19AD8 | A Short Story: Someplace
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A Short Story: Someplace

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

The humidity was increasingly intolerable like an uncomfortable sweat as steam permeated punctually from the soluble molten lava. Walking over land hot enough to make the mercury in thermometers turn fearful seemed to be a slightly more dangerous task than I had initially considered.

A bead of sweat, which I felt like, was the last bit of water my body still had, fell from my fingertips, hitting the ground and turning the landscape into a glacier. Immediately slipping, I fell from the frostbitten cliff and hit the ground, turning the frozen molecules into water.

Surprisingly unscathed, I treaded water, looking around, but to my misfortune there was no coastal land in sight.

In those moments of discomfort, seeds rained from the sky, gracefully landing on the water, rapidly growing and amalgamating into a walk-able surface.  Sturdily footed, I began to walk into what appeared to be the formulation of a particular horizon, particularly like a compass would direct.

The direction of the winds moved uniquely, pollenating, a plant rose, instantaneously sprouting into a tree, quickly struck by lightening, the leaves doomed through apoptosis, fell to the ground, igniting into a pile lit on fire.

That warmth carried on throughout the night, strategically, as the seasons decided how to configure with a sparse atmosphere.

The sounds of chirping, flying animals, woke me up from my comfortable sleep and to my surprise; stone tablets calligraphically inscribed surrounded me. The literacy was dependent upon perspective.  Feeling illiterate, blinded with subjectivity, I decided to continue my exploration.

The sounds of snakes hissing from the branches of newly grown trees was dismal and I must admit, enhanced my pessimism. Nonetheless, I continued walking until I approached a very peculiar cavern, the entrance ornately decorated with illuminated lanterns.

Quickly realizing that I must not be alone, I entered the cavern and a few table-like objects were positioned in the room. Upon them were candles, not burning, but the wax was still melting onto what seemed to be fresh parchment paper; recycled words, ones that I have seen before, strangely littered and loitered typographically on each piece of paper.

A woman emerged from the shadows of the cavern. She had such potent eyes that the phrase, love at first sight, would be appropriate. She had a very sweet voice and said to me, “You wrote these. Why do you look surprised?”

Startled, I replied, “Excuse me ma’am, but do I know you from somewhere?”

She started walking out of the cavern with sultry and seductiveness in her body movement. She briefly stopped, looked back at me and said, “That depends on which temporal time frame that you think you’re currently placed in.”

 I responded without hesitation, “It doesn’t matter. Measurement of seconds is absolute.”

She smiled just as the stars exposed themselves to the evening’s hue and softly said to me, “Good answer.” And then she kept walking.

I eventually caught up with her and said, “Why were you moving your hips so sexily like that in front of me?”

She smiled a mischievous, but trust-worthy smile and said, “Because I wanted you to follow me as there is some serious business for you to attend to, that only you can tend to.”

I checked her out one more time then said, “Well, you definitely have got my attention.”

She then eloquently and theatrically said, “Then please continue this way.”

It started to rain sand while evaporating water; the hazardous conditions made it difficult to see which direction we were moving.

She yelled through the howls and growls of the climate, “I’m surprised you haven’t learned to fully control your hereditary powers yet.”

Without really thinking, the words kind of spoke themselves, I said, “I think this is a gravitational problem.”

Waking up from my dream I was astonished that I remembered such specific details, but hesitant in the recollection of the woven story.

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