19AD8 | Chapter 12: Balance (Unedited)
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Chapter 12: Balance (Unedited)

A few weeks had gone by and Botin had a few questions for Jay, so he had asked him to stop by his office.

Jay was saying, “Well, as far as the book goes… at least what I’ve sent you so far I think it does a decent job at fictionally illustrating the beginnings of a relationship, companionship, friendship or what have you and how that it is strained, fatigued, persists, strengthens for characters over time.”

Botin replies, “Right and that it is a very interesting aspect, but you still didn’t answer my question: Why did you choose the name Hypnosis? Knowing this type of information will greatly assist me in passing it around to publishers.”

Jay responds, “And… I don’t think there’s any lead character… per say, I think all of the characters… as the book moves along become equally important.”

Botin has an annoyed expression, “Jay – you’re still not answering my question…”

Jay laughs, “Well… hypnosis. It’s just a word. And it’s not like it’s a book on hypnotism or anything like that. But, you might get hypnotized after you read it.”

Botin is not satisfied with that answer. Jay continues, “I’m just kidding, but really, it’s just a name for the book. It already makes you think about the story before you even start reading it. It’s more about how things change over time, I guess… and personal growth.”

Botin with an unsatisfactory expression, “I see. Say, by the way, when did you get glasses?”

Jay responds, “I just got them and contacts last week. I never really needed them before. Last year my prescription was like -.25, last week it was -7… so yeah I need them.”

Botin with a slightly shocked expression, “Really? Are you sure they got that right?”

Jay replies, “I think so – I mean now I can actually see better.”

Botin responds, “Excellent.” then slides some paperwork across the table to Jay, “Here’s a contract for you to sign… so you know I can start officially helping you.”

Jay looks at the top of the paper and sees both Botin’s company logo and the Seahorse Enterprises logo, “Yeah… I think I’m going to have to have someone else look over this for me.”

Botin replies, “Are you sure you don’t want to just sign now? Its pretty standard nomenclature for our business…”

Later that day Jay and Jane met up at a restaurant with a nice view. They took a seat at a high top table near a window for additional nostalgia.

Jay hands her the paperwork he received from Botin, “Hey, do you mind looking this over for me? You’re good with stuff like that. It’s a possible contract with him to be my literary agent.”

Jane delightfully smiles, “Sure.”

Jay stands up, “I’m going to go get us a couple of drinks.” and walks towards the bar area.

As he is walking away Jane notices Jay’s notebook sitting on the tabletop and she reaches for it. She then sits back in her chair and inspects it with anxiously curious eyes.

Jay walks back to the table and sees his notebook in front of her and with a calm chuckle says, “Why are you going through my notebook?”

Jane adds some sultry to her voice, “You’ve been taking some interesting notes, I see.”

Jay sits down, hands her a glass of wine, “What do you mean?”

Jane with a slightly twisted laugh, “What do I mean?” she opens the notebook and flips to a page, “I’d like to know what you mean when you’re writing notes like:

-She’s been getting combative with the text
-She’s been getting combative with the context
-She’s been getting seductive with her context
-She’s been pulling things out of context from out of my pockets
-She’s been doing the head tilt with the hair flow and the decadent sass a lot.”

Jay responds, “They’re just notes, that’s all.” He sees that she’s starting to get a little upset so he tries to swing the mood, “Well… what about all the other good notes in there?”

Jane gives off a Dearing laugh, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to pull them out of context.”

After having a harmonious dinner with Jane, they both leave the restaurant; Jane has to go to a business meeting and Jay decides to stop by a coffee shop to work on some writing.

The coffee shop was in a nifty, trendy junction-like part of town where a growing affluence was cascading through with a sense of detailed promiscuity.

As he was walking to the shop he sees Isabella sitting there, working on some of her artistry… she looked busy so he got his coffee and took a seat inside.

He pulled out his notebook and began to write:

She has a fierce aura orbiting her persona,
It’s calm… yet dynamic,
But, however,
It’s not that plain & simple.

She’s got a sophisticated grip on her conscious,
A rhythm to her demeanor,
And eyes that adventure,
The depths of the world,
And the depths of perception,

So I told her, within the coda,
The end to every expedition,
Becomes just like starting over,
But the experience from every expedition,
Continues to push a new starting point forward,

(*something like this… got to think on it for a bit, soe of it does sound decent though )

He begins to read over what he had just written when he hears Isabella’s voice, “Hey Jay, I thought that was you!”

Jay stands up and gives her a friendly hug, “Isabella… hey, how are you? How are things coming along for you art exhibit?”

Isabella replies, “Still working on finalizing some of my design concepts, but I think the exhibit will probably be within the next week or two… did you still want to attend?”

Jay responds, “Of course.” and they exchange contact information.

Jay continues, “By the way, I was wondering how much you would charge to design something for me… into artwork, you know – through your artistic viewpoint.”

Isabella replies, “It depends really. What is it?”

Jay removes the mitted medallion that he now wears a long a necklace and points to it, “I was wondering if you could make a design with this?”

Isabella looks at the medallion with contemplation, “Say… this may sound like a weird question, but do you happen to know a guy named Ted?”

Meanwhile… Ted and Tim were having a conversation outside of a park:

Tim: “I don’t see why you don’t agree with me Ted.”
Ted: “That’s not true Tim, I do agree with you on some things.”
Tim: “It appears to be a rarity these days…”
Ted: “For example, when you used to tell me that the art of anything isn’t just about the art created, but more so about the artist that’s doing the creating – I agreed. In essence, the artist is the art.”
Tim: “Yes, but that’s superficial Ted. Those aren’t technical issues.”

They both pause for a few minutes from the conversation; Tim lights up a cigar and Ted drinks from his coffee cup.

Tim: “It appears we always find ourselves in a predicament… it’s like a constant imprisonment. Sometimes I ask myself what is the point?”
Ted: “I suppose there’s a yin and yang to everything and everyone. Maybe that’s the only point… who knows though.”
Tim: “That’s why I don’t mind talking with you Ted, the conversation is always at peace.”
Ted: “I say the same back to you Tim.”
Tim: “This may seem… did you happen to find one of those mitted medallions?”
Ted: “What would make you say that?”
Tim: “Don’t play dumb with me Ted… I saw Jay had one with him.”
Ted: “I had someone make one for me… and what do you mean you saw Jay had one – I thought we had a deal Tim?”
Tim: “Wait… you had someone that made one for you, what do you mean? Who? So… you aren’t even sure if it works?”

2 witty and Mona were at the recording studio conversing with a few other musicians about assisting on their upcoming albums.

One of the musicians was saying, “You need the right type of sound behind your words… there’s good sound, there’s better sound and then there’s the best sound. That’s where we try to be at with it.”

Mona replies, “What makes you think that you have the best sound?”

The musician replies, “Part of having the best sound is how all the ingredients are mixed together – and I definitely have the best sound waves.

It’s like, your words… those are the ingredients, the main ingredients, and then I sort of cook it all together. If you gave two chefs the same exact recipe, with the very same ingredients, the taste would be different.

I’m more than just your average producer and people call me DJ Nice.”

2 responds, “Well… can you play us some of your stuff? Because our rhythm of words is a bit different than your typical looped lyrical melody… for us, it’s more about having a sewn melody throughout everything that’s being said.”

Mona intervenes, “And sometimes it just sort of happens that way… it’s just, it’s our art. It’s balance, it’s an expressive balance of… being an individual.”

Nice replies, “Its clever. Both of your work is very clever. But you know, projects like these take quite a bit of financing to get it done properly…”

Mona responds, “Well we’ve been working on putting some funds together to get this going, but…”

2 interjects, “This guy keeps stopping by the studio saying that he would help finance it.”

Jay was walking on his way back home when he hears his phone ringing and to his surprise it was Littea.

Littea: “Hey Jay?”
Jay: “Hey… when did we exchange phone numbers?”
Littea: “Oh… that one day when you weren’t looking, I put my number in your phone.”
Jay: “Wait, what?”
Littea: “Anyways, can you do me a big favor?”
Jay: “What is it?”
Littea: “There’s no one else that can make it, I literally called everyone, but I have an important business dinner that I have to be at tonight and I need someone to go with me. Will you go?”
Jay: “Well… since you put it so nicely, I can probably do that – I just have to check with Jane first.”
Littea: “Right…well, I’ll see you later tonight then – thanks again.”

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