19AD8 | Chapter Four: World
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Chapter Four: World

Jay and Tim agree to meet and converse at an uptown diner. 

They are approached by the hostess, “Hello, where would you all like to sit?”

Jay is quick to respond, “I’d prefer if we got seated at a table next to a window.” 

Tim looks at Jay, “Why? There has to be some reason – I know you Jay.” 

Jay replies, “Does it matter? That’s just what I prefer. I like to be able to look outside.” 

The hostess shows them to their seats, a table next to a window that outlooks the front of the diner. She hands them menus. 

The tension is obvious; both of them spend a few minutes browsing through the menus without speaking. 

Tim is the first to break the silence and says, “I just wanted to say thank you Jay for agreeing to have this meeting with me.” 

Jay continues reading through the menu, but says, “Well, I appreciate being approached through civilized confrontations.” 

Tim replies, “Let’s get down to business then.”

Jay responds, “That’s why we’re here, right?” 

Tim moves his menu to the corner of the table and says, “As you probably know by now, or in case you didn’t know… I control the Elite.” 

Jay looks outside the window then over to Tim and says, “the Elite…?” 

Tim fixes his suit jacket and responds with a sense of authority, “Yeah – the Elite; the people with all of the money, or at least control most of the money. They do whatever I tell them to do and in return I do whatever they tell me to do. It’s a win-win situation.” 

Jay looks over at the hostess and checks her out, then looks at Tim and says, “Why would they do that?”

Tim immediately stands up and with a pompous anger responds, “Because Jay… I represent the outlet for fear and hatred. They want that, they want that kind of control and power, as do I. And that’s what I deliver for them.” 

Jay replies, “You’ll have to excuse me for a second…” and he gets up and walks over to the hostess, flirts with her for a few moments, gets her phone number then returns back to the table and says, “Okay? And I’m not sure what that has to do with me, or why you keep bothering me…” 

Tim tries to calm himself and responds, “I will admit this though Jay; you do have powers that the world has never seen before, but I think, or rather wethink that you are just making too much noise. And that simply is not okay with us.” 

Jay sighs, “I don’t think I’m understanding what you mean.” 

Tim gets a little more serious, “Let me put it this way… maybe you’ll understand; if you don’t stop, I… we… can make your life very miserable.” 

Jay quickly responds, “I think you’ve already been making my life miserable…” 

Tim pleasantly smiles, “Right… so we can continue to make your life miserable. I’ll have you know that we’ve been blocking anything and everything that you’ve ever tried to do or accomplish for a long time now.” 

Jay sighs again, “I know that.” 

Tim laughs then continues, “Not to mention we’ve been watching and exploiting you to the fullest of our capabilities, which I think you know by now, what exactly we’re capable of.” 

Jay replies, “I also know that.” 

Tim responds, “Jay, please, for your own sake just listen to me. This is simply a battle that you cannot win.” 

Jay looks down, then smirks and says, “It’s okay. I forgive you, for you know not what you do.

There is then an awkward silence between Jay and Tim that last for a few minutes. Tim looks outside the window and does a double take because he sees Jay walking in the parking lot in front of the diner. Tim quickly realizes that Jay had altered his projected perception and Tim pounds the table in an angered frustration. 

Ted, 2-witty, Mona and DJ Nice are at the studio. They are playing Ted some of their new music.

2-witty looks at Ted and says, “So… what do you think?”

Ted gets up and walks around without saying anything and Mona gets up and says, “Great… he hates it.” 

Ted smiles and says, “No, no, I think it’s very good. You all are very talented. But do you all mind if I chat with ya’ll about some stuff for a bit?”

DJ Nice is the first to respond, “Of course Ted… go ahead. Let’s hear it.” 

Ted is pacing as he speaks, “There are two different sound sequences that exist. There are talented sound sequences and then there are spiritual sound sequences. Most above average artists are capable of talented sound sequences and then a small number of artists are capable of spiritual sound sequences.” 

Mona smiles and says lightheartedly, “Are we a part of that small number of individuals?” 

Ted continues pacing and replies, “Yes. In fact, you all are in that top echelon of artists. In order to create spiritual sound sequences an individual must have maintained a life-long sense of pureness. Sometimes that pureness is a derivative of maintaining a level of innocence and in some cases, that pureness comes from an individual who had their innocence taken from them without permission, yet still maintained an integrity throughout their lives.”

2-witty responds, “So what’s the point you are trying to make Ted?”

Ted stops pacing and proclaims, “The point that I am trying to make, or really a request that I am making of you all is that spiritual sound sequences are to only be used to be informative, to create informative art, not to be used to be combative or authoritative.” 

DJ Nice intervenes, “So how do we prove we’re the best then?” 

Ted laughs, “You can still prove you are the best by being informative and not combative. Actually, one proves them selves to be the best by not being authoritative, but rather showcasing their talents in informative ways. I’m not saying to not be competitive; competitiveness is good it’s like art as a sport. But just like any sport, there are some rules.” 

2-witty starts pacing in contemplation then speaks, “So… how do we know the difference between a talented sound sequence versus a spiritual sound sequence.” 

Ted takes a seat, folds his hands then replies, “You just know. You just know when you’re creating it that it is something different, that the sequence is from a different place. That’s about all I can say, it’s not really something that can be explained.” 

To Be Continued In Chapter Five 

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