19AD8 | Chapter Ten: Awake
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Chapter Ten: Awake

Jay looks at Littea, sighs and then says, “Well, just as I thought I had this nonsense figured out and under control… now I’m stuck on an elevator.”

Littea replies, “At least your stuck on it with me.”

Jay looks down then says, “Yeah.”

Littea tries to lighten the mood, “I must say, normally I’d probably be suffering from a severe anxiety attack right about now, but for some reason I feel like this is supposed to happen.”

Jay closes his eyes and says, “Maybe.”

Littea replies, “Where do you think we’re going?”

Jay responds, “Not sure.”

Littea continues, “Do you think we’re going up or down?”

Jay reluctantly responds, “I don’t know. Maybe we’re not moving at all.”

Littea fixes her posture and then says, “Jay, what is wrong with you?”

Jay looks around the elevator to point out the obvious, and then says, “I’m just tired of all the hate… tired of the obsessive hate. It’s making me extremely fatigued, every day.”

Littea gets flirty and promiscuously moves closer to Jay and puts her hand down his pants and says, “Maybe I can help with that?”

Jay smiles, but before he has a chance to speak, the elevator door opens with a ding. It opens to a room that is decadently decorated in a banquet-like manner with a large table, empty to about 40 seats. There is a beautiful girl standing there, wearing a elegant tiara and a tight, figure-fitting black dress to greet them and she says, “Welcome back!”

Jay and Littea look at each other confused. Jay replies, “Uh… welcome back? Never been here before.”

The beautiful girl joyfully responds, “Nonsense. Please follow me.” and she takes Jay’s hand and walks him over to the table, “Please take a seat,” she says.

Jay sits down and sees that the beautiful girl is walking Littea to the back of the room. They exit the room and Jay is sitting there alone.

There are no clocks, or any form to measure time with, and it seems like almost an hour had passed when suddenly Jay hears the elevator door open and sees beautiful girls enter the room and begin to take seats at the table. He notices that they are all wearing tiaras and figure-fitting gowns.

As each of the girls take a seat, they each speak, the first one says, “People’s negligence…”

The next girl speaks, “and indifference to what is happening to you…”

Then the next girl, “is an advocate for why human-kind is flawed…”

Then another, “and not exponentially evolving…”

Then the next, “as they should be…”

Then another, “Jealousy… envy… is rampantly permeating through the hearts of the entire civilization…”

Then another girl, “that betrayal towards you…”

Then the next, “equates to your poverty of love, however…”

The next girl, “that will be replenished with new powers…”

Then a girl appears next to Jay and whispers in his right ear, “Have you ever wondered why every girl acts differently around you? And instantly loves you, despite your lackluster looks?”

Jay responds, “Actually, yeah… I’ve noticed that. I’ve always wondered why.”

Then another girl appears next to Jay and whispers in his left ear, “Have you ever wondered why every girl loves you like a husband, a father and a son?”

Then a girl takes a seat in front of Jay and says, “It’s because the potency of your blood is stronger than ether…”

Then another girl takes a seat and says, “and it is drinkable through the sound of your voice and soul-pheromone…” At this point, all of the seats at the table are now filled with beautiful girls wearing tiaras.

Jay responds with a skeptical tone of voice, “Okay, what is going on here?”

Jay sees Littea re-enter the room, she looks more beautiful than he has ever seen her. She is now wearing a tiara and a light-orange colored dress that matches her complexion perfectly. She is carrying a small pillow and placed upon it is a crown, a piece of parchment paper and a platinum pen.

She walks over to Jay, hands him the items, she looks slightly confused but says, “Jay they want you to write and give a speech.”

As soon as she finishes her sentence, all of the girls speak at the same time and say, “Let us help you Jay. Your wish is our command.

Jay appears dumbfounded, like he is unsure if he is dreaming or not, but given the surrealism of all that he has recently experienced, he decides to entertain their request.

He spends a few minutes writing on the parchment paper, then stands up and begins to speak through reading what he wrote,

“Well, I’m not sure what this is… or why I am here, or if this is even real, but if what you are saying is true – then I certainly need your help…”

Back at the abandoned house it is now just Ted, Joe and Mary.

Mary is in the middle of speaking, “That’s interesting…”

Joe replies, “What’s interesting?”

Mary continues, “I sense that Jay is somewhere else…”

Ted responds with a subtle jest in his tone of voice, “Of course he’s somewhere else Mary.”

Mary responds, “No… I mean somewhere else. As in, not here.”

Joe has his eyes closed and responds, “She’s right.”

Ted speaks, “This is unfair to him… maybe we should tell him to consider finding a normal job and continue on with a normal life…”

Mary continues speaking with her eyes closed, “No… he’s in a special place right now.”

Joe stands up and begins to speak, “Maybe Ted is right.”

Mary opens her eyes and says, “Ted is definitely right… but it’s too late. All eyes are on him now. He has no choice but to continue on with this journey.”

Joe senses the sincerity and worriedness in Mary’s tone of voice and reaffirms, “Then we will continue to help him.”

 Ted stands up, slightly angry and says, “How can we help him? We’re in an abandoned house for god’s sake. What can we possibly do?”

Mary stands up and walks over to the window, looks outside and softly says, “Love him.

To Be Continued In Chapter Eleven.

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