19AD8 | Chapter Six: Light Bulb
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Chapter Six: Light Bulb

The world kept spinning faster and faster until the centripetal force caused gravity to become so strong that everyone and everything was unable to move. That type of cosmic shift had a ripple effect on gravitational waves throughout the universe, causing the rearrangement of the planets in the known galaxy. As a result, space became habitable, breathable and new theories for existence emerged. The intermingling of the new mixture of elements –

Jay hears his alarm clock ringing and wakes up. He realizes he’s not at home and that he is in a different bed, he looks over to his left and sees Littea lying there, naked. 

Littea also wakes up to the sound of the alarm clock, yawns, looks at Jay and says, “That was fun.”

Jay responds, “Wait… did we just?” 

Littea blushes, “Yeah… we did. Three times actually. I don’t think I ever felt an orgasm like that before.” 

Jay appears slightly remorseful, “Oh, fuck.” 

Littea responds with a sassy attitude, “Wow. I’m sorry – I guess I wasn’t good enough for you…” 

Jay laughs, “No, no… it was great… phenomenal actually, but Jane is going to be really angry with me. I have to tell her.” Jay looks over at his phone and sees 10 missed phone calls from Jane. 

Littea promiscuously responds, “Why? For all you know she’s out there doing the same thing.” 

Jay replies, “Well, that wouldn’t bother me that much as long as she told me… I have to tell her.” 

Littea sits up in the bed and says, “Jay – you can’t tell her. Her firm handles all of my company’s marketing…” 

Jay sighs, “How much did we drink last night?” 

Littea replies, “Actually, not that much… let’s just keep this our little secret.” 

Jay sighs again, “I don’t like to keep secrets – that doesn’t sit well with me.” 

Littea softens her voice, “Would you want to do it again?” 

Jay replies, “Maybe… wait – what kind of question is that?”

Littea smiles, “Soooo… you did have fun with me.” 

Jay starts to put on his clothes and says, “I’ve got to go.”

Littea stops him and says, “Wait, there’s still something I need to tell you.” 

Jay reluctantly replies, “Go ahead… wait, are you going to tell the person you’re seeing?”

Littea embarrassingly blushes, “Probably not. Whatever happened… happened, I guess – we had fun. But, what I wanted to tell you is… do you remember how you used to say you could see a light bulb tattoo on my earlobe?”

Jay responds, “Yeah… I can see it right now.” 

Littea continues, “Right… and I used to think you were joking with me, but actually, lately I have been able to see it myself. Not all the time, just certain times.” 

Jay seems intrigued over the conversation and says, “Really? What do you think that means? Every time I’ve ever seen you, I’ve seen it.” 

Littea responds, “See. That makes this even stranger, I’ve noticed that at times I get this really weird feeling, déjà vu-like moments. Then I check and that’s when I can see my tattoo; the light bulb. Also, I’m beginning to see other people with the same exact tattoo, but they have no idea…actually, I don’t know if they notice or not, I feel like that is an awkward question to ask someone, but I’m relatively sure they don’t see it.” 

Jay gets a little more serious and says, “I’ve got to be truthful with you Littea. You’re not the only woman I’ve noticed has that tattoo. I’ve seen many girls with that same tattoo, sometimes it’s on and sometimes it’s off. I’ve always just thought it was a girl’s way of secretly giving me permission to listen to their heartbeat. I don’t like to do anything without permission.” 

Littea appears aroused and says, “Interesting. And why would you want to listen to a heartbeat anyway?”

Jay responds, “Do you like to listen to music?”

Littea replies, “Yes… of course.”

Jay responds, “Well, so do I.” 

Littea doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, then replies, “Now I know how you’re able to write so much.” 

Before Jay has a chance to continue the conversation he looks down at his phone and sees Jane calling again. Jay looks at Littea and says, “I really have to go. But, we should continue this conversation at another time. There are many more questions I’d like to ask you.” 

Jay arrives back at Jane’s house and sees all of his clothes and personal belongings thrown in the front yard. 

Jay knocks on the door and Jane answers the door. 

Jane says, “What do you want? Can’t answer my phone calls?” 

Jay replies, “Look I’m sorry, I just got a little carried away with something…” 

Jane appears very angry and replies, “Oh… with something? Right…see ya.” and she proceeds to try and close the door. Jay holds his hand out and stops her from closing the door, moves a little closer to her and whispers in her ear with a tone of voice that he knows she loves and adores, “Woman, you know how you’re the only girl that I’m talking to romantically right now… so why are you tripping?” 

Jane doesn’t seem amused, she folds her arms and says, “That’s not going to work on me this time Jay. And excuse me? I’m the one that’s tripping?” 

Jay looks around at all of his stuff thrown on the front yard then turns back to Jane and says, “Yeah… I’d say so…” 

Jane rolls her eyes in a flirtatious way and then says, “So. Where exactly were you last night? And who –“ 

But before she has a chance to finish her sentence a lightening bolt strikes the ground in front of the house and three chairs magically appear; each with a carefully painted abstract art canvas upon each of the chairs. There is also a note on the ground in front of the chairs. 

Jane and Jay look at each other in disbelief, Jane is the first to speak “Did that really just happen?” They both take a seat on the front porch looking out at the three chairs in front of them, then Jay says, “I think so.” 

Jay tries to lighten the mood through making a joke. Jay looks at Jane and says, “You even threw the T.V. outside?” 

Jane nervously chuckles and says, “Not funny, Jay.” Jane gets up from the porch, walks over to the chairs and picks up the note from the ground. She opens it, turns around and says to Jay, “It doesn’t say anything…”

Jay responds, “Let me see.” And he walks over to Jane and looks at the note. He reads it a few times and says, “It says,”

To Be Continued In Chapter Seven 

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