19AD8 | A Short Story: Vortext
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A Short Story: Vortext

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

Isabella with a forced sassy tone of voice says, “Yeah Jane, why were you previously acting like I don’t know what towards Avi like that…”

And then I say, “Yeah Jane, why was you previously acting like I don’t know what towards me…”

Jane squints her eyes at me while saying with an obvious annoyance in her voice, “Avi… please don’t use Isabella as leverage in an argument with me.”

I look over at Isabella and she’s smiling so then I looked over at Jane and say, “Woman, why was you all of a sudden calling Isabella leverage like that?”

Then Isabella immediately says, “Yeah Jane, why would you all of a sudden call me leverage like that.”

Jane slowly spills her drink onto the ground with angered theatrics and then says, “Avi. Can I speak to you in private for a few minutes? Please.” And she starts walking away.

I look over at Isabella and say, “Uh-oh.” And then start walking over to where Jane was standing.

I try to lighten Jane’s mood and say, “So how’s it going… how is it going…it’s a nice day today isn’t it?”

Jane, un-amused with my attempt at charming her says, “Why is she speaking in the same stupid way that you speak? And secondly, you were the one that did not act that decent with me…”

I took a few seconds to aimlessly look around before I decided to say, “Woman, you know how I’m interested in taking you on vacation somewhere…I know how much you like to be pampered… wined and dined, stuff like that.”

Jane reluctantly says, “Oh yeah? And where is that?”

I respond with a very sly and charming tone of voice, “Woman, you know how there’s a hotel down the street with some really cheap rooms.”

Jane starts laughing, playfully slaps me on the face and says, “You got me again… damn it. I’m still really mad at you.”

 I quickly whisper in Jane’s ear, “I found another vortex… do you want to go with me?

Jane softly says, “That’s funny. All of a sudden you want to vortext with me after I catch you vortexting with other girls?”

I reply defensively, “Woman, you know how that’s not what even happened… you know how that’s not what happened. What had happened was she and I was just fooling around on the Hallucinating Tapestry, that’s it. We was just fooling around.”

Jane gasps and says, “Fooling around? And what exactly does that mean?”

I quickly say, “I was just taking her to space… she’s never been to space before.”

Jane ghoulishly laughs and says, “Oh right… she’s never been to space before so naturally you’re the one that needs to take her there. And when exactly was the last time you took me to space?”

I reply with wit and charm, “Woman… first you say that you needed space now all of a sudden you’re saying you want to go to space with me…”

Jane rolls her eyes and says, “You didn’t take her to Cloud Nine, did you?”

I look down and say, “No… no, of course not. You know how I wouldn’t do that to you. You know me better than that.”

She folds her arms, stares at me and then says, “Yeah you did. You’re not a good liar. And do you still have that same piece of shit spaceship?”

I swagfully take a step back and say, “Woah, woah. With the bitterness of your tongue speaking on the Hallucinating Tapestry like that? And yes I do. I’ve been making subtle improvements.”

Jane turns her face away from me and says, “You’re always with the theatrics Avi. I can’t say that I’ve ever had a dull moment with you.”

I smile and say, “So are you trying to vortext with me or what?”

Jane sighs and then says, “Fine. I’ll go with you, I guess. You’re lucky that I have some free time…”

I quickly say, “Woman, you know how I’m trying to turn your free time into me time… like all of the time, and stay on your mind like commitment.”

Jane laughs and then says, “Alright, let me see if you’ve still got it… give me one really poetical line.”

I take a step closer to her and whisper in her ear, “A vacant mind in a humble place is not plagued with idleness.

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