19AD8 | A Short Story: First date
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A Short Story: First date

*This story is entirely a work of fiction. *

I looked over at her, real calm and collected (as I always like to make sure I’ve got my smooth in check) and I said to her, “Alright… we’re here.” I made sure to speak with a high level of baritone in my voice, as I remember the first few times we met she would smile when I spoke like that.

She didn’t say anything, but she slowly moved her finger to the car window buttons and started to roll the window up/down rapidly. I wasn’t sure why she did that, I’ve really never seen that before, so I kind of assumed she was getting a little impatient.

It was probably the longest thirty seconds of my life, but she eventually stopped, sat back in her chair, very slowly folded her arms, looked at me and while squinting her eyes and I could tell that she wanted to get loud, but instead she spoke with a kind hindrance, “This is a fast food restaurant…”

I looked over at her in a way that showed sincerity, you know, having my shoulders lowered and my hands resting on the steering wheel and basically mumbled to her, “Yeah, I know… we can eat really good here for like fifteen to twenty dollars…”

In a surprising display of impatience, she reached over and punched the car horn as hard as she could then spoke loudly over the echoing dismal sound from the horn, “Avi Jay D… you took me to a fucking fast food restaurant for our first date?! Look how I am dressed.”

I looked her up and down very slowly, so that she could clearly see that my eyes we’re checking her out and I earnestly said, “Yeah … you look beautiful.” She was wearing a tight, body-revealing dress, her hair was up in a unique way and she was wearing what appeared to be expensive high-heel shoes. To say the least, she looked insanely gorgeous and it was more than likely she spent a long time getting ready.

She didn’t immediately respond, but she went back to moving the window up and down again, this time faster and with more aggressiveness.

I must admit that the level of anger she had in her tone was jolting, so I tried to respond with a subtle comedic tone, hoping that she would catch the joke, “Oh. Well, perhaps next time we should go to a slow food restaurant then?”

After I said that, she completely lost it, I was not expecting that. I really did think she would know that I was joking, but instead she ended up getting severely offended. She let down the car visor as fast as she could so she could check herself out in the mirror, (I wasn’t exactly sure why. I mean, I’m a very observant person, but she had a way of expressing her feelings with her body language and antics that was just… different) then she looked at me, in such a way where I think she was deciding whether she should slap me or kill me, but she then very politely said, “You’re annoying. I’m annoyed. I’m leaving.” Then she opened the door as quickly as she could, got out and slammed the door as hard as she could, like she was hoping the entire car would break.

She obviously was a queen of seduction and knew exactly what she was doing because as she was walking away she moved her hips and body in such a sexy way that it made me wonder if I was watching a real goddess, an angel, walking upon this Earth.

I opened the door, stepped out of the car and took a sincere breath then yelled out to her, “Stop.” I jogged over to where she was standing. She had her arms folded and her head turned 90 degrees to avoid making eye contact with me.

I whispered in her ear, with a very poetic style of voice, “girl you look reel good tonight.”

She gave this subtle type of sigh that was almost laced with a ‘fuck off’ type of vibe. I then realized she was indeed extremely offended with my approach to our first date so I said, “Come on. Do you really think I’d take you to a fast food restaurant for our first date? It was supposed to be a joke…”

She quickly turned her head and looked at me. To me, it looked like she did this in slow motion, but she darted her eyes at me and without hesitation she said, “How are you so god damn observant? It’s almost spooky, but I like the way you look at me. That’s why I’m here in the first place.”

I acknowledged within myself that this was probably a good time to be somewhat sentimental so I really softened my voice and said, “Look. I haven’t had the easiest life and that has really caused me to be overly observant. It’s just made me have the ability to read people well. For my own sense of self, all of my life, I’ve always had to know what people are thinking before they even say anything. ”

She shrugged her shoulders, again, to me it felt like it was in slow motion, but she whispered under her breath (with a subtle sweetness), “Yeah, I guess you’re not that good at reading me because you pissed me off.”

I reached into my pocket, took out my wallet and pulled a piece of paper out that had some stuff I had written and started reading it to her, with a soft, yet baritone voice, “Girl, you know you’re amazing, everything you do is super good, you’re style is always really nice, stuff like that.”

I noticed that she smiled and she moved her eyes to look at me and said, “Keep talking.”

At that point, I realized I probably got her hooked and a little cheered up so I continued, “Not to mention you always keep your body looking good, real good… you never make any mistakes, I really want you in my life… you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen… some more stuff like that, you know.”

She turned to me and started laughing. It was the type of laugh that I could tell was authentic and one that let me know her heartbeat was slightly thrilled.

She changed the sound of her voice to sound a bit apologetic (like she was apologizing for getting so annoyed with me) then she said to me, “And another question I have for you is… why do you either speak to me obnoxiously scholar-like or obnoxiously stupid? Why don’t you just talk to me… normal? Like, how normal people talk.”

I knew with my answer that I had the chance to really charm her so I spoke from my soul, “If I spoke to you ‘normal’ then I’d just be speaking to you like everyone else. I want to be unique on you girl.”

She gave a warm and bright smile like it was the first time she’s ever been on a date that was this theatrical and charming, but that quickly faded when she pointed off into the distance and said to me, “What is that?”

I looked over and there’s a shadowed figure with a hood over its face, looks to be about 9-10 feet tall and it was waving at us. It wasn’t a type of pleasant, or friendly gesture; it was the type of gritty wave someone gives to let you know they’re watching you.

I quickly grab her hand and whisper to her, “We need to leave… now.”

To Be Continued.

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