19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Three
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The Mafia: Chapter Three

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Jay and Maria walk out of the Broadway theater holding hands, Maria is in an elated mood, “Oh my god, what a lovely date Jay… theater is such a magical experience.

Jay shrugs, “I thought it was ‘aiite’, I mean it was well done, but if I were to re-write it, I’d make it a little bit more modern-sounding, no one really understands Shakespeare writing now-a-days…but it’s a great story though. I mean he does this and that to try and get her and she does this and that to try and get him, yet it ends in tragedy. That type of story really gets you in touch with your feelings.”

Maria smiles, “You’re so critical, maybe you can re-write it for me one day? I miss the days when you’d take me to the theater and then write the theater better for me.”

Jay plays it cool, “Look shorty, I got the tickets for free, it’s not like I spent money on you, or the tickets. So don’t go and get too enamored over there.”

Maria continues smiling, “Oh, yeah… I forgot you are a tough guy… you didn’t spend money on the tickets, right. Who gave you the tickets then? You don’t even know anyone that likes theater.”

Jay continues to keep a mellow mood, “I’ve got connections Maria, I’ve got connections – I didn’t spend a dime on those tickets.”

Maria quickly reaches into Jay’s back pocket and grabs his wallet, looks inside and pulls out a receipt, “It looks like the tickets were expensive.”

Jay laughs, “Ah yeah, well I used my credit card reward points to get them. You know how I be converting my air miles into that cash back. I ain’t going to dig too far into my wallet for you girl.”

Maria sighs, “Jay, everyone already knows that you’re tough, it is okay to be sweet sometimes, I am sure no one will notice.”

Jay tries not to laugh, “Woman, you’ve got me over here looking soft… holding hands with you, spending money on you, kissing you in public – imagine what the homies would say if they saw. I’d lose all of my street cred.”

Maria blushes, “Kiss me right now.”

Jay and Maria lean in to kiss each other, but are abruptly interrupted, “Put your hands up where I can see them and do not move!”

Maria and Jay put their hands up. Jay looks over and sees two police officers standing there with their pistols drawn.

Jay speaks condescendingly, “My fellow pedestrians, I sure hope that you are not aiming your weapons at us with a malevolent intent.”

The police officers keep their pistols drawn, “Jay we know who you are – we need to bring you in for some questioning.” 

Jay looks at the police officers badges and then the license plate of their patrol car, “Due to my keen observation skills, I’ve come to the conclusion that you two are operating outside of your jurisdiction, which essentially renders you powerless. That can only mean that you are dirty cops and someone has sent you over here to harass us. Now, if you could kindly take your pig fingers and conceal your weapons, I would be ecstatic to answer any erratic questions that you might have.”

The police officers comply and return their pistols to their proper holsters, “I guess you have no regard for police officers that protect and serve.”

Jay and Maria put down their hands, Maria responds, “Actually, it is quite the opposite. We have tremendous respect for good cops and good police work, but not ones that are dirty pigs.”

The police officers ignore Maria’s comments and walk closer to them, “Fourteen high-ranking people of some of the most prominent mobs have gone missing after being spotted going to your house, can you explain that to me?

Jay laughs, “Okay? What does that have to do with me? Or my family?”

A police officer steps within a foot of Jay and stares him in the eyes, “That doesn’t seem strange to you? They go to your house and then they are nowhere to be found afterwards?

Jay takes a step forward so he’s only about an inch away from the police officer, “Doesn’t seem strange at all, in fact, word on the street is that they killed themselves – me… and my family’s hands are cleaner than Clorox.”

Mary and D are sitting at a table, located on an outdoor patio in front of a famous Italian restaurant.

D charmingly speaks, “Wow Mary, I can’t remember the last time you asked me on a date.”

Mary takes a sip of red wine, “It has been a lapsed amount of time and this place is lovely.”

D asserts a joking tone, “So… does that mean I’m slappin’ hams tonight, or?”

Mary chuckles, “Oh, D, don’t be so sophomoric.”

D continues, “Look, I just want to know if I’m getting some tonight or not.”

Mary smiles, “Maybe, we’ll see.”

D softly laughs, “If I play my cards right, right?”

Mary rolls her eyes, “You have always been a great card player. So, I heard that you want to expand the family’s business into some other industries…”

D stipends his enthusiasm, “Yes, I’m going to form an entertainment company. I found some music artists that are doing some amazingly special stuff, some very different stuff. They are a quasi-talented group of individuals.”

Mary closes her eyes, “Do you think we’ll be able to make some good money from the venture?”

D takes a sip of his beer, “Their style is uniquely eclectic, but I do believe there is some good money to be made. Like every new start-up, it will require some initial investment. However, they are so efficient at what they do, that the investment will be minuscule in comparison to the returns we will see.”

Mary smiles, “D, how can you go from being so childishly-silly, to so prominently business-minded?”

D warms his tone of voice, “I suppose I’m just trying to play my cards right.”

Mary laughs, “You know it’s illegal to count cards now-a-days…”

D speaks with wit, “Blackjack. Anyways, I will need Lilly to help find an accountant that can monitor and manage the economics of our new expansion endeavor.”

Mary nods her head, “I will speak to her about it tomorrow morning. I am sure she will find the perfect person.”

Before the conversation can continue a man wearing a hoodie stops in front of their table and says, “Papa G has a message for you and your family.”

Mary looks up at the hooded man, “Oh really? And what message is that?”

The hooded man speaks, “He says that your family has the wrong motto; it’s not that you all live life as a family, it’s that you all die as a family.”

D obnoxiously laughs with the strength of a lion’s roar. He jolts up from his seat and uses only his index and middle finger to quickly strike underneath the right collarbone and right temple. The hooded man falls to the ground screaming in agony. D stands over the man like Mike Tyson just whooped some ass, “I bet you didn’t know that I was a fuckin’ ninja!”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Four*

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