19AD8 | Temporal: Chapter 1
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Temporal: Chapter 1

*This story is entirely a work of fiction*

The clouds in the night sky are interesting… for why would it be cloudy when it’s dark?’, I thought to myself, as I poured myself another beer – a light beer, too many calories can distort the mind, it all cheers the same anyway.

The smell of a candle burning during the evening hour when the room is bright, but the lights are lowly dimmed, is quite irreplaceable, nay, only arrayed in the ‘in the moment’ type of way, I could tell she was feeling what I was saying, because I felt her looking this way, feeling some type of way, I’m like a drug, I make her feel that way every day, that’s why she feels, anyways… I digress too much at times.

I wrote down on a piece of paper: I tend to make mistakes, only the type of mistakes that I know I’ll learn lessons from, there’s a cognitive sub-conscious decision making that occurs, before someone decides to make a mistake. If you pay attention to details, mistakes are never really made. How much self-discipline do you deploy to your routine?

Anyways, I wanted to flex on her so I passed her what I wrote, she was half-way passing out, as it was kind of late for her, however, she wakes up quickly when she knows that I’ve never allowed my past to build my now, in the present, in the flesh, that’s how I represent respectful integrity.

Her and I were stuck inside, snowed in, from what seemed like hell-freezing over stricken land and with only a few hours left for the burning of the fire; warmth seemed recognizable as a commodity, quite a horror act of nature.

Then I turned and looked at her with an urgent intensity and whispered, “girl, if you were eyeing up a lion for the first time… what would you say to it?”

She stared into the eyes of the fire like there was passion building, as she softy murmured, “Are you tough out of necessity for survival, or, are you tough because you want to be?”

I grinned to her and kindly said, “Is there a difference?”

She lit up a marijuana-laced sheet of paper and passed it to me as she said, “There’s got to be…”

I breathed in the fumes like serotonin got released from inhibition, “Survival is the only thing that anyone knows, tough can be sweet, or tough can be foundation like the stones and the concrete. I don’t mean to be this poetic on you, especially when the dawn of the evening is this time-lapsed, but your loveliness has strong muse attributes.”

Her smiling cheeks warmed like fall colors and that rejuvenation made her lips seem that much more luscious.  I leaned in like a magnetic field and kissed her, new ever-lasting love brought into existence, romance at first glance; that type of lust turned love should be consistently and constantly rewarded.

I was abruptly awoken from my half-slumber-half-meditation state of mind by deep sighs coming from Lareena. I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw her peeking outside through the blinds of the windows with binocular eyes.  

She doesn’t typically daze into routine scenes of the front yard, so I figured something had to be up. I can usually decipher her mood based off the responses she gives from a smart-alec comment from me, so I said, “What are you looking for? The road to El Dorado, or what?”

She shifted the stance of her hips from right to left, which is a telltale sign that she feels like I should already know.

I decided to double-down freshness with my comments, “I’m supposed to already know everything, huh?”

She looked back at me, forced an obviously fake smile and then barely enunciated, “Suddenly, you don’t know anything, huh?”

I looked at the clock and saw that it was only like 8:30 in the morning. I yawned and then reached for my phone and pretended to start dialing a phone number.

She quickly turned around and placed her hands on her hips, “Whom are you pretending to call this time?”

I tried to not laugh while I said; “I’m calling to make a doctor’s appointment for you…”

She rolled her eyes than reluctantly spoke, “Why I’m not sick?”

I spoke super quickly to make sure that I didn’t laugh, “Lareena, it sounds like you need an inhaler or some shit. You over there breathing like you got asthma or some shit.”

We had an intense staring contest that lasted for about 30 seconds, but then she ended up losing when she started laughing; I typically win all of the staring contests between her and I. She has difficulty eyeing a lion for too long.

I put my glasses on so she knew I was being serious, I was looking like Clark Kent or maybe Superman, perhaps they’re one of the same, anyways I softly spoke, “Okay so what had you so enthralled outside?”

She immediately snapped into a sassy pursuit, “Oh nothing, I was just looking for the golden road to El Dorado, you know me…”

I chuckled so loud that it reverberated off of the walls and I could see the goose bumps on her skin brail up, she likes when I laugh like that. I then walked over to the desk in the room and opened up her jewelry box, pointed to it as I stupidly said, “How much gold is there?”

She smirked and rebutted, “Most of that is only 18 karat gold anyways…”

I smiled and said, “Can you just tell me why you were over there sounding like half a vacuum half a hyper ventilator?”

She rolled her eyes and pointed out the window, “Why don’t you look for yourself?”

“Lareena, I’m completely naked right now I can’t just be looking out of windows like that,” I said with as much macho-man might that I could.

She threw me my robe and I quickly put it on then walked over to the window.

I looked outside to quite a peculiar scene; it appeared that the grass had grown five or six feet high overnight.

There has been much weirder stuff that had happened to her and I so tried to shrug it off, “It appears you need to call the lawnmower guy.”

She threw a bed pillow at me as hard as she could, “That’s not the point Avi, the point is the grass is 5 or 6 fuckin’ feet high all of a sudden. That’s normal to you?”

I looked up at the ceiling for a few moments then said, “Hey Siri, what that miracle-gro do?”

Siri started giving an eloquent answer as Lareena stomped out of the room in a subtle disgust.

I sat there in a deep ponder for several minutes before I finally walked down the stairs and saw her ferociously scrambling some eggs in a skillet over the fastest burner in the kitchen, “Smells good.”

Her response had a ‘this motherfucker’ type of annoyed tone, “Yeah, well, you smell like shit so you should probably take a shower.”

I responded very cunningly, “Shorty, you know how I only take showers when you take them with me.”

Her face quickly blushed and she turned her face away from me so that I couldn’t see that she got warm.

“I guess I’ll cut the potatoes,” I said to her as I opened the kitchen drawer, took out the chef’s knife and the knife sharpener, then started to sharpen the knife, “I suppose that you are right… it is quite strange, almost alien-like, that the grass grew that quickly.”

Without hesitation she turned off the stove and dumped the scramble into the trash bin, “They’re overcooked anyway,” she said as she walked over to the front door (which is in clear view from the kitchen), opened it and continued to say, “Okay so where is that grass now?”

I pivoted my attention to the front door and saw that the grass in the front yard looked completely mowed.

I took out my phone, placed it on the counter and said, “Hey Siri, what year is it?”

To Be Continued

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