19AD8 | A Short Story: Act
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A Short Story: Act

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

I said to her, with an advantageously comical charisma, “Shorty, I reckon its redrum in the red room for you this evening…”

She laughed while saying, “Oh no please, no please… no.”  Then she walked over, handed me my keyboard and continued to say, “So, where do you want me?”

I looked around the room and then said, “Go lay down over there and make yourself comfortable.”

She walked over to where the Hallucinating Tapestry was placed over the floor, laid down on it and then said, “Remind me again how I’m supposed to act in one of your ‘music movies’ again, it’s been awhile.” Then she started laughing.

I continued to speak humorously, “Shorty, all of a sudden you don’t know how to act good on me…”

She rolled her eyes while lying on the tapestry sheets and said, “Oh please, all of a sudden you think you’re some sort of super hero on me, and I know how to act really well, I Just forgot what you need me to do.”

“It’s simple, really” I started to say, “Basically, you lay there and I start to read a few lines to you and then you respond with the electricity of your heartbeat, that’s where you need to act. And then based on how you respond, I start to put the movie together; musically and lyrically. Remember now?”

She laughed and said, “Avi… to most people this would sound so stupid, but yeah I remember now.”

Then I said, “Alright, so just to get this started; Shorty, why you was looking so good the other day when you was smiling in the golden hour of the sunlight and your complexion looked like God painted you himself?”

She slightly moaned in acknowledgement that she felt the words that I said and then she said, “Why do you gotta do me like that?”

I continued to speak, subtly altering the tone of my voice, “Shorty, if I were to take you to a place where you couldn’t see very well, but you could feel internally vibrant, eternally, would you trust me?”

She responded seriously, “Yes.”

I then started to play a few notes on the keyboard while she listened and then I said over the musical loop, “Shorty, do you understand what I’m saying or are you having difficulty understanding what I’m saying?”

She softly moaned, but didn’t respond.

I then played a few more notes on my keyboard and continued to speak, deepening the sound of my voice, “Shorty, If I were to say that I find you most beautiful when you make yourself spiritually naked for me, only for me, what would you say?”

She still had her eyes tightly closed and the arrival of a smile blessed her face while she said, “You’re fucked up.”

I played on the keyboard for a few minutes, maybe thirty minutes, without either one of us verbally communicating. She continued to lie there, listening and emitting.

Eventually I said to her, “Shorty, if I were to tell you that you could make your soul evaporate into space and then return unscathed, would you view that as sublimation or would you view that, as you were able to make your soul less dense than the gravitational winds?”

She didn’t respond, but I could see that she still had her eyes closed tightly and the formation of a tear from the corner of her eye started to fall down her cheek, poetically.

I continued to play the keyboard, vigorously for about twenty minutes when she abruptly sat up, turned her ear to the speakers and said, “Wow. That’s definitely me. That’s crazy. It’s difficult to explain, but what I hear, that’s definitely me.”

I smiled and said, “See Shorty… I told you I wasn’t joking. Now we’re vortexting real good and you was acting reel good.”

She looked down at the floor and then said, “That’s really crazy how I am able to communicate with you, without saying a single word… that’s pleasantly spooky.”

I immediately responded, “Well Shorty, that’s what vortexting is… we’re able to communicate with each other through cosmic forces…”

She nervously, but jubilantly laughed and said, “And you’re able to vortext like that with every girl?”

I responded without hesitance, “No, not every girl has that ability which is why I specifically asked you if you would be interested in acting in one of my new movies…”

She responded with a bit of suspicion in her tone of voice, “So… why do I have that ability?”

I smiled and said, “Because Shorty, you’re beautiful on the inside and outside… that’s rare. Usually it’s one or the other.”

She lied back down and there was an intense awkward silence between the both of us for a while.

After some time had passed, I said, “Well Shorty, looks like I have everything I need from you to start working on my next movie… you are an amazing actress and I appreciate you taking me so seriously.”

She quickly responded, “So… what should we do now?”

I looked around the room, stupidly, and then said, “I don’t know… its up to you.”

She promiscuously responded, “I think I have a few ideas…”

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