19AD8 | The Final Chapter: Coda (Unedited)
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The Final Chapter: Coda (Unedited)

“So… do you have anything new written for your book?” Jane says to Jay, he responds, “Yes, actually I do.”

Jane replies, “And he got you a deal, it’s for two books?”

Jay nods his head, “Yeah… within six months or so, but here check it out…”

He hands her a draft from one of his notebooks, “Let me know what you think.”

Jane begins to read:

“Not used to a psychedelic mindset without the accompaniment of hallucinogens, their sober minds voyaged as explorers through the land.

They found themselves at the depths of nature, at the latest hour of the night, timely to be the brightest point for the sky, wandering and conversational.

He and his lady walked along a path that mimicked that of the constellations, the temperature was brazen but not overly punctual – the perfect setting for a sensual sentiment to trance, enhance and maybe even entice their love locked spirits.

Their expedition continued to move them in ways that were once thought to be of a stagnant limitation. They approached a place that had-“

Jane finishes reading and Jay says, “So?”

Jane responds, “It’s beautiful in an odd way…”

Jay replies, “Thanks… although I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to use it yet.”

Jane responds cheerfully, “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

Jay takes the medallion off his necklace and hands it to Jane, “By the way, I’ve been meaning to show you this – pretty cool right?”

Jane takes the medallion and looks at it for a few moments, “Yeah, I really like the design – where did you get it?”

Jay replies, “Ah my friend Ted gave it to me – you met him once before at that little beach campfire we had.”

Jane ponders for a few seconds, “Oh that’s right. Ted you said?”

Jay responds, “Yeah. He actually got it from Isabella.”

Jane replies, “Really? That is interesting…”
Jay pauses for a second then continues, “Can I tell you something without you thinking I’m crazy?”

Jane chuckles, “Of course… I think we’re a little past that by now…”

Jay fixes his posture, “Well… I’m not sure how to describe it, or this, but your eyes are… they have this like different glow to them.”

Meanwhile Ted had stepped into Isabella’s office at Jane’s company to chat.

“So… tell me, what’s new?” Ted says to Isabella.

She replies, “Things have been going pretty well. Still trying to get situated over here – they have a lot of different projects going on and I’m working on my upcoming gallery. How about yourself?”

Ted takes a few sips from his coffee and sits at a chair in front of her desk, “That is great to hear. Me? I guess I could say things have been going pretty well too.”

Ted picks up one of her portfolio binders from her desk and starts to look through them, “These are amazing…”

Isabella replies, “Thanks. I’m still trying to figure out which ones should be displayed at the gallery.”

Ted finishes looking through the binder and puts it back on the desk, “If you don’t mind me asking, has there been anyone named Tim that has stopped by to see you?”

Isabella looks at her calendar where she takes daily notes, “Actually yeah, Tim… I remember him now. He had asked me if I still do jewelry design work.”

Ted leans back in his chair and looks over to a painting on her office wall, “Why did you choose this particular painting?”

Isabella stares out the window for a moment, “I’m not sure. I don’t think I have ever been asked that before so…”

Ted smiles and stands up, “So, what did you tell Tim?”

Isabella responds, “I told him that I don’t really do jewelry design anymore and that I had to see if I could get access to work on it at my old shop, remember the one I met you at?”

Ted starts to head out, “Of course. It was a pleasure catching up with you Isabella – I’ll stop by again soon.”

Tim was meeting with Littea at her company’s office.

Tim reaches over the table and shakes Littea’s hand, “It’s nice to meet you… Littea right? My name is Tim.”

Littea acknowledges, “Hi Tim, pleasure to meet you. How do we know each other again?”

Tim sits back in his chair, “Ah… well we have a mutual friend – Botin. He told me I should meet with you over potential business – we’re merging with his firm.”

Littea responds, “Interesting, so I assume you’re with Seahorse Enterprises?”

Tim continues, “That assumption is correct. And the reason I’m here is that I am interested in learning more about what services and solutions your company offers.”

Littea ponders for a few moments, “Well that is interesting. I thought that the merger wasn’t going to happen?”

Tim responds, “It wasn’t. But we worked the deal out in the last minute.”

Littea replies, “News to me.”
Tim continues, “Well… please continue, as you were amidst explaining all of the services of your company…”

Littea responds, “I can certainly email you our sales and marketing pamphlet – it thoroughly explains everything on there. Unfortunately though, we’re pretty over-worked over here at the moment so this may not be the best time…”

Tim smiles, stands up and pulls out a business card from his front jacket pocket and puts it on her desk, “Botin had told me that you have an interesting light bulb tattoo on your ear, but I don’t see it?”

Littea chuckles, “Oh, that is probably from my photo up on the business website – I drew it on there to look artistic. See look –“ she pulls up a photo of her and Botin where there is no tattoo on her ear and then shows him the photo on the website, where the ‘tattoo’ can be seen.

Tim continues, “For some reason, I don’t believe you.” then he leans over her desk, “I’m curious as to why I don’t see it Littea.”

Later that day, Jay was at his usual coffee shop working on some casual writing.

Notes and Observations:
She’s got the mannerisms of someone that loves hard. That’s a hard love to find. As I’ve noticed, at least with her, is that she doesn’t want it to be found, she would rather it be profoundly explored.

As he was about to continue writing he hears a woman’s voice behind him… it’s Littea, “Hey Jay. Glad I found you here. You’re the exact person I was hoping to run into.” and she takes a seat next to him.

Jay replies, “Oh really, and why is that?”

Littea faces him and says, “I have a question for you and don’t lie.”

Jay responds, “I don’t think I’ve ever lied to you, but go ahead.”

Littea continues, “Were you joking with me when you said you could see a light bulb tattoo on my ear?”

Jay looks confused, “No, of course not. I can see it right now…”

Littea looks down, “Are you sure you’re not lying to me? Because you’re the only person who said that they’ve seen it in person… everyone else just knows it from the image I have on my company’s website.”

Jay, again confused, “Don’t be silly Littea. I’ve never even been to the website, or have seen that photo before.” He takes out his phone and takes a photo of her ear and shows it to her, “Take a look for your self.”

Now Littea looks puzzled, “Jay – there’s no tattoo in that picture.”

Jay looks at the photo himself and is surprised to not see it too.

Littea continues, “Can you draw it for me?”

Tim and Ted met up at a bench outside of a bistro.

Tim: “Hi Ted.”
Ted: “Hello Tim.”
Tim: “Back so soon I see.”
Ted: “Just thought I’d check in… see how things are going.”
Tim: “Can’t complain Ted, can’t complain.”
Ted: “That’s the beautiful part of life right Tim? A time period where theres nothing really to complain about.”
Tim: “Oh… absolutely. And how about yourself friend?”
Ted: “Since we last met? Ah, not too much. Been taking it easy lately.”
Tim: “That’s good to hear Ted… I’ve always told you not to burn yourself out.”
Ted: “That you have Tim. So, I see that Isabella is looking into making one of those mitted medallions for you…”
Tim: “Yes she is Ted… you don’t have a problem with that, do ya Ted?”
Ted: “Not at all. After all… they’re just replicas. Anyways, so how do we continue to keep everything at peace?”
Tim: “Yes Ted… just like you said – replicas. Keep everything at peace? I’d say since our deal, things are relatively peaceful.”
Ted: “That’s debatable, but I’m glad we are on the same page.”
Tim: “Diplomacy and peace… that’s right.”
Ted: “I suppose my only question for you is…”
Tim: “Yes Ted?”
Ted: “Why are you so persistently pursuant in getting a medallion made? With our deal… you’re-”
Tim: “Ah Ted… well, you know. Let me ask you a question: Why were you so interested when you found one made?”

Jay and Ted were catching up on some stairs outside of a coffee shop.

Ted takes a sip from his coffee and initiates the conversation, “So… what’s new? You’ve got a book deal now, huh? Two books in fact?”

Jay responds, “Yeah… two books within six months or so. How did you know?”

Ted takes another sip from his coffee and then says, “Well those samples of writing you gave me… I took them to some friends, who did seem to like them, so they got together and called your literary agent to put together that deal.”

Jay replies, “Wow. Thank you – I really appreciate that. The writing is going pretty well so far, I think.”

Ted puts his coffee down and says, “You certainly have a way with words… it’s different. But, with that, comes a tremendous amount of responsibility.”

Jay takes a sip from his coffee and replies, “What do you mean tremendous responsibility?”

Ted responds, “Let me put it this way. If you were holding a pound of sand in one hand and a pound of feathers in the other hand… which would weigh more?”

Jay immediately responds, “Well. They’d weigh exactly the same.”

Ted smiles and says, “That’s my point. Think about how words need to weigh with balance.”

Jay chuckles, “I’ve got to think about that one for a bit…”

Ted responds, “I look forward to reading your books when they’re done.”

Jay replies, “Thanks, but I must ask – why are you trying to help out so much?”

Ted gets up and starts walking away but briefly stops and says, “It’s just… it is what it is. You’ll understand eventually. Still taking care of that medallion for me?”

Jay responds, “Yes… again, what is the significance of it? Wouldn’t you still want it as a good luck charm?”

Ted smiles, “You’re going to need the balance. In time, you’ll realize its resourcefulness.”

Meanwhile Jane and Isabella were having a meeting at their office.

Jane was speaking, “Do you think we’ll be able to get this done in time?”

Isabella responds, “I think so. I only have a few more designs to finish up for you… then the rest of the team can do what they need to do.”

Jane smiles, “Perfect. Thank you Isabella…”

Isabella continues, “Hey by the way, do you happen to know any jewelers that would let me use their shop for a piece I got commissioned to do?”

Jane ponders, “I think so actually. I’ll look into it for you – what’s the piece if you don’t mind me asking?”

Isabella responds, “It’s for this guy Tim. You know that medallion that Jay has? He wants to know if I can make him one too.”

Jane replies, “Tim you said? The guy with the glass eye?”

Isabella responds, “Yeah… you know him? The one with a Seahorse on it.”

Jane gets slightly concerned, “I do know him… kind of. It was weird one night when Jay and I were cooking dinner he rang our doorbell – just to drop off his business card.”

Isabella replies, “That is weird…”

Jane continues, “I guess he’s been bothering Jay about wanting to know what ‘type of words’ he’s using in his book. Really strange.”

Isabella responds, “Very strange. So – you think I shouldn’t make it then?”

Jane replies, “No… no… I’m not saying that –“

Later that day 2 witty, Mona and Jay were in the recording studio. They were playing some of the music off of their respective albums.

Jay amidst listening, “Absolutely incredible…really, you all have done an amazing job.”

Mona replies, “Yeah I must have recorded at least 40 songs and 2 probably did about the same.”

2 responds, “Worked with a bunch of different producers to try and find the right sound for the albums. A bunch of the songs are with DJ Nice production.”

Jay responds, “Yeah it sounds like it was mixed brilliantly. So… the albums have a story and –“

Mona intervenes, “Theatrical. At least that is what I was going for…”

2 adds in, “And just testing out new ways to tone syllables… concept albums really.”

Mona continues, “A bit nervous about if people are going to like it or not… that’s the thing about concept art, sometimes it can be too new.”

Jay replies, “I don’t think you’ll have any issues with that. I’m no music expert, but ya’lls heart & souls are really on there.”

2 continues, “It’s a gamble though, you know it’s a lot of our own money riding on the production and marketing costs, or we have to go with an outside financer, like that one guy – what’s his name again Mona?”

Mona responds, “Tim… he’s with Seahorse Enterprises. You met him here once Jay, remember he was asking you about that medallion you have?”

Jay replies, “I know Tim… the guy with the glass eye.”

Mona responds, “He has a glass eye?”

2 adds, “I don’t think he has a glass eye… I would have noticed.”

Jay slightly confused says, “Uh… he’s got a glass eye with a seahorse design on it?”

Before anyone has a chance to respond they hear a knock at the studio door.

2 goes to open the door and walks back in with Ted.

Jay says, “Ted – I didn’t know you knew 2 and Mona?”

Ted chuckles, “Actually, this is the first time we are all meeting. Figured I’d stop by the studio and make an introduction. I’ve heard from a few people that they’re making some good music over here.”

Jay facilitates that introduction, “Mona, 2, this is my good friend Ted. Actually, he’s the one who helped put together my book deal.”

They all shake hands, finish their introductions and sit down while 2 and Mona play more of their music.

Ted appears to be in a conscious concentration, “This is great stuff. Well… seeing as you three are all in the entertainment business, albeit different sectors, it might make sense for you all to form your own entertainment group.”

Mona ponders for a few moments then says, “That may not be a bad idea… but, the costs of these projects are expensive.”

Ted continues, “Well think about it for a little bit. You all should self-fund it as much as you can and if there’s some traction – you won’t really need anyone else’s help. You all will kind of help build each other up.”

Jay responds, “I’m willing to put some of the money up I have… what would we call it though?”

Ted replies, “I don’t know… maybe something like Sawhorse Entertainment and -”

2 intervenes, “Why that name?”

Ted smiles, “It’s just a suggestion, but think about it like this; it takes multiple sawhorses working together to keep something foundationally stable.”

Jane: “You know what I was thinking about earlier?”
Jay: “What’s that?”
Jane: “Just that… sleeping… dreaming… it’s quite poetically stunning of a process – if you really think about it.”
Jay: “Are you sure we’re going the right way?”
Jane: “Yes… I mean that’s what he said. And that’s all you have to say about that?”
Jay: “No, just wanted to make sure we were going the right way first. Well, yeah it is… truly a wonder. It’s like time is completely absent when we’re sleeping, or dreaming rather.”
Jane: “Or sometimes when one sleeps, there’s no dreams at all…and sometimes there seems to be a lot remembered, you know?”
Jay: “Yeah never really thought about it that way before.”
Jane: “Do you think it is possible for two people to be in each other’s dreams? At the same time?”
Jay: “Well, potentially… but that would have to mean that dreaming, as a verb while sleeping of course, could be a shared temporal timeframe amongst others… like instead of a spaceworm it’s a dreamworm… whatever that means, or doesn’t mean.”
Jane: “Am I ever in your dreams?”
Jay: “Yeah sometimes.”

Jane points off to the right, “I think this is it right here.” Jay and Jane walk up to a weathered old-century home; the meticulous details in the architecture made it look humbly imperial.

“Are you sure this is it?” Jay said as he points to the door, “It looks like the door hasn’t been opened in years, it’s all covered in ivy.”

Jane nods her head, “Yes. I’m positive. That’s what he said.” As she completed her sentence the lantern lighting on the sides of the doors turned on, illuminating the dark hours of the evening shadows blanketing the night.

Jane opened the door and they walk inside to find a circular wooden table with a note placed upon it. Jay and Jane look at each other with confusion, but Jay walks over and picks up the note:

It’s strange that you’ve got to be sick to really fall in love. Not ill, but a fatigue on yearning for something that –“

Jane shakes Jay on their bed, “Jay – wake up.”

Jay wakes up startled and groggy, “What’s wrong?”

Jane leans over and gives Jay a kiss, “You were talking in your sleep and just… sweating profusely. Who even sweats that much while sleeping?”

Jay, slightly embarrassed, grabs Jane’s hand, turns to her and says, “I was dreaming about you. Well… you were in the dream, it was a weird one for sure.”

Jane chuckles and pushes Jay out of bed, “Go change… you’re all sweaty. This may sound weird too, but you were in my dream – it was a pleasant one though. I randomly woke up.”

Jay, in the middle of changing responds, “Were we at a house or something?”

Jane responds, “No, why?”

Jay replies, “No reason really… it’s jus that you were taking me somewhere in my dream… there was a note we found too. “

Jane continues, “Well… we were outside in the woods somewhere, you had picked me a bunch of wild flowers and were writing something to me.”

Jay walks back over to the bed and kisses Jane on the lips, “Oh really? What was I writing, do you remember?”

Jane closes her eyes, “I don’t remember exactly, you know how dream memories are, but I remember it was sweet… something about how us being together was imperative and that you thought I was spiritually special and especially important… and that-“

Ted and Tim were conducting a meeting on a pier that stretched over the shoreline.

Tim: “So, the medallion works after all?”
Ted: “What makes you say that Tim?”

Tim walks over to the railing on the outer edge of the pier, “You definitely lied to me Ted.”

Ted walks over to where Tim is standing and looks off into the distance at the vast ocean water’s horizon, “Lied? About what Tim?”

Tim: “You told me that you had someone make you that medallion; Isabella.”
Ted: “That she did.”
Tim: “You and I both know that is a lie. She found it. She didn’t make it.”
Ted: “She told me that she made it.”
Tim: “Come on Ted, I know you too well to know that you wouldn’t be naïve enough to believe that.”
Ted: “I believe that she did Tim.”
Tim: “Whether you lied or not, the medallion works.”
Ted: “How do you know?”
Tim: “I’ve been keeping my eye on it.”
Ted: “Speaking of eye… have you ever wondered why some people can see your glass eye and others can’t?”
Tim: “What do you mean? I don’t have a glass eye…”

Littea and Botin were at a dive bar located in the city’s downtown district…

Bartender: “What will ya’ll be drinking this evening?”
Botin: “Ummm… I’ll take whatever IPA you have on draft and she’ll have a cranberry and vodka.”
Littea: “Actually… I can order for myself and I’ll have a glass of whatever red wine you recommend.”
Botin: “In a bit of a bad mood today I see…”
Littea: “No. I’m just capable of ordering what I want, on my own.”
Botin: “Anyways… so why did you want to meet up?”
LIttea: “Well… I’m not too happy with you. I thought you and I were going to do business together… but I’d like to cancel that now, I didn’t know you were merging with Seahorse Enterprises and you know how I feel about that company.”
Botin: “What do you mean? Your friend Jay signed to my representation knowing that we were in a merger…”
Littea: “I told him not to… I guess he did it out of necessity.”
Botin: “Look… Littea… I know we’re friends and all, but you already agreed to our business propositions…”
Littea: “I never signed anything.”
Botin: “Verbal commitment is typically honored in business related discussions… you don’t really have a choice in this.”

Littea takes a sip from her wine, smiles and says, “Of course I have a choice. And I’m choosing to pass.”

Botin leans back in his chair and chugs his entire beer obnoxiously then says, “Littea. You know that I can make your life difficult if I really wanted to.”

Littea, shocked by the brashness of his response changes her tone, “Excuse me? Was that a threat?”

Botin signals to the bartender for one more beer, “No. It’s not a threat, but you know what I mean… we’re a pretty powerful entity now, so… you may want to think deeply about this.”

Littea shakes her head in disgrace and in that moment Botin notices something about her, he says, “That’s weird this is the first time I’ve seen your light bulb tattoo… anyways, I’ll be expecting you to sign the deal by tomorrow morning.”

Littea out of anger stands up and slams her fist on the countertop. All of the lights in the dive bar turn off and several glasses break, including hers and Botin’s beer bottle.

Tim: “Well it looks like I need to pay another visit to Isabella then, doesn’t it Ted?”
Ted: “I’m not sure what you’re getting at Tim, but I’d advise you to breach the boundaries of our peacefulness. And yes, you do have a glass eye that is only visible sometimes.”
Tim: “More lies I see Ted. Oh, and I’m not breaching anything. Just going to have to have her find – I mean, ‘make’ a medallion for me, that’s all.”
Ted: “All of that is fine, but per your words, she is looking into making one for you already.”
Tim: “It looks like it may take a little extra pressure.”
Ted: “Tim.”
Tim: “Ted. What’s fair is fair.”
Ted: “That’s not diplomacy Tim, that’s harassment.”

Tim pulls out the revolver from his holster and angrily points it at Ted.

Tim: “You know Ted, I’m getting a little tired of this constant balancing act with you.”
Ted: “Balancing act? You out of all people should know how important balance is.”
Tim: “Whose to say I can’t balance by myself?”
Ted: “Tim, I think you’re getting somewhat delusional. I don’t get what you mean when you said that you see it works. Working how?”
Tim: “Don’t belittle me Ted.”
Ted: “Want to know why it’s only visible to certain people at certain times?”
Tim: “Don’t tempt me Ted…”
Ted: “It’s so certain people, maybe all people know when your state of mind is in a deceptive front. Do what you will, but that is the absolute truth. Your grotesque negligence created that curse upon your own self.”

Tim in an infuriated mentality yells out, “Well, it was nice knowing you Ted.” And pulls the trigger, but it only makes a clicking sound. He pulls the trigger again. Nothing. He pulls it a total of six times with nothing but a clicking sound.

Confused and angry he says to Ted, “What’s wrong with this thing?”

Ted smiles, “Tim… you didn’t think I would be stupid enough to actually give you the bullets for that revolver – did you? I wanted to see if you were still the same… I had hoped that you changed, which it is apparent that you have not. Still – you’re no longer into diplomatic compromise when you’re given the choice to be violent. Even after all this time. That’s not good Tim. It appears we are back to square one.”

Tim: “You shouldn’t have done that Ted.”
Ted: “Tim. You just tried to kill me.”

Isabella: “I’d like to start off by first sincerely thanking each and every one of you for showing up to the opening of my gallery… my first art show. It’s been a long time in the making and…”

She pauses, looks down at the speech she wrote and then continues to address the crowd from the podium, “I had a friend ask me a question recently… this friend asked me what it is that I love about myself…”

There are a few mild cheers from the crowd, which Isabella nods at and then continues, “One would think that would be a simple question… something easily answered, but that is not always the case and in this case I was a bit, well a bit neglectful of myself, I guess one could say.”

She takes a few connoisseur-like sips from her wine glass – to demonstrate her humble affluence. The alcohol relaxes her voice and the temporary staining of her lips from the red wine enhances her sensitivity aesthetic, “As I found one of my answers to be that I love that I care too much…which at first I thought that was odd – you know, what is it exactly that I’m caring about… is it myself? Is it friends? Is it family? Is it what I do? Then I looked around at the art that I created and I found my answer: I love myself enough to be able to care… empathize, with the world, life and everything in it. That must be the fundamental fabric behind true love of oneself… and that’s precisely why I create… art. Thank you all again for coming to view my appreciation to that… and if you decide to buy any of the artwork that’s an additional plus.”

The attendees all cheer and raise their glasses.

Isabella points to Jay and says, “At this time I’d like to ask my dear friend Jay to come up and speak a few words, do you mind?”

Jay, slightly surprised that she’d ask him to say anything, nods his head in agreement and walks up to the podium.

Earlier that day Jay and Jane were walking back home from getting breakfast at a popular diner.

Jay: “I don’t know, I guess I just get kind of tired…”
Jane: “Tired of what?”
Jay: “Tired of feeling like I owe people anything… when I really don’t, or –“
Jane: “You’re too nice Jay, I’ve been trying to tell you that.”
Jay: “That’s not it. It’s difficult to explain. People, for some reason, expect a lot more from me… responsibility wise than they do other people.”
Jane: “What do you mean?”
Jay: “Like I said, it’s difficult to explain. It’s just always like that… in any sort of friendship, acquaintance, or what have you…”
Jane: “it’s because people trust you Jay… that’s nothing to feel burden over.”
Jay: “Well, what makes someone trustworthy?”
Jane: “Jay – I can’t speak for everyone else, but at least I know in being with you and seeing other people around you – the love and trust for you is real.”
Jay: “Why though? What am I doing so differently than other people?”
Jane: “You wear your soul on your shoulder… that’s why.”
Jay: “Okay, but it’s not like I control that… it just is.”
Jane: “And that is exactly why you’re held to a higher responsibility. When someone trusts you… they are agreeing to share their own soul with you. That’s something to not take lightly whether it’s purposeful or not.”
Jay: “Well… I trust people too – so wouldn’t that also mean that they –“
Jane: “You’re missing the point. And besides, I’m the one who has to deal with all these women marrying you mentally.”
Jay: “What women marrying me mentally, what does that even mean?”
Jane: “It was a joke. Just focus on writing and being who you are. That’s what I’m banking on… literally.”

Jay stops the conversation in the middle of the hallway and points to their apartment where the door is open, “I think someone broke into our apartment.”

Jay and Jane rush into their apartment and start searching through the house to see what was stolen. After a few minutes Jane enters their living room and says, “It’s weird I don’t think they actually stole anything… all my jewelry, the TV, all the expensive stuff is still here.”

Jay sits down on the couch and looks down at the ground, “Well… someone stole my entire book… all my writings. They’re gone.”

Jay, standing in front of the podium clears his throat and begins speaking, “I’m not very good at this public speaking stuff… so I’ll try to make this quick… and then Isabella if it is alright with you my friends 2 and Mona would like to dedicate some spoken poetry to your gallery… your artwork – is that fine?”

Isabella enthusiastically smiles and nods her head in approval.

Jay closes his eyes and continues, “Well… I’ve found… or I’ve lost… I guess I find that life is full of ups and downs. And whether you’re up or down, you’re always chasing the next up. That chase, however, may very well be and stem from believing in one’s self. Ambition. To be ambitious… is one of the most exciting aspects of life as it always leads towards an adventure, a journey. To an artistic person… the journey, being on a journey, the memories collected, the experiences experienced enables ambition to be fueled by a translation of that through some form of art. As I look around at this beautiful artwork I see the mind of someone who has experienced life. I’d like to congratulate Isabella on a job well done and thank you for giving me a few moments to speak. Hopefully I didn’t bore you, if I did, my good friends 2 and Mona most certainly will not.”

The attendees are silent for about thirty seconds and then erupt into a respecting applause for what was said. 2 and Mona walk up towards the podium.

2 begins to say, “Thank you Jay… great speech. And thank you Isabella for giving us an opportunity to share our poetry. I’ll get right into it:

There’s a lot of pain in the world,
And many people talking out loud,
Some of its anger, some of its happy,
Either sum can be divisive,
So it’s on us though,
To devise a plan,
That unifies all human,
Across all of the lands,
For some voices bring destruction,
And some voices bring resolution,
Look at the history books,
The first never ended well,
The second always… time did tell,

2 pauses and looks at Mona, she begins her part,

So whom are you going to be when you grow up?
I look inside this room and I see a lot of faces,
I look outside this room and I see a lot of faces,
All different – so they divide us into races,
Not even understanding what the human race is,
It’s really one race,
From the start to the finish line,
But even those with souls,
Still compartmentalize other souls,

2 continues,

He looks like this,
She looks like that,
I look like this,
But I don’t look like that,
So I’m going to blend that with this,
And group this with that,
And what we’re left with,
Still a division,

Mona continues,

How can we grow?
When we wake up in the morning,
And look in the mirror,
And are racist to ourselves,
I’m this color,
They’re that color,
Or it’s a mix of color,

2 continues,

Instead of saying,
I’m human,
They’re human,
We’re a mix of human,
That’s the real movement
And we’ll leave it at that.

Mona and 2 drop their microphones and walk off the stage to a lively applause. Isabella walks back up to the stage and says, “Wow. I certainly didn’t expect the depth of all the speeches… I hope that everyone –“ She continues speaking while Jay notices Littea in the back of the room.

He walks over to her and taps her on the shoulder, “Littea. How are you? I didn’t realize you knew Isabella…”
Littea laughs, “I’ve known Isabella since we were younger kids. Of course I had to come and support her. She’s been working on this gallery for quite some time now. Beautiful artwork, isn’t it?”

Jay smiles, “Yes it is. So what’s going on? You don’t call… you don’t text. How have you been?”

Littea laughs again, “Oh. I thought you didn’t want to talk to me… we used to run into each other often… how do you know Isabella?”

Jay focuses his voice, “Met her awhile ago. When she was working on her first few pieces. Listen, I can tell something has been bothering you.”

Littea looks down, “What would make you say that?”

Jay replies, “Well for one, I don’t see your ear tattoo…”

Littea looks up and Jay notices her eyes are glowing, “I don’t know. Something just … anyways, how’s your book writing going?”

Jay responds with fatigue, “I don’t really want to talk about it. Someone broke into our apartment and stole all my writings… that’s all they took. So I’m back to the beginning again… not sure I really have the energy to write it all over again. There was something special with what I had written…”

Littea with a concerned tone, “I’m sorry to hear that. Special how?”

Jay replies, “I’m not sure. I just know what was written was special… maybe not for me, but for the people that would have read it. Does that make sense?”

Before LIttea has a chance to respond they hear a weird static from the microphone and Tim’s voice begins to speak,

“Greetings everyone. My name is Tim. Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but…”

Jay looks over at Isabella who was speaking with Ted, they both have a confused look on their face.

Tim continues, “Seeing as everyone is in a poetic mood… I thought I’d read something that I wrote…dedicated to my dear friend Isabella…”

Isabella starts walking towards the stage to try and signal Tim to put the microphone down, but Tim quickly continues,

“She’s got that type of beauty…
If looks could love,
When I stare into her eyes,
I find a soul to love –”

Jay notices that what Tim is saying is exactly what he had written down for his book. He also looks around the room and notices that people are completely captivated by what Tim is saying.

Ted quickly walks over to Jay, “Isn’t that what you wrote?”

Jay responds, “Yes. How did you know?”

Ted replies, “You gave it to him?”

Jay shakes his head in disgust, “No. I did not. In fact someone stole all my writings from me –“ Before he has a chance to say anything else, somehow the medallion hanging on his necklace falls off and he stumbles to catch it.

Ted responds, “What do you want to do Jay?”

Jay looks around the room and sees Jane shaking her head in a worried disbelief. Jay whispers “That’s enough.” Under his breath and closes his eyes. He hears his heartbeat louder than it ever has been… it becomes increasingly louder with every breath.

It becomes so loud that everyone in the room becomes silent and turns to look at Jay… quite astonished. Even Ted looks increasingly surprised.

Tim stops reading, “What the –“ but is interrupted when he sees Jay open his eyes and stare right at him.

Tim faints on the stage.

(*To Be Continued)

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