19AD8 | Chapter Eleven: Poetry
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Chapter Eleven: Poetry

Littea speaks, “Quite the speech you gave, Jay…”

Jay replies, “Yeah, I guess it was well-done, but still raw…I don’t even remember what I said though.”

Littea slightly laughs and says, “Quite the clever description.”

Jay sighs with his eyes closed and says, “This is crazy.

Littea nervously blushes (the type of blush she gets when she’s feeling a bit anxious) and says, “Was that even real? I mean… what just happened…”

Jay responds with an overwhelmed tone of voice, “I’m not sure… but, what are the chances that we both experienced the same scenario at the same time? As surreal as it may seem, we both were cognitive … alive… present… I don’t know. Look, I’m sorry for getting you involved with this.”

Littea cheerfully says, “That’s nonsense Jay. I wanted to be involved… and I know you’re weird… different… special, so none of this really phases me, feels more like a cosmic adventure of a life time.”

There’s an awkward silence between Littea and Jay for several minutes before Jay realizes that he’s holding LIttea’s hand, quickly retracts his hand, and with a slightly nervous tone of voice says to her, “Can you do me a favor?”

Littea blushes again after realizing their moment of loving intimacy and says, “I can’t say yes until I know what you’re asking…”

Jay takes his necklace chain (with the medallion threaded on it) off his neck, hands it to Littea and says, “Would you mind holding onto this for me for awhile?”

Littea purposefully animates her tone of voice and says, “Wow Jay… are you proposing to me?”

Jay chuckles, opens the car door, steps out, turns to Littea and says, “Do you trust me?”

Littea smiles and says, “Wholeheartedly.”

Jay replies, “I’m glad to hear that, then please keep that safe for awhile.”

Littea responds, “Where are you going?”

Jay pulls out a few pieces of paper from his pocket and says, “To go make some art.”

Littea replies, “Oh… okay. Jay, should I be worried?”

Jay smiles again and says, “Not at all. Look, I have a feeling that some girl named Mary is going to come visit you soon. When, or if she does, listen to what she has to tell you.”

Littea appears slightly dismal and says, “Jay, this is insane.”

Jay confidently replies, “Trust me.”

Jay closes the car door and continues walking down the street, en route to the music studio.

Jay walks into the music studio and sees 2-witty, Mona and Isabella sitting at a table conversing.

Jay appears delighted to see Isabella, walks over to her, gives her a hug and says, “Isabella… how are you? It’s been awhile… feels like forever!”

Isabella secretly laughs, as she is aware of the cosmic incidence that occurred at Jane’s house, and says, “Oh you know… I’m just here working on some design stuff for the studio…”

Jay sits down at the table looks at Mona and 2-witty, then says, “Have you all been working on any new music?”

Mona holds up a stack of papers with lyrics written all over them, “What do you think Jay? You know me…”

2-witty turns his computer monitor to Jay and shows him a list of new tracks, then says, “Jay – you already know… been working!”

Jay smiles, sits back in his chair and closes his eyes for a few minutes without saying a word. Then he quickly mumbles, “There’s no time… we’ve got no time to waste.”

2-witty appears confused, “What are you talking about Jay?”

Jay replies, “Does the studio have any available instrumentals? I want to work on some music…”

Mona laughs, “Why Jay, you trying to put together an album?”

Jay smiles, “More of a poetry mixtape.”

2-witty stands up, says, “I don’t know what a poetry mixtape is, but let me play you a few unused instrumentals they’ve got here.”

2-witty plays through fifteen instrumentals, then look at Jay and says, “Dig any of these?”

Jay replies, “I don’t mean any disrespect, but not really, not for what I’m trying to make. I’m going to make my own then. 2, can you work the engineering controls while I record some vocals?”

Mona appears startled, “You’re going to record with no instrumental?”

Jay replies, “Yeah… acapella,”

2-witty looks at Jay and says, “Jay… you do realize that is a stupid way to try and make music, right?”

Jay replies with a very serious tone of voice, “Yeah… I realize that, but I don’t know for some reason… I can like see my words when I speak. So that’s all I want to see, or hear when I speak.”

2-witty looks at Mona and they both laugh. Then Mona says, “Jay, that’s just called musical insight… all artists have that ability.”

Jay again replies with a confident tone of voice, “This is different… it’s like I see a magnetic wave as my words, I don’t know how to explain it… I don’t long it will last, so I want to create as much as I can, as fast as I can.”

Everyone except Isabella looks at Jay like he has completely gone crazy, but then 2-witty replies, “Jay… you’re my brother and if that’s what you want to do… I’ve got you. All the equipment is already set up so go into the booth and do your thing.”

Jay walks into the booth and begins to read the lyrics he wrote,

“Eyes should be seen, not always looked through,

What’s seen is what has been looked through,

As I look through what’s seen,

The scene forms into scenarios,

The scenarios are important… potent.

Floating into arrangements,

Like a cosmic alphabet,

The words formed are informal,

Abnormal, abstract, condensed into a simpler form,

The simplicity is intricate… story telling… albeit

Wandering around, the ground is incremental,

Life is basic, the sighs are abrasive,

Until the lost is found. “

Jay walks out of the booth, looks at 2-witty, Mona, Isabella and says, “So, what do you think?”

2-witty replies, “Jay… it’s just like you’re speaking, you’re not delivering with any sort of rhythm, that’s not…”

Mona interrupts 2-witty and says, “I actually kind of like it. It’s different… it’s unique… it makes me want to listen. I actually felt good while listening.”

Isabella speaks, “I really like it. Doesn’t even sound like your words need an instrumental.”

2-witty looks around then says, “If ya’ll say so… do you have more Jay?”

Jay replies, “Yes.” And he walks into the booth and records for a few more hours.

Jay walks out of the studio and after a few steps he feels an object hit him on the side of the head.

He wakes up in an empty warehouse, chained down to a chair and in front of him he sees Tim and a group of faceless, Seahorse jacketed soldiers standing with him.

Tim walks over and punches Jay in the face, then says, “Where are your powers now? Mr. King boy…”

Jay shakes off the force of the punch then says, “I’ve told you a million times… I don’t have any sort of powers… only a sacred intuition.”

Tim looks around at his group of soldiers, laughs then says, “Oh… I guess we’re forgetting something…”

And then one of the soldiers walks over to Jay carrying a crown made out of paper and with a staple gun, forcefully places it upon Jay’s head.

Tim then says, “Much better. Now you have everything you need Mr. King boy. Show us what you can do.”

Jay is a bit woozy, but replies, “There’s nothing I can do.”

Tim appears disgruntled and orders the soldiers to search Jay.

After a few minutes the soldiers return to Tim and one of them says, “He doesn’t have it.”

Tim walks over to Jay and says, “Look Jay… I can make all of your problems go away… we will stop bothering you, all I need you to do is give me that medallion of yours and this all stops.”

To Be Continued.

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