19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Twenty
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The Mafia: Chapter Twenty

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Jay is sitting at the only outdoor table in front of a small Italian coffee bistro. He is reading a newspaper while sipping on his slow-drip brewed coffee. Sly walks over and takes a seat at the table, “Looks like we’re in a good old-fashioned western standoff…”

Sly then reaches over, grabs a water glass and starts chugging it. Jay continues to read his newspaper and says; “You do realize that’s a flower vase – right?”

Sly immediately spits out the water in disgust, “What the fuck!”

Jay starts laughing, “I’m just kidding dude. Drink as much as you want – luckily water is free at this establishment.”

Sly feels spoofed, “Who still reads newspapers anyways? You’re only like thirty-years old… I’m surprised that you even know what newspapers are.”

Jay continues to hold the newspaper up, “I do. I actually prefer to read newspapers – some of the best reporting and opinion pieces are still found inside this traditional, yet antiquated media outlet. I’m actually reading an interesting op-ed on how people take advantage of an already broken system during worldly turmoil… and did you know that Tom Brady is coming back?”

Sly replies, “Yeah I did hear about that – he’s a damn mutant.”

Jay finally folds his newspaper up and places it on the table, “Sly. Tell me why you’re here – why are you bothering me on this peaceful morning?”

Sly sits back in his chair and sparks up a cigarette, “What’s with D and his hair? You know…. It’s not the hairstyle – it’s how you comb it, so damn macho – I hate to admit it.”

Avi is meeting with Romano Morena at his villa located somewhere in Spain.

Romano dips a piece of bread into some fresh olive oil, “You have your father’s soul and his eyes – sincere yet intense. That’s what makes people trust you and why people trusted your father.”

Avi smiles, “Thank you my friend. As you know, my brothers and I didn’t get to know our father very well because his life was cut too short – so any insight into his demeanor is greatly appreciated.”

Romano takes a slow sip of some Spanish red wine, “You talk smarter than him… your use of vocabulary is far more poetic. He would be very proud of you.”

Avi pours himself a glass of wine and takes a sip, “I appreciate that. As offspring our life goal and hope is to become slightly better than our parents – am I right?”

Romano smiles, “My father was a total asshole so that standard was easy to surpass.”

Avi gently laughs, “Quite the estate that you have built here – I’ve always been fond of traditional Spanish architecture. One can only assume that business is going well?”

Romano lightheartedly laughs, “Ah – come on, you know business is business as usual… up and down, here and there, but never enough. Anyways, how are Mary, Maria and Jane doing?”

Avi takes a sip of wine, “They’re doing great… they’re as beautiful, bright and healthy as ever. They single-handedly hold the business together.”

Romano smiles, “They sure are lovely. And how is Jay – how’s he doing?”

Avi replies, “He’s good – he’s just been really busy running some new business ventures that we had invested in. We’re hoping to make the family’s business entirely legitimate…slowly but surely.”

Romano eats an olive, “I would love to hear about some of these new business ventures – you know my family is always looking to expand our business, especially with a family as prestigious as yours. How’s your other brother? The one with the hairdo and the comb move that everyone has been talking about?”

Avi laughs, “D? He’s doing great – he’s actually the smartest one out of us three brother, but he’s still learning the ins and outs of the business – he’ll get there in due time. I would ask how your daughter Selena is doing, but I actually randomly ran into her while in the states – that’s what actually prompted this meeting.”

Romano is elated, “Really? That’s wonderful. She was supposed to be back a few weeks ago but she said that she prefers to stay in the states right now because she’s having a lot of fun.”

Avi looks down at the table, “She certainly is a very bright and beautiful young woman.”

Romano raises his finger, “Indeed… she’s too beautiful which is why I won’t allow anyone to date her… that’s the job of a father, to protect our children. If I ever found out that she was dating someone, I would find that guy, cut his testicles off and feed them to the piranha in my pond while he watches his manhood disappear right in front of his eyes!”


D takes Selena to Purrsians for their first date – Selena starts the conversation, “It’s so nice in here – this is so romantic. I don’t think that I ever had Persian food before.”

D takes the menu and flips it to the back, “Yeah the food is really good here. What do you feel like getting? I typically just order a bunch of sides because it’s cheaper.”

Selena looks at the menu and smirks, “Are you sure? Sometimes the sides are more expensive than the main dishes – doesn’t your family own this restaurant?”

D tries to hide that he’s joking around, “Yeah we do – we do, but I always like to make sure that my wallet stays fiscally conservative.”

Selena laughs, “You really know how to overly embellish a girl!”

D sighs, “I should warn you though – I’m not trying to rush our first date, but Jane put me on a curfew – I’ve got to be home before midnight or she’ll probably be standing there with a sharpened knife and the lights off.”

Selena taps her finger on the table in annoyance, “It just seems like she wants to control you – you can’t be controlled D.”

D nods his head in agreement, “I know. I told her that I don’t even cheat… that I don’t even really cheat that much – she just lets her imagination get the best of her.”

Selena flips the menu back and forth several times, “So what’s this? This isn’t cheating?”

D takes a sip of water, “It’s a complex scenario… I mean, Maria kicked my ass out so I was single when I met you – it’s not my fault that your feelings and my feelings collided, sensual feelings can’t be ignored… it’s simply not healthy.”

Selena places the menu on the table, “I see. Well, I’ve heard that Mary is the calmest and most level-headed out of them three – perhaps you should introduce me to her first?”

D uses a napkin to wipe some sweat off of his forehead, “This is true… Mary is definitely the calmest but she can get ratchet real quick. With that being said, I think it’s best if we keep our relationship behind-the-scenes for now.”

Selena rolls her eyes and speaks softly, “I’m not really a ‘behind-the-scenes’ type of girl.”

D quickly rebuttals, “What do you mean? You make me watch all of the behind-the-scenes footage to every movie!”

Mary and Littia are sitting in a car parked outside of Purrsians.

Littia takes a swig from a flask, “You see? I told you that D was sneaking around with some other girl.”

Mary doesn’t smoke but she lights up a cigarette, “That bitch thinks she is slick, huh?”

Littia quickly points to the front of the restaurant, “Look – Look. That’s them right there!”

D and Selena walk out of the restaurant and stand there chatting for a bit.

Mary takes a puff from her cigarette, “They better not kiss.”

They watch as D combs his hair back and then leans in to kiss Selena – they passionately lock lips.

Littia starts to entice Mary, “Oh. My. God. What you gonna do Mary!? What you gonna do!?”

Mary turns ratchet, “Oh hell no!” she then angrily opens the door and starts yelling, “Wait – hold up! Hold the fuck up! Who that bitch is!? D – why you running… get your ass back over here. Who that bitch is!?”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Twenty-One*

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