19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Six
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The Mafia: Chapter Six

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

The three brothers and the three lovely ladies are sitting down at a table eating breakfast. The brothers are eating Rice Krispies cereal with whole milk and the ladies are eating avocado toast, but Maria likes bacon on top of hers.

Avi looks over at Jay and smirks, “So Jay… the talk of the town is that you’re a big softy.”

Jay uses his spoon to mix his cereal, “What do you mean?”

D continues to instigate, “Yeah, we heard that you were holding Maria’s hand and being all romantic with her. The talk of the town was that you were being ‘super cute’ and soft with her.”

Jay stands up, “Ah, fuck you. I’ll fight you both right now.”

Maria intervenes, “Come on now, stop pickin’ on him… we had a lovely evening…” She looks over at Mary, “And what about you Mary? You’ve been quiet this morning.”

D jolts up and does a playful shimmy dance, “You know I was slappin’ hams!”

Mary blushes and throws her toast at D, “Oh please, you filthy boys need to take your locker room chatter elsewhere… we’re eating over here.” Mary looks over at Jane, “What about you Jane? I haven’t seen you glowing like that in years.”

Jane rolls her eyes, “Avi is still a dick, but I guess we had fun.”

Avi has a confused look, “You guess that we had fun? Okay, so why was you actin’ thottie towards me all night? Why you was all up on me like my dick was a magnet or something? So why you sitting over there eyein’ up my dill like you need bills paid?”

Jane rolls her eyes again and sighs, “Like I said… Avi is still a dick.”

The entire table starts laughing and Lilly enters the room, “Good morning everyone… so it took me awhile, but I found a few solid candidates for the new accounting job. When would you like me to have them come in for their interview?’

There is a slight awkward silence; Avi responds first, “It is not necessary. We are going to go with our family friend Isabella.”

Lilly feels some type of way, “She has no experience! She just graduated… the candidates I put together have far more expertise, experience and wisdom then she has.”

Jay speaks confidently, “They may have more experience and expertise, but not wisdom. She is extremely bright and we can trust her. Sometimes we need people that we can trust and not just people that are qualified.”

D concurs, “She is considered an untouchable, she has always had a very special connection and bond with our family. She is like a daughter.”

Lilly is extremely offended, “Do you all realize how busy I am? How much stuff I have to do around here? I could have spent that time taking care of other important things. You completely wasted my time – next time don’t ask me for shit!” Lilly stomps out of the room in frustrated anger.

Jane takes a bite of her toast, “I told you that she was going to feel offended.”

Jay stands up and says, “Let me go talk to her.” He briskly walks out of the room to try and catch up with Lilly.

Jay shouts down the hallway, “Lilly I haven’t had to chase anyone in a long time – wait up.”

Lilly turns around and her eyes are teary, “I feel under appreciated.”

Jay wipes a teardrop off of Lilly’s cheek, “You have every right to be upset, we did not handle that in the best way and we did not mean to waste your time. Without you here we’d be a family that easily crumbles.”

Lilly regains her composure, “I’m sorry for being so emotional. I’m just dealing with some personal issues in my life – I just found out that my boyfriend has been cheating on me.”

Jay quickly takes out his cellphone and texts someone named the enforcer: Go pay a visit to Lilly’s boyfriend and give him the family alignment speech.

Lilly was not able to see what or who Jay was texting. Jay then looks up at Lilly and says, “Why don’t you come back in and join us for breakfast? I’ll make something that you like.”

The human wrecking crew known as the trenchmen consists of four life-long friends: Jack, James, Jimi and Johnny. They received direct orders by the family to go check out what is happening at the distribution centers. They nicknamed themselves the four trenchmen because they take great pleasure and passion in being the family’s frontline defense. For lack of better words – they are the first into the trenches. Their weapons of choice are Louisville slugger baseball bats to pay homage to their athleticism. They were each drafted to Major League Baseball teams, but they opted to work with the family instead.

Jimi pays a visit to the Southside distribution center and recognizes a worker there, “Shit… what’s good brother? I didn’t know that you still worked here.”

The worker does a secret handshake with Jimi, “What’s good pimp? Yeah, still here, haven’t left.”

Jimi responds, “Work man, just been busy with work. Lots for us to do recently.”

The worker can relate, “Can you relay a message for me? I want to send another thank you to the godsons…” the worker starts to choke up a bit, “Because of them I was able to pay for the cancer treatment that my mom needed – she’s now cancer-free. Because of them I was able to afford to send my daughter to an Ivy League university – otherwise she would have been stuck at a local community college… you’d be surprised how fuckin’ expensive those damn colleges are.”

Jimi casually smiles, “I will make sure they get your message, but I’m certain their response would be not to waste another breath on thanking them – that we live life as a family.”

The worker rolls up his sleeve and has a live life as a family along his inner arm, “You’re god damn right we do.”

Jimi intensifies his seriousness as he changes the topic, “So, what’s been going on over here?”

The worker takes his baseball hat off, “I don’t know man, we’re under new management… and its kind of fucked up?”

Jimi continues with his intensity, “Fucked up how?”

The worker is slightly reluctant, “Shit man… you know me. I just do my job, collect my paycheck and keep my mouth shut.”

Jimi places his hand on the worker’s shoulder, “Tell me how it is fucked up.”

The worker lowers his voice to a whisper, “Look man, you didn’t hear it from me. But they’ve basically been allowing people to steal your family’s product, while pushing their own product. They’re not just trying to cut you out – they’re allowing people to steal all of your shit. They’re calling their product, your product, but from what I’ve been hearing it is far inferior.”

Jimi looks like he is about to snap, “We were wondering why our pockets were feeling lighter. If you can do me a favor… send me intel as you can – you know the family will make sure that you’re taken care of.”

Papa G and Sly are having a conversation on an outdoor patio – Papa G’s right hand man Rudisin is also present.

Rudisin takes a sip of tequila from a shot glass, “How did the sit down with Avi go?”

Papa G responds, “It was interesting.”

Rudisin continues the conversation, “Was his whore wife there?”

Papa G chuckles, “Which one?”

Rudisin is confused, “What do you mean which one?”

Papa G lights a cigarette, “I don’t know… apparently Jane, Mary and Maria are all married to Avi. The ladies are also married to Jay and D.”

Rudisin takes another sip of tequila, “That is fuckin’ weird man. I can barely handle one wife… how does that work?”

Papa G chuckles again, “I’m not sure. Jane said don’t ask, so I didn’t prod the topic any further.”

Sly interrupts the conversation, “Hey lets skip the chitter-chatter, how did the meeting go?”

Papa G stands up, puts his cigarette out in an ashtray, then folds his arms, “It’s interesting man. The entire time that I was talking to Avi… I never felt like I was talking to a 30-year old kid. I felt like I was talking to someone older than I am…”

Rudisin pours himself another shot of tequila, “You’re not getting weak on us now, are you?”

Papa G pulls out his gun, turns around angrily and aims it at Rudisin, “Don’t ever fuckin’ question my strength ever again! I’m a respectful man and I know when respect should be given. Avi has definitely earned a piece of my respect and I never thought that I would ever say that.”

Sly ponders, “So… should we start thinking of ways to compromise or should we attack them with everything we got? End this once and for all.”

Papa G continues to be angry, “I don’t know god damn it! Nobody moves until I tell you to fuckin’ move – you got that!? Let me think god damn it!”

Rudisin lights up a cigar, “Perhaps we should try to find a spy that can infiltrate the family. Find out what’s going on over there at all times.”

Papa G stares into the distance, “In theory that would be a great plan, but their family is iron-locked – you’d have a better chance of getting a security clearance from the government than getting a job with their family.”

Sly swirls the whiskey in his glass, “Maybe we can try to flip someone that works with them?”

Papa G shakes his head in disagreement, “I don’t think that would work either. The people that work with them – love them – they think of them as Saints. Do you know anyone that would turn on a Saint?”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Seven*

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