19AD8 | A Poem: Huh
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A Poem: Huh

*This story is entirely a work of fiction.*

Promises peak when the eyes seek contributions, huh

And you eyeing up the Federer like you think you’re some sort of competitor huh,

When I serve you back to the four corners of a room with your dunce hat, pronounce that with articulation while I circulate through your mind like altered stamina, huh,

You want a Fanta and a stamped letter signed with my signature worth more than Nasdaq combined, I kindly declined, huh

Give me some drums from my woman and I turn into the only son, huh

God’s gift to my finger-tips when I make new keys, huh

Patience thinning like my hair at thirty-one, huh

That’s the verse right there or that’s the hearse right there and then there’s a horse waiting right there when the Spaniard entertains, huh

 You looking at a Holy zombie while you’re just an extra on the Walking Dead set, huh

And most of yall’s raps looks like you had to run three laps around your ghost writers dividing percentages… and it’s still crap, huh

And then I raise the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia with the Nomar Garciaparra baseball cap, huh

And you’ve got a bunch of names for me but you’re too afraid to say my name in public, huh,

Just make sure you spell my name right,

And allow me to reintroduce myself,

Javi like Charles Xavier when I mutate over the cerebrum with my brim low finding you trying to find me, I better not,

I’m in a higher spot,

The top echelon parking spots,

When I serve it to you sweet like Dip N’ Dots,

Now you’ve got brain freeze huh,

And next time think twice before you try and stand under Psalms trees,

Acting like you’ve got some sort of third degree karate belt, please

And I’m still undefeated,


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