19AD8 | Chapter 14: Untitled (Unedited)
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Chapter 14: Untitled (Unedited)

The skyline and the low tide were in a high-five on this particular night.
And the reflection of the moon upon the water made it all the much brighter out – during the evening hour.
The wind was in tangent poetic romance with all the ears that listened.
And the eyes of people were heightened and glistened at viewing such a rare luminescence.

“Or something like that, maybe.” Jay says as he hands Isabella the piece of paper. She had asked him to write something that she could hand out at her upcoming gallery.

Isabella reads it over then says, “Maybe? Well… what do you think about it?”

Jay re-reads it then says, “I suppose it doesn’t matter what I think about it, it’s more or less about what you think about it. You know?”

Isabella with a friendly smile says, “I really love it. How much do I owe you for it?”

Jay replies, “Cool.” Then looks down for a second before continuing, “Well… I probably want to finish it up some. And you don’t owe me anything, but do you remember that art piece I asked you about… of the medallion I showed you?”

Isabella responds, “Oh yeah… I’ve been meaning to ask you about that… where did you get it? So I’m assuming that you know Ted?”

Jay replies, “Yeah… he gave it to me, said that it might be good luck – he also said that you gave it to him?”

Isabella ponders before speaking, “I’m surprised he gave it to you. Yeah, I actually made it a while ago – I used to do mostly jewelry design. I ended up giving it to Ted.”

Jay responds, “Truly a small world. So… why is it good luck?”

Isabella laughs, “I’m not sure actually. It’s just something I made randomly. Ted helped me out with something one time, saw that I had it and asked if he could keep it.”

Jay continues, “That’s the whole story?”

Isabella replies, “Yeah… as far as I can remember. He said the had seen that design somewhere else before or something… but,” she then chuckles before continuing, “It’s nice to know it’s somewhat of a ‘relic.’ now.”

Jay laughs, “Ted certainly is an interesting guy…what a small world though – wow. I randomly met you, you happen to know Ted too and now you’re working with Jane. Who would have thought.”

Isabella responds, “That is kind of odd now that you mention… do you have it with you?”

Jay notions with agreement, “Of course.” and takes the medallion off his necklace and hands it to her.

She examines her craftsmanship diligently for a few moments then looks back up at Jay and says, “Well hopefully its good luck.”

As she was speaking Jay noticed that the hue of her eyes were a different contrast, as if the reflected light of the retina had no shadows. He looks at her and says, “I hope so too.”

Later that day Jay was in a meeting with Botin over some of the stipulations in the proposed contract.

Jay: “Well… that’s the thing, you know?”

Botin: “What?”

Jay: “The maturation process… of life. It’s pivotal and essential, but centrally is still a slow process. I think.”

Botin: “Jay – what are you talking about? Why don’t you ever just answer the question that’s asked?”

Jay: “Because, well the answers to questions aren’t always there… but I do like questions though, or being asked them because it shows how someone thinks – just in general.”

Botin: “Well the question I am asking is relatively easy to answer…”

Jay: “That’s the thing… there is no question that is easy to answer. But I think a part of brilliance is in the questions people ask – I think it strongly relates to how much they’d value the answer that’d be given.”

Botin: “Jay… seriously-“

Jay: “Because if you really value the answer I might give then I’d equally value the question that you’re asking… it’s a shared intellect… an equal respect of minds.”

Botin: “Look. I have a busy schedule today and this negotiation has been on going for a while. I do think you’re talented and I think with some direction – we could make some good money together. But, I need to know right now, are you going to sign this? Do we have a deal?”

Jay looks at the paperwork on the desk and signs it, “I suppose…but you still didn’t understand the purpose behind my answers. In a far fetched way, I did in fact answer all of your questions.”

Botin stands up and shakes Jay’s hand, “If you say so. Congratulations – I’m eager to begin working with you.”

Jay with a notion of agreement, “Absolutely.” and he walks out of Botin’s office.

As he is leaving he hears a strange sound in the temporal section of his brain – unsure of why, he takes a seat at a patio outside of the office building.

After sitting there for a few minutes, the internal sound passes and, to his surprise, he sees Littea walking by.

Jay shouts out, “Littea – hey, good to see you.” Littea stops, turns around, walks over to Jay, “Hey Jay, how’s it been going?” and gives him a European-style friendly kiss. They both feel a slightly static-like shock and step away for a second.

There is a subtle awkwardness between the two, but Jay continues, “Things have been going well, I think. I ended up signing that deal to have Botin as my agent.”
Littea responds, “That’s great to hear. Did he make the changes I told you that he should?”

Jay replies, “Yeah he did. Thanks again for that.”

Littea claps in enthusiasm, “That’s great news Jay.”

Jay was going to respond, but he started to hear the same sound in his temporal pathway, except this time it was a little more intensified. He continues anyway, “What about you? Have you been anxious or overly stressed about anything lately?”

Littea shakes her head, “No… why do you ask? Things have been going quite well for me. Today has been one of those good days.”

Jay reluctantly responds, “This is going to sound a little strange, but it’s like I can hear your heartbeat or something in my mind. At least that’s what it sort of sounds like.”

Littea laughs, “So you do feel after all?”

Jay forces a chuckle, “I do feel, yes… but, this is different. I know the difference.”

In the early-evening hours Jay and Jane were waiting for their therapy session. To both of their delight, Jane had requested a new therapist for their routine meetings. After a few minutes of waiting the new therapist walks into the office.

She looks at both of them and says, “Jay… Jane, it’s a pleasure to meet you both – my name is Jill. Looking through your previous doctor’s notes it appears that things have been going better, but still a bit turbulent. Can you both fill me in on what’s been recently new in your lives?”

Jay speaks first, “Before we start… I’d like to read out something that I wrote for Jane.”

Jill looks at Jane and responds, “Is this a common thing for you all at your previous sessions?”

Jane a bit pleasantly surprised by the gesture intervenes, “Not really, but let’s hear it Jay.”

He unfolds the piece of paper and is about to begin reading, when he looks over at Jane and sees her eyes glowing in a similar way to what he saw with Isabella.

Without saying anything he folds the paper back up, puts it in his pocket and decides to just write something new.

He begins to say,


She’s got eyes that glow even in the evening hour,
I find that to be of a spectacular spectacle,

I also find her mind not to be that of a labyrinth,
But that of an intelligent architecture,

Her emotions are organized neatly,
While her feelings do most of the greeting,

– Stuff like that –

There’s not much more I could say,
Without giving too much of her away”

Jane responds, “Wow… that was wonderful. You just wrote that for me right now?”

Jill intervenes, “That was very nice. So… shall we begin the session?”

Jay replies, “Well, I signed the deal with Botin today.”

Jane with the notion of being annoyed, “Wait. You did what?”


Tim: “Nice of you to make it Ted.”
Ted: “Anytime Tim. So… you’ve got something on your mind, huh?”
Tim: “Yes. Just a few things to discuss.”
Ted: “Like what? It seems like our deal is going smoothly.”
Tim: “It is Ted, that it is. But, this medallion, the one that you said you had someone make…”
Ted: “Ah, come on Tim – it’s a replica.”
Tim: “See that’s the thing Ted… I don’t believe you.”
Ted: “And why is that Tim?”
Tim: “I don’t know… you’ve just never struck me as a replica type of guy Ted…”
Ted: “Look Tim, I don’t know what you’re trying to get at here, but-“
Tim: “Let me be straight up with you here Ted… I don’t really care if it’s real or a replica. I saw with my own two-eyes that Jay had one. The exact design. Now I guess the real question I wanted to ask you is what would make a designer think of that design? That very design?”
Ted: “I’ll be honest with you Tim. I asked myself the same question and I’m not sure.”
Tim: “So, you didn’t give her the design to make? Even as a replica?”
Ted: “No. I did not Tim. And how did you know it was a female?”
Tim: “Oh you mean Isabella? Well I asked her if she could make me one the other day… a paid commissioned piece of course. Just a replica though Ted.”

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