation for. I haven’t got it entirely figured out yet, but all I know is I need a lot of money.” 

2-witty responds, “That seems interesting, but how do you know people won’t just create some bullshit to get accepted or whatever?” 

Jay contemplates before responding then says, “Like I said, I haven’t got it figured out yet, but all I know is that gifted, talented artists, they like to be consistent and value their artwork enough that they would take this seriously.” 

2-witty laughs, “Like I said my brother – you are crazy. I figured you needed money so you could buy a bigger house for you and all your women.” 

Jay smiles then says, “You know how I love my women. Anyways, I’ve got to go. I’ll drop back in sometime next week. Keep at it, I know you’re working on some amazing stuff.” 

Jay walks out of the studio and sees Littea sitting there, she looks upset… she stops Jay and says to him, “Jay we need to talk.” 

Jay sits down next to her and says, “What’s going on Littea why do you look so sad?” 

Littea looks at Jay and with a little bit of attitude says, “Because Jay – you’ve been neglecting me. And I’m your wife.” 

Jay sighs and carefully laughs, “You’re not my wife, but I do value our relationship. How have I been neglecting you?” 

Littea rolls her eyes and then says, “You have a short memory Jay. And you were supposed to meet up with me, but you never showed up.”

Jay appears remorseful, “You’re right. I apologize about that. Something really serious came up and… I just couldn’t make it.” 

Littea replies, “You could have at least let me know.” 

Jay responds, “Like I said, I’m sorry. I did write this poem for you like you asked.” Jay takes out his notepad and gives the poem to Littea. 

She rips up the piece of paper and throws it in the trashcan and says to him, “I don’t want that. Thanks anyways.” 

Jay seems confused, “Littea – I don’t get it. Aren’t you already seeing someone?”

Littea condescendingly replies, “Aren’t you already seeing someone?” 

There’s a painfully awkward silence before Jay replies, “Let’s go get dinner at your favorite restaurant and catch up. There’s something I want to show you.” 

Littea reluctantly agrees and says, “Fine. Only because there is something I really need to tell you… well, that I’ve been trying to tell you, but you’ve been avoiding me.” 

To Be Continued In Chapter Six 

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