19AD8 | A Short Story: Music
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A Short Story: Music

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

Her and I were lounging in the apartment one day and I looked at her and said, “Shorty… you know that I like to drink… why are you over here looking wine fine?”

She rolled her eyes very slowly and then softly said, “Don’t drink too much…”

I slightly laughed and said, “It’s good to see you again shorty… it has been awhile.”

She smiled and said, “Definitely. What happened to you?”

I quickly responded, “What do you mean?” and then she affirmatively said, “You just kind of disappeared… and then you come back as a music magician?”

I started to open a fresh new pack of notepads and charismatically said, “Shorty, if you’re starting to like the type of music I’m making you should just say it.”

She quietly laughed; she has a potent way of laughing and then said, “So… what’s up?”

I proceeded to write a few lines in one of the notepads and then very humbly said to her, “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind letting me use the sound of your heartbeat in one of the songs for my album that I’m working on.”

Without much hesitation she confirmatively responded, “Of course… even though that sounds crazy, that’s fine with me.”

Then I responded with a sense of scientific articulation, “Except, I need you to try something different for me… I haven’t really asked anyone to try this yet…”

She seemed interestedly intrigued and said, “Like an experiment? What do you need me to do?”

I then said, “Yeah… I guess you could call it that. I need you to try and make your heartbeat say the following; there is power in beauty, but there’s no beauty in power.

She didn’t respond for a few moments, perhaps she was in contemplation and then she said, “I like that line, it’s simple, but makes people think. So what do you need to like say that line? Why don’t you get an actress or a singer?”

I continued to write a few more lines down on the notepad before I said, “No, I don’t need you to vocally say it, I need you to try and say it with the electricity of your heartbeat… I know that sounds a bit crazy, but not many women have that ability, but I know that you do, for certain, because we’ve worked with each other before and I could hear it.”

She blushed in a way that looked like she was sun-kissed and then said, “I’ll try my best and when do you need it done? And what do I get in return?”

I wrote a few more lines in the notepad and then said, “If you can believe it… I’d imagine that if this song is successful that you’d be worth more than most famous people… and I’d need it done within a week or so.”

She had her eyes closed, smiling and through her smile said, “You know that I’ve always believed in you Avi. Like I said, I’ll try my best… that’s a lot of pressure.”

I handed her the notepad that I was writing on and confidently said, “Yes, it is a certain amount of pressure, but Shorty, we’re trying to make diamonds, not gems.”

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