19AD8 | Quarantine and Chill: Chapter Six.
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Quarantine and Chill: Chapter Six.

This is a Science-Fiction Story and a complete work of fiction, meant entirely for entertainment. I write these stories as writing practice.

I was in a sweet serenity of mediation while I rested comfortably on the hammock. It felt like only fifteen minutes had passed when all of a sudden I heard a thud next to me and heard her say, “Here’s your stupid door.”

I smiled, reached into my pocket and grabbed a note that I had written for her. I folded it like a dollar bill then slightly pulled her yoga pants down and inserted it in her thong string like she was a stripper.

She shook her ass in enthusiasm, “Thanks for the tip” and read the note: ‘you’re sexy.

She laughed and then said,  “You are a man of prolific words…”

I nodded my head in agreement, looked at my watch and realized that three hours had passed, “What the hell happened you? What took you so long?”

She folded her arms like she was hugging herself, “I didn’t think that you were actually serious about this…”

I jumped from the hammock and stared down at her, “What do you mean? Why would I spend so much time constructing such an amazing piece of architecture?”

She looked over at the frame I had built, which was a rather normal constructed piece for a door, “Because you’re kind of crazy?”

I scratched my beard in contemplation, “This is true. Regardless, what were you doing for the past three hours?”

She mimicked the way I pondered as she scratched her chin, “Reading on the ‘internet’ about what you were talking about.”

I was impressed, “How’d you find the bibliography of websites?”

Her face blushed with embarrassment, “I broke into your laptop and looked through the browsing history on your Safari.”

Again, I was slightly impressed, but also spooked, “How’d you know the password?”

She nonchalantly replied, acting like she was some sort of experienced hacker, “I looked through your composition book that was labeled: Passwords.”

I looked at her awkwardly, “I don’t have a composition book labeled ‘Passwords’ that would defeat the purpose of even having passwords.”

She tried to change the subject by diverting my attention to her cleavage as she pulled her shirt down a bit, “I don’t know then.”

Her diversion worked on me and I allowed the conversation to swindle, “Anyways, you ready to do this or what?”

She put her hair into a ponytail, “I guess so. There’s really nothing else to do, so might as well.”

I looked at her, then the door, then the frame and said, “This is going to be a tight fit.”

She hiccupped. She sometimes does that when I catch her off guard with one of my subtle sexual innuendos. I picked up the door and began to screw in the hinges to the frame using a pocketknife that I had. I think that she was slightly impressed with my MacGyver-like abilities because she started to play with her ponytail. Like I said before, I’m always trying to win her over, treating every moment like it’s the first time that I had ever tried to make her smile.

It took me about five minutes and as I was tightening the final screw, I looked over at her and said, “Ready?”

We both took a step back and examined the final build. She reached for my hand and softly said, “You are quite the craftsman, I must say.”

I immediately turned into a macho man, let go of her hand and said, “So why you started acting sexy once you see me winning how I do?”

She turned her face away so that I couldn’t see her rolling her eyes, even though I knew that she was. She whispered to me while she tried not to laugh, “Okay so why you started acting macho when you saw me seeing you winning how you do?”

I wholeheartedly laughed, as I was utterly shocked that she tried speaking in the same stupid dialect that I do.

There was a lovable, yet awkward silence between us two, before I broke it and said, “Should I open it or do you want to?”

She forcefully reached into my pocket, grabbed the key and unlocked the door. There was an eerie creaking sound as the door swung open. Lightening cracked in the evening sky, which startled her and she took a step back.

I took her hand and confidently led us through the door. As we crossed through, the area turned pitch black, I couldn’t see her or anything around us. It was difficult to tell if we were even standing on a surface. The door closed behind us and I heard her say, surprisingly unshaken or scared, “You didn’t even think to bring a lantern?”

*To Be Continued In Chapter Seven.*

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