19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Seven
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The Mafia: Chapter Seven

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Lilly and the three brothers are sitting in the meeting room to have their daily morning briefing.

Lilly starts the conversation, “Good morning gentlemen, Rose should be here in a few minutes.”

D looks around the room then at Lilly, “Where are the ladies?”

Lilly responds, “They said that they needed a spa day because you boys drive them to the verge of insanity.”

Jay takes a sip of his coffee, “That is a potently harsh sentiment, wouldn’t you agree?”

Lilly speaks casually, “You boys are definitely a handful… at times.”

Avi stares into Lilly’s eyes, “Say Lilly, it seems like you have been in an elated mood as of late…”

Lilly becomes joyously animated and points to her ring finger, “Yeah I have! My boyfriend actually just proposed to me… he said that I’m the love of his life and that he is sorry for everything that he did, blah, blah, blah and that he would never do it again. He’s also been sending flowers and chocolates to the office almost every day. We’ve also been going on dates a few nights a week – I feel like we fell in love again.”

D smiles, “Wow, congratulations – hopefully we’ll be invited to the wedding.”

Jay grins, “We’ll do one better than that – we will pay for the wedding. Also, I’m glad to hear that he has had a sudden change of heart.”

Rose enters the room and sits next to Lilly, “Good morning everyone, sorry that I’m a little late – I was waiting for a fresh pot of coffee to brew.”

Avi replies, “You never have to apologize to us, we’re family.”

Rose starts the briefing, “Alright, let’s get this party started! So I’ve been doing some number crunching because I know how much you boys love measureable statistics that are statistically significant…”

The brothers nod their heads in agreement. Rose continues, “So, on average the family makes 2.3 mistakes per day, well below the national average of 5.6 mistakes per day…”

D is intrigued, “Other people make about 6 mistakes per day?”

Rose confirms, “Yes, that is correct.”

The three brothers high-five one another and Avi is ecstatic, “Nice! Looks like we’re doing pretty damn good!”

Rose appears deflated, “Yeah, I mean, the family operates extremely efficiently so I don’t really see why you all need me around here…”

Avi takes a sip of orange juice, “We need you to watch our steps.”

Rose appears inflated, “How so?”

Avi continues, “It has recently come to our attention that the distribution centers have been commandeered by a rival family. They are allowing our product to be stolen… we are not being paid in full.”

Rose closes her eyes, “So why don’t you all go muscle your way into taking back control?”

Jay responds, “As tempting of a resolve that may be, it is a little bit more complicated than that…” Avi slides a folder of notes to Rose and then Jay continues to speak, “Take a look at those files – it appears they are using political capital to pay politicians to help enforce their monopolistic endeavors. These politicians are protecting them.”

Rose puts on her glasses and opens the folder, “How did you all collect all of this evidence?”

Avi puts up one finger, “Rule number one: Live life as a family.”

Jay puts up two fingers, “Rule number two: Never hide anything from the family.”

D puts up three fingers, “Rule number three: Always make sure your fridge is stocked with lots of beer.”

Rose gently laughs, “Well, you all certainly did not spare any use of words writing those commandments.”

Avi smiles, “Yeah, so this is why we need you to watch our steps… because of the abundance of political corruption, does that give us some sort of immunity to run in there and bash some skulls? Or should we enter the courts.”

Rose reads through a few pieces of paper, “Wow… you all even have the names of the politicians involved?”

D confirms, “Yes. There is a lot of valuable information in that folder.”

Rose is excited, “This is a case of a lifetime for a lawyer. There is so much evidence here of obvious corruption that us lawyers like to call cases like this a slam-dunk, break the backboard, type of win.”

Jay replies, “Damn Rose, I never knew you to be such a skilled basketball player.”

Rose giggles, “I dabble… then I dribble, then I dabble some more.”

D laughs, “It appears this case has got you excited.”

Rose strengthens her voice, “Give me a few days to go through these files. You know that I like to be meticulous and organized, especially when it comes to law and corruption. I will return with potential next steps that the family could take.”

Avi stares into Rose’s eyes, “Thank you Rose. We love you more than you could ever comprehend.”

Isabella enters the room and Lilly speaks condescendingly, “Well, well if it isn’t little Miss Untouchable. How lovely of you to finally entertain us with your presence.” 

Isabella points her finger to the ground with velocity, “Look bitch, if this is how it’s going to be between you and I everyday – we’re going to have some serious fuckin’ problems!”

The room turns dead silent.

Lilly smirks, “Now I understand why the boys wanted to hire you. Welcome to the team.”

Jane, Mary and Maria are at a spa getting deep tissue massages; Jane is in the middle of a conversation, “and I cannot believe that Jay was being super romantic with you Maria. He was holding your hand and everything? He never does that with me.” Mary also chimes in, “He never does that with me either.”

Maria responds, “He’s also been writing poems to me recently…really eloquent ones.”

Jane replies, “His writing is beautiful, but he never writes to me anymore.” Mary concurs, “He never writes to me either.”

Maria is beaming, “If you’re sweet to him, he is sweet back.”

Jane sighs, “Oh little misses expert Maria over there, thanks for the advice.”

Maria shrugs off the animosity, “Anyways, have you all seen the files that the trenchmen put together?”

Mary replies, “A little bit, just kind of an overview synopsis – I’ll wait for Rose to compile her report.”

Jane also adds, “It’s disturbing to see how much money is being stolen from us on a daily basis, especially under the watchful eye of a true democracy. What a fuckin’ joke.”

Maria continues, “How were the trenchmen able to collect that much solid evidence?”

Mary answers, “You don’t know those boys – when they want something, they get it. Every time.”

Jane responds, “Why is it that they are so loyal to the family?”

Mary answers, “Well, Jack, James, Johnny and Jimi, as children, were all living in a foster home together. The family decided to adopt them and give them a chance at a great life. Ever since then they pledged their life for hire.”

Maria asks, “Do they feel indebted or something?”

Mary answers, “Not at all. They just love the family.”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Eight.*

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