19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Ten
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The Mafia: Chapter Ten

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Lilly, Isabella, the lovely ladies and the three brothers are sitting at the table in the main meeting room – awaiting a presentation from Rose.

Lilly looks around the table then speaks, “I just spoke with Rose. She said that she’s running a few minutes late because she is having issues with the printer.”

D grimaces, “Gosh –that’s awful. I understand her frustration – those damn printers never work, it doesn’t matter how many we purchase… it’s like whoever makes those printers purposely make them to break in the hopes that they frustrate the consumer.”

Avi laughs, “Perhaps we should give her a baseball bat and let her beat it up like they did in that one movie The Office Space.”

Jane sits back in her chair and squints at Avi, “Why are you so chummy this morning Avi? It looks like you’ve been drinking too much tea over there.”

Avi replies, “What do you mean? How am I being chummy?”

Jane continues to squint at Avi with harrowing eyes, “Don’t be so lethargic with your rebuttals. I know you were with that little slut Littia yesterday – I can still smell her stench on you.”

Mary sighs, “Here we go again…”

Jay speaks up, “Look Jane… you know that we’ve been with (quickly corrects himself), I mean – have known Jane since before we met you…”

D concurs, “She is a lot like you Jane – personality wise.”

Jane angrily points at both Jay and D, “Don’t get me started with you two… I better not find out that you two have been sneaking around with that little whore or I’ll chop both of your dicks off.”

Maria inserts herself, “Jane, the boys have a point. Perhaps you two should sit down and become acquainted with one another, she basically is a part of the family and deserves a seat at the table and a suite in the house.”

Jane shakes her head and firmly presses her pointer finger on the table, “Never. I forbid it.”

Isabella joins the conversation, “I’ve personally always been quite fond of her… she’s always been really sweet and kind to me.”

Jane looks over at Isabella, then at Avi and pretends to get teary eyed, “Look what you did Avi… now everyone is ganging up on me.”

Before anyone else has a chance to speak, Rose walks into the room carrying a box of binders, “Hello, hello everyone – sorry for being late. Those damn printers never work – it’s like people purposely make printers to be incompetent.”

D laughs, “I just said the same thing – it’s amazing how they never work when you actually need them to work – it’s unbelievable.”

Rose smiles and passes the binders around the table. Mary speaks, “Rose you know that you don’t have to make formal presentations to the family – you’re apart of the family.”

Rose replies, “I appreciate that, but I prefer it this way – I like for everything to be organized.”

Maria smiles, “Fair enough – I agree with you, it is always better to be organized, buttoned up.”

Rose takes a seat and places her hands on the table, “So… I’ve got bad news – it appears the abuse towards the family, our family, is way worse than we had initially thought.”

Jane sighs, “Well, lets start by hearing the worst of it…”

Rose agrees, “To be point blank; it is so bad that it’s actually really beneficial to the family –in essence we have a license to kill.”

Avi replies, “We don’t kill.” And Jay continues the sentiment, “They kill themselves.”

Rose continues, “I didn’t mean it literally, I meant it more as a metaphor, an analogy – if you will. The family holds 100 percent of leverage in this case.”

Mary replies, “How so?”

Rose continues, “The level of corruption and convolution towards our family far exceeds just politicians and opposing families – after reading through the evidence there are big corporations who are also aiding in the stealing of our product and espionage on our family. We hold all of the leverage in the sense that if we start to pull the thread – it all begins to unravel and the damage of this exposition would be permanent to those parties involved.”

Avi gets serious, “We hired you to watch our steps – what are the different steps that we can take to combat this?”

Rose replies, “Well… to be wholly honest with you – we can literally do whatever we want.”

Jane intervenes, “We will solve this matter amicably and without unrest – we are peaceful minds over here and will not allow ourselves to stoop to their level of evilness. What are the options that we have towards that type of destiny?”

Rose is impressed with Jane’s use of words, “I would suggest we send the trenchmen to go visit the politicians on this list. I would also suggest they go visit the employees at these big corporations – I’ve highlighted their names on page 35. I feel that we can work a favorable compromise that includes receiving quite a large settlement from the parties involved.”

D ponders for a second then speaks, “Do you think that we should confront the opposing families?”

Rose quickly responds, “I would wait. I’d go after the people that we could easily defeat in court. And when I say defeat them in court, I mean easily defeat them in court – as I stated before – we hold 100 percent of leverage. They literally have no defense that they could present.”

Mary smiles, “Rose… what a brilliant acquisition you were for the family.”

The trenchmen (Jack, James, Jimi and Johnny) are at a standing table inside of a sports bar watching a primetime basketball game. Sly enters the bar, walks past Jimi and purposefully bumps into his shoulder, “Word on the street is that you ain’t as tough as you claim to be.”

Jimi grins back at Sly, “And word on the street is that you are Papa G’s janitor.”

Sly pushes Jimi and shouts, “Somebody hold that ninja back!”

The trenchmen are disciplined enough to know not to squabble or quarrel with others in public, but in this case, they are willing to temporarily entertain the sudden jester.

Jimi looks back at his brothers, smiles and then yells, “Yeah hold me back! Hold me back!”

The other patrons of the bar start shouting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Sly continues his shouting, “Somebody hold that god damn ninja back!”

Jack, James and Johnny all dramatically pretend to hold Jimi back – Jimi continues to yell, “Yeah I’m serious! Hold me back god damn it!”

The patrons continue to shout, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The bar’s security starts walking towards them and Sly continues to shout, “Get that ninja out of here! Throw him out!”

At this point, Jack, Johnny and James are hysterically laughing. Jimi tries to keep his composure and continues to yell, “No keep me in! Keep me in! Cut me! Cut me!”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Eleven*

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