19AD8 | A Short Story: Things like that
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A Short Story: Things like that

*This story is entirely a work of fiction*

One day I was sitting at my desk practicing some writing when she walked into the room and softly said to me, “Okay, Okay… you really are really handsome Avi…”

I stopped writing for a moment and without looking up at her I said, “Finally… you say some nice words towards me…”

She smiled, walked over, sat on the table next to a few of my notepads and then responded, “Yeah… well don’t get used to it.”

I didn’t verbally respond, but I did smile. She then placed her hand on one of my notebooks like she was going to read through it, but she hesitated and said, “You have an interesting way of speaking… it’s not grammatically correct, but feels good when hearing you say it…”

I slid a few more notebooks towards her, as I know she really enjoys reading what I write, even if it’s just for practice and then said to her with a sophomoric tone of voice, “Woman, you know how I know you be shopping at Victoria’s Secret before you come over here and see me…”

She looked away, but I noticed her blushing. She has a very unique arousal as when she blushes the warmth moves from the side of her cheeks and then subtly to the front of her face. She then continued speaking, “It’s almost like you’re trying to turn the English language into a romance language like Italian, or Spanish or French. I’m always quite interested in seeing how you put words together…”

She then picked up one of my notebooks and started flipping through it and then said, “There’s just certain words, phrases that you say that I really like when you say them… for example: ‘recently,’ ‘all of a sudden,’” then she flipped through a few more pages and said, “’copious amounts of,’ ‘numerous levels of disrespect…’

She stopped speaking and really started to blush and then said, “I really like this one…” She tried to speak without laughing, “’She gets anxiety, angst when eyeing this D.’”

I stood up and walked around to where she was sitting so I could whisper in her ear, “Woman, why all of a sudden you looking better and better every day? Most recently…”

I could tell that she really liked the way I said that because the retinae in her pupils sharply constricted, but she tried to play calm and act like it didn’t faze her.

So I continued speaking, “Woman, you know how I’m just trying to give your physique that fountain of youth treatment potion…”

She rolled her eyes and sighed while saying, “This motherfucker…” and then she laid down on the table. She didn’t say anything for a while as she just kept reading through my notebooks so I sat back down at the table and continued writing.

After a few minutes, she sat back up and said to me, “So tell me about your disabilities…”

I responded with some real suaveness, “Well… sometimes I can see, sometimes I can’t see… but when I can’t see, I actually see a lot more, but when I do see, I like to look at you girl…”

She smiled and took a sincere breath then I continued speaking, “And sometimes I can hear, sometimes I can’t hear. It’s like I’ve got to choose between hearing myself or hearing others, but when I do hear, I like to hear you girl…”

She seemed like she suddenly got pleasantly fatigued, laid back down on the table and then said, “Tell me Avi… how many girls have you made love to in your lifetime?”

I stopped writing and said to her, “Woman, if I’m too handsome for you… just let me know. I understand if I am…”

She abruptly started to sincerely laugh and then said, “Okay, that definitely answers my question…”

She then tried to reach for a notebook that I had closed on the table and I quickly stopped her and said, “You’re not allowed to look through that one yet…”

She seemed confused, “Why not? You always let me look through your work, finished or not…”

I then stood back up, walked to the window and said with a confident tone of voice, “You can’t look through that one yet because I want you to listen to me say it… I’m hoping it’s going to be a masterpiece.”

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