19AD8 | A Poem: Lines
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A Poem: Lines

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

The clouds ionized into lioness eyes, in which I stared into,

Making the imagery more palatable,

Stairs fell step after step, into an escalating ladder,

The direction was either up or down, depending on perspective,

An anomaly atmosphere, finally there,

I listened to the sounds of her heartbeat as they whispered an invitation for me to write poetry over,

Sweet and seductive… I made my words conductive,

A lightening bolt veined the sky, skies, worldly planets,

And coerced Mother Nature’s organ into cellular disposition,

Living and breathing the wind carried the cosmic entanglement like pollination into receptive ear buds,

I forged the condensation into a new age of hieroglyphics,

Pictures as words, a thousand words created an array of hyperbolic scenarios,

The illusion of pyramids formed as a third eye upon the mental landscape of eager non-idle-minded people,

The self-awareness led to self-respect and projected into a tethered connection between one’s mind and heart,

The covalent bond stemmed into power,

The entropy change warmed the souls of individuals into existence,

The newly found loyalty that one has for their own self-worth, self-righteousness emerged,

And that is where pure royalty exists,

And where perpetrating spirits exit.


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