19AD8 | Quarantine and Chill: Chapter Two
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Quarantine and Chill: Chapter Two

This is a Science-Fiction Story and a complete work of fiction, meant entirely for entertainment. I write these stories as writing practice.

Her and I were sitting on the first step, staring at the carnage of cardboard pieces lying on the floor. She looked at me, while battering her eyelids, jokingly said, “You were so brave…”

I peeked at her condescendingly and served it right back to her, “See woman, that’s your problem. You’re trying to do too much as my mistress, you’re trying to do too much as my side piece. That’s the problem.”

She rolled her eyes and giggled, “Oh okay… so if I’m your mistress then who is your main girl?”

I stood up and like a macho man I cunningly said, “I’m not sure… I haven’t found her yet.”

She got immediately flustered, “See you’re an asshole, that’s your problem. That’s the problem.”

I laughed in an obnoxious way, one that she notably despises, and said, “You wasn’t saying that when you were over there rubbing yourself while you watched me run a 4.0 second 40 with the takedown maneuver that brought you the bounty that you keep eying up over there.”

She laughed so hard that a few joyful tears dripped down her cheeks and said, “I think you think that you were running a lot faster than you actually were…”

I pushed the cardboard pieces away from the door with my foot, opened the front door and stared outside for a few seconds then said, “So why you rubbed then?” I tried my best not to laugh.

She appeared to suffer from a hot flash as her cheeks turned a sentimental pink-rose color. Anytime that I can get her to look like rose gold, I chalk that up as a win. I’m always trying to win her over with everything that I do and I secretly know that’s why she always gets sexy for me.

“What’s that?” She softly said as she abruptly stood up, walked over to the rubble and grabbed one of the cardboard pieces, which appeared to have a note written on it. She continued to say, “I always knew that you were illiterate, but you didn’t notice that there were several notes written on these pieces when you brought them inside?”

I served it back to her as stupid sounding as I possibly could, “Shorty, I always knew that you were thottie and right now I’m noticing that you’re standing there in only your lingerie…so I guess that I’m reading it to you real good.” I paused to stare her up and down like I was checking her beauty out for the first time then continued, “And I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to notice words because I was too busy executing various combat techniques to try and stop what we thought to be an intruder, potentially armed, if I might add.”

She stipend her attitude towards me with a flair of her nostrils and then read the note, “A fork in the road…”

Several moments had passed by without her reading anymore so I intervened, “That’s it?”

She reluctantly laughed, handed me the note and said, “Yeah. That’s it. That’s all it says.”

I studied the note with a serious concentration then studiously said, “It’s good to see you putting your Master Degrees to good work, however if you look at the note, you can clearly see that the O’s are actually zeroes and the I in the in is actually the number 1; 0-1-0.”

She seemed quite astonished with my observational intellect, one of which I found that she never gives me credit for, nonetheless, she curiously responded, “Okay, zero one zero, what does that mean?”

I scratched my beard momentarily, as I pondered and then confidently said, “Can you go get my canister? You left it in the room.”

She started to throw a slight tantrum and said, “Now is not the time for playtime…”

I looked at her with a beaming disappointment, “Trust me.”

She heavily sighed, but yielded to my request. After a few minutes she returned with the canister in her hand, “This better not be one of your jokes, it’s not playtime right now,” she said as she handed it over to me.

I changed the three dials on the lock to 0-1-0 and a smaller compartment opened, inside there was a key. I took the key, held it up to her and warily said, “There is no one that would know about this.”

Her facial expression changed to a rather offended discomfort, “What exactly is that? And why haven’t you told me about it, considering how many times you’ve –“

I angrily interrupted her, “It’s a key that I found when I was a kid. I’ve always kept it.”

She changed her demeanor to be a bit more pleasant, “ And what does it unlock?”

I earnestly and honestly responded, “I have no idea.”

She looked at me with a high level of suspicion, “So you’ve kept a key your entire life and you have no idea what it unlocks?”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

She remained annoyed but tried to sweeten her voice, “Why would you do that?”

I took a deep, calming breath and said, “I have no idea, honestly. I’ve just always felt like I should keep it, so I did. What’s more important right now is how someone would know about it, let alone know where I kept it.”

She grabbed the key with a slight envious antic, “Looks like a regular house key to me…” and then threw it out of the window, ‘Problem solved,’ she said with an awkward grin.

I snarled at her, “Why would you do that?” as I outside, desperately looking for the key.

I heard her yell through the window, “If it doesn’t mean anything to you then what’s the big deal? I knew that you were lying to me.”

Luckily, I was quickly able to find the key lying on the freshly laid mulch. I picked up the key and then walked back inside, slamming the front door shut. I gave her a dirty look while I walked up the stairs and said, “I’m going to take a nap. You have some serious mental issues that you need to work on.”

She presumably started acting flirty, which I assumed was because she knew that she was out-of-line, as she said, “Don’t you want me to join you?”

I felt like a beast as I looked down at her and smoothly said, “Not unless you want to be punished.”

She blushed, an illustrious derivative of excitement and embarrassment.

*To Be Continued In Chapter Three.”

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