19AD8 | The Mafia: Chapter Nine
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The Mafia: Chapter Nine

*This rough draft is entirely a work of fictional writing*

Avi knocks on the door to Littia’s townhouse, she opens the door with a pleasantly surprised look, “Avi… wow, what are you doing here?”

Avi is nonchalant, “Are you busy?”

Littia replies, “Kind of…”

Avi turns around and starts to walk away, “No worries, I’ll stop over some other time.”

Littia places her hands on her hips and sighs, “What do you mean you’ll stop over some other time? Why don’t you act like normal people and call or text before you ‘stop over’?”

Avi remains nonchalant, “I find technology to be a primitive way of contact…it is such a barbaric norm of society.”

Littia rolls her eyes, “Come on in – I can make some time.”

Avi walks up to the doorstep with animated swag, kisses Littia on the lips and then says, “My fair lady, it is unequivocally impossible to make time, but it is prudent to know how to spend time properly.”

Avi and Littia walk into the house and take a seat next to each other on the couch. Littia pours Avi a cup of hibiscus tea, “I know how much you love some good tea. I just brewed it a few minutes ago – its like I somehow knew that you were on your way over here.”

Avi smiles and then takes a sip, “So… what’s good?”

Littia rolls her eyes like she’s looking for the right words to say, “What do you mean what’s good? I haven’t seen you in months.”

Avi takes another sip of tea, “Yeah I know. The family has a lot of stuff going on right now that requires supreme attentive observation to the details of every move that we make. It doesn’t allow for a lot of free time.”

Littia sulks, “That’s funny because I was just with D like last week and I was with Jay a few nights last month. As always though – you’re nowhere to be found.”

Avi speaks persuasively, “Yeah, well, I’m the oldest one so a lot of the responsibility falls upon my shoulders. It is a heavy burden… often times I feel like every step that I take is like I’m deadlifting a ton.”

Littia smiles, “I would never question your work ethic – that’s one thing that I’d never do.”

Avi takes another sip of tea, “Anyways… Jane would probably kill me if she knew that I was over here right now – well, she’d probably kill D and Jay also.”

Littia sighs, “What about Mary and Maria?”

Avi replies, “They don’t really mind, in fact they feel like you are a part of the family. But, you know Jane, when she is not the center of attention she starts feeling some type of way… although she gets the angriest with me for some reason. She is real quick to get combative with me.”

Littia sighs again, “So – why are you here?”

Avi upticks his intensity, “Do you still have all of those poems that I wrote to you?”

Littia pretends to be complacent, “No, I lost them somehow when I moved – I didn’t think that they were that important.”

Avi is offended, “What the hell Littia! I left them with you because I thought that you would keep them safe.”

Littia laughs, “Calm down Avi, of course I kept them.”

Avi is still offended, “Don’t joke around like that… you know how valuable those are.”

Littia grins, “Why do you suddenly need them?”

Avi replies, “The family is expanding into the entertainment industry and I want to give those lyrics to some of the artists that we are going to be working with.”

Littia appears intrigued, “Nice, that sounds exciting…” then she gets up from the couch, walks over to a bookcase, grabs a few notebooks then seductively sits in Avi’s lap, “it feels like you’re excited to see me.”

Avi replies, “How could I not be?”

Littia and Avi both awkwardly laugh and then start passionately French-kissing each other.

Papa G is meeting with Rudisin and Sly at his private residence.

Papa G impatiently starts the conversation, “I hope you motherfuckers have some good news for me.”

Sly feels insulted, “Woah – woah, what is with the hostility?”

Papa G continues, “I’m just fuckin’ stressed. If we don’t execute this perfectly – we are fucked.”

Rudisin also feels slightly insulted, “My friend, there is no need for brash hostility amongst your peers –we are on the same team.”

Papa G neglects the impact of the statement, “Look – if you both are going to be in your feelings…”

Rudisin abruptly interrupts Papa G, “We have some really great news.”

Papa G suddenly changes his demeanor, “Now that is what I like to hear – now we are speaking the same language.”

Rudisin concurs, “Indeed. So we had to tread water very carefully for this one, but we were able to find and flip ten people that have mid-ranking positions with the family. We were able to mix it up, five guys and five girls. They will be attending their event. However, I should mention that it was not easy flipping those girls – I had to get my hands dirty.”

Papa G is enthused, “Perfect, fuckin’ perfect. That is really smart as everyone knows those Karate Kids have a soft spot for women.”

Sly chimes in, “Yes they do, but women also have a soft spot for them. They become easily enamored when they are around those boys. I’m actually really surprised that we were able to coerce any girls into betraying them…”

Rudisin grins, “Lets just say that they didn’t have a choice.”

Papa G looks at Sly with an angry snarl, “Thank you Captain Obvious. I’m well aware of the Karate Kids’ innate ability to make women fall in love with them…” he gets more angry as he continues speaking, “Whose fucking side are you on anyways? You know what – do me a favor and don’t fuckin’ speak anymore… your voice is starting to irritate me.”

Rudisin commandeers the conversation, “Everybody calm down… at least we were smart enough to go after their only weakness.”

Papa G is still irritated, “Lets just hope that they do their fuckin’ job and schmooze their fuckin’ way up the ranks. It is our only hope.”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Ten*

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