19AD8 | Chapter 13: Instrumental (Unedited)
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Chapter 13: Instrumental (Unedited)

The weather was as warm as a brisk kiss from a climaxed goddess. Pedestrians, those of human nature, were out to occupy the local eateries and wine bars.

Jay was outside writing away with passionate calligraphy on one of the pathways and in his mind state:

To my fair woman,
The most beautiful of all,
At nightfall on a fall night,
When you’re smile is a little cold,
And the warm blush rushes,
So you walk under a streetlamp,
Just so that I can see,
Your real happiness,
However temporary a moment,
There’s still memory in movement,

While writing and walking he notices Ted sitting not too far along the path so he decides to walk over and greet him.

Jay says, “Ted, how’s it going my friend?”

Ted recognizes its Jay, “Hey Jay… long time no see, how’s the writing going? Do you still have the medallion?”
Jay shows him the medallion on his necklace, “Yeah. I wear it everyday now, thanks again – I appreciate it.

Ted replies, “Very nice. My friend Isabella designed it and gave it to me… it’s supposed to be good luck – figured it’d help you out.”

Jay responds, “Good luck? How so?”

Ted keeps it simple, “Ah. No reason in particular. It’s just rumored to have something special about it – that’s all.” And quickly changes the subject, “So anyways, how’s that writing going? The book almost done?”

Jay replies, “It’s going. Still got a lot to write… wait did you say your friend named Isabella? I recently met a woman named Isabella…”

Ted with nonchalance, “Say – I’ve really got to get going… do you have any of your writing with you? I was going to show a few friends that I’m meeting up with…”

Jay responds, “Unfortunately not with me, I was mostly writing in my mind today, but I can write something real quick. What should it be about? And by the way how do you know Isabella?”

Ted replies, “Just write about anything really… just off the top of your mind.”

Jay gets out his pen, paper and starts to write:

When I first met her she had this stare, this look in her eyes that was more beautiful than any painting that I had ever seen.

Like when a painting is too perfect that there is nothing to critique, but only the want to understand more, that look of cognitive beauty is what she has.

He passes the paper to Ted. He reads it over for a few minutes and starts to walk away, “Alright. Thanks. I’ll see you around soon.”

Littea and Botin were at a nearby restaurant conducting a meeting over a potential deal between the two.

Littea was in the middle of speaking, “We’ve been business associates for quite some time now Botin, I think I know your business pretty well, but what I’m saying is by using some of our services, you could offer your clients more services. It’s a win-win.”

Botin replies, “You made a very compelling proposition, it’s just the thing is that we’re working on this merger with-“

Littea sporadically intervenes, “Sorry to cut you off, but before I forget – did you ever get a chance to meet up with my writer friend Jay?”

Botin slightly frustrated with the interruption says, “In fact, yes I have. I presented him a contract to try and become his agent a little bit ago. He hasn’t gotten back to me yet though.”

Littea nods her head, “Interesting. So, as you were saying?”

Botin continues, “Yeah, so, it’s just going to be difficult to try and push a deal like this through considering we’re working on merging with Seahorse Enterprises.”

Littea looks up, “Wait. You never told me that you’re merging with Seahorse Enterprises.”

Botin responds, “We’re still working out the details, but-“
Littea stands up and grabs her belongings, “I’ve got to run, my apologies. But, I’ll call you soon.”

Jane was at her marketing firm’s studio interviewing people for some new job openings that the company had.

Jane was reading over a resume from one of the applicants and then she looks up at her, “Isabella… it’s a pleasure to meet you. Your resume is quite impressive. I must say though –you might be over-qualified for the position…”

Isabella earnestly responds, “Oh, I’m just looking to help out where I can. I’m actually working on opening my first art gallery in the upcoming weeks, so this would be a nice supplement to that.”

Jane responds, “Do you have any of your artwork with you?”

Isabella nods her head, “Yes. Of course.” and hands her portfolio binder over.

Jane looks through the portfolio and stops at the ‘Persistence’ design and looks up, “I really like this one. Do you mind if I keep it with me? I’d like to put it up on my fridge.”

Later that day, Littea had called Jay to meet up, as she wanted to look over the contract Botin had given him.

They met at a lounge inside an upscale bar at an area uptown.

Littea started the conversation, “I’m still mad at you over that business dinner meeting – you know.”

Jay takes a sip from his beer and looks off to the distance, “You know what I really don’t like about lounges?”

Littea slightly surprised, “Why’s that Jay?”

Jay still looking off into the distance, “I don’t know… at modern lounges… the seats aren’t very comfortable. Have you ever noticed that?”

Littea slightly annoyed responds, “Yeah I guess. Who even thinks about that type of stuff?”

Jay replies, “This place is cool, I’m just saying.”

Littea responds, “Well before you so rudely interrupted me I was saying I’m still mad at you about that…”

Jay subtly responds, “What do you mean? I told you why I left.”

Littea replies, “Because you don’t know how to eat? What kind of answer is that?”

Jay laughs, “It’s not that I don’t know how to eat… I’m just saying, the place we went to. It’s a different etiquette; people just know how to use forks, knives, drink wine, napkins, things like that… differently.”

Littea even more annoyed now, “You were eating fine. It was no reason to leave.”

Jay responds, “Well it made me feel uncomfortable. I don’t particularly enjoy being in places like that.”

Littea replies, “You left in the middle of a business meeting dinner… that I had asked you to accompany me to.”

Jay takes a few sips from his beer and then hands her the paperwork that Botin gave him, “Here’s the contract – if you want to take a look at it.”

Littea shakes her head; “You get weird over the strangest of things.”

She then starts to read over the paperwork for a few minutes, rather diligently to Jay’s pleasant surprise.

Back at the recording studio 2 witty, Mona and DJ Nice were working on some music.

Nice was in the middle of speaking, “Something doesn’t sound right… I think the lyrics, the words aren’t matching with the instrumental…”

2 responds, “No… I think the lyrics are right, it’s just not the right instrumental…”

Nice replies, “Well then why don’t you just write some new lyrics to this instrumental?”

2 continues, “Because I like what words were written, I mean we wrote them to this instrumental, but it’s just not the right instrumental.”

Mona adds, “I agree, what else do you have?”

Nice responds, “Look people, that doesn’t make any sense. How can you write lyrics to an instrumental, but then say that instrumental isn’t the right one…”

2 replies, “Well the instruments were right for the mental, but the instrumental just isn’t the one. Think of it like, when you have the TV on and you’re watching it, but you’re not really watching it… you’re sort of thinking about something else.”

Mona elaborates, “Yeah, it’s just kind of like being in the sub-conscious…”

Nice with some deliberation says, “So what you’re saying is that the instrumental triggered you to go into your sub-conscious to write to something that you want to use for something else?”

Both 2 and Mona nod and almost simultaneously say, “That sounds about right.”

Before Nice has a chance to respond Tim walks into the studio and says, “I’ve been trying to reach you all for days now… do we have a deal or not?”

Jay had just gotten back to Jane’s place, “Jane… woman, I’m home.”

There’s no response so he walks into the kitchen and sees the ‘Persistence’ artwork on their fridge.

Jane then walks into the kitchen, “Hey, I was just answering some emails – how was your day?”

Jay points to the fridge and says, “You know Isabella?”

Jane looks slightly confused, “Yeah… why? We literally just hired her to help us out part-time. How do you know her? Actually, that doesn’t surprise me that you do…”

Jay responds, “What’s that supposed to mean? And yeah, I randomly met her actually when she was working on that piece – that’s why I noticed it.”

Jane replies, “Really? You met her when she was working on that design? What a small world…”

Jay nods his head, “That’s great to hear, I’m sure she’ll be great help.”

Jane in agreement, “Yeah, she also asked me if the firm could help market her upcoming gallery exhibit.”

Jay responds, “Very cool… by the way did I ever show you this yet?” And he takes out the mitted medallion from his necklace to show her.

At that same moment their doorbell rang.

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